Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Monta Ellis Being Sued For Sexual Harrssment

In a report courtesy of the Contra Costa Times, Golden State Warriors guard Monta Ellis and the organization are being sued for sexual harassment by a former employee. There isn't too much to go on right now and there should be much more known about the case after Wednesday's press conference.

According to an email from the Law Offices of Burton F. Boltuch, the plaintiff will file the suit Wednesday morning in Oakland at the Superior Court of Alameda County. Afterward, a press conference will be held to discuss the allegations.

According to Boltuch, the plaintiff is accusing Ellis of sexually harassing her from November 2010 to January 2011. The accuser, according to Boltuch, has photo evidence of the harrassment, which he claims was sent from Ellis’ cell phone to the plaintiff.

The photo will be revealed – along with the identity of the accuser – at the press conference, Boltuch said.

“You will be shocked when you see it,” Boltuch said. “It’s pretty disgusting and graphic.”

Boltuch also said that his client was "terminated" because the Warriors were trying to cover up for Ellis.

After tomorrow we'll know a lot more about this case.