Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Chan Ho Park Sent To The Minors....In Japan

When an ex-major leaguer goes to Japan to play baseball, they usually dominate the competition and extend their careers. Some do go over there and fail, but it doesn't happen too much. And they hardly get sent to the minors. Unless your Jose Tolentino.

Somehow former all-star pitcher Chan Ho Park has been demoted to Japan's minor leagues. Park has won only one of seven starts for the Buffaloes with an earned run average of 4.29,so I can see why.

Pitching coach Osamu Fukuma said that Park needs to "stop fooling around" and get serious.

“He needs to pull himself together,” pitching coach Osamu Fukuma told the Sankei Sports newspaper. “He has not come here to fool around. He needs to do a lot better.”

In my opinion, Park hasn't been the same since he grooved that pitch to Cal Ripken Jr. in the All-Star Game.



Poking Fun At Tressel's Expense

Since the black cloud appeared at Ohio State and isn't leaving anytime soon, it's been real easy for rival fans to poke fun at Jim Tressel.

First there was the billboard along I-94 up here in Michigan, the minor league promotion, and now from is the latest t-shirt for Michigan fans to wear.

I'm a Michigan fan, but let's get some respect back and some wins over OSU under our belt before we start crowing about anything.