Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Bowl games and Bobby Bowden

I love college football as much as any fan out there. Admit it, I know there are plenty of guys out there that love their college football from noon to night every Saturday. I'm one of them.but I just can't take anymore bowl games. There's too many as it is and now the powers that be in the NCAA are going to give us more. I remember looking forward to the New Year's Day bowl games knowing you were going to watch 8 to 10 of the top teams in the nation. Now the games don't mean as much as they used to thanks to the creation of the BCS. Even the games prior to New Years had some excitement and a decent matchup to watch. Now it seems that mediocrity is being rewarded and we as fans get stuck watching crappy matchups and teams that we hardly follow. How about that Florida Atlantic/Stanford matchup. They really need to cut down on the games and reward teams that win at least 7 games instead of the current 6. I think it would make for better matchups therefore better games.not saying that some teams aren't deserving,but you can finish damn near dead last in your conference and still get to go bowling.
  Another subject is good ol' Bobby Bowden. Currently under fire at Florida State and rightfully so. His teams have seen a dramatic decline in recent years. I don't think the game has passed him by, but I think there were some factors in that decline. Of course there's recruiting,but I think a big one was losing Mark Richt to Georgia. That one seems to get overlooked. Another one which is well publicized is hiring his son Jeff as offensive coordinator. I personally think he has hung on to Mickey Andrews as his defensive coordinator for too long as i think many have caught on to his schemes. I do think Bobby needs to retire,but should be able to go out on his own terms. He built it up to elite status,won big,and has a couple of national championships. If it weren't for him they might be scuffling with the Memphis' and SMU's of the world. I know times are tough for the Seminoles right now but don't run the man that brought you to the pearly gates of college football out of town. He deserves to go out on his own and who knows this thing might turn around like it did for Joe Paterno at Penn State when they were calling for his head. At least give him a chance to see if it can get turned around.