Monday, July 5, 2010

D.A. does not stand for District Attorney

Am I the only one that can't stand when a pro athlete hits D.A. status. In this case and many others D.A. stands for dumb ass. The latest to reach this status is colossal first round bust and former Oakland Raiders quarterback JaMarcus Russell.

Russell was arrested at his home in Alabama for possessing codeine based cough syrup. For those not in he know, this is the stuff used to make purple drank, which is pretty big in the rap community. Its also commonly known as syrup. A few years back former San Diego Chargers saety Terrence Kiel was caught with a caseload of this stuff. I could be wrong. Anyway, with the millions he stole from the Raiders and old man Davis, he shouldn't be getting caught with the stuff to sell or use, especially if you plan on trying to make it back to the NFL. 

This could be the best name in college basketball

The best name in college basetball next season could belong to St. John's recruit God's Gift Achiuwa. The 6-9 Nigerian was raised by devout Catholics. He's currently at Erie Community College. Even if he doesn't play I'm sure his name will get plenty of attention.

Probert passes at age 45

Former NHL and Detroit Red Wing tough guy, Bob Probert passed away today in Ontario at age 45.  Probert played 16 seasons in the NHL for the Red Wings and Chicago Blackhawks.

Probert collapsed on a boat in Lake St. Clair and crews performed CPR before he was transported to Windsor Regional Hospital, where he was pronounced dead.

Probert was a key member in the rise of the Red Wings in the mid 80s, until he ran into off ice troubles,mostly fighting a drug and alcohol problems. Locally the fans in Detroit always had a soft spot for him despite his troubles and playing for the hated Blackhawks. Probert also was known as one of the toughest men to play the game during that time. Everyone that knew him, says he was a great guy and the fans in Detroit could identify with him. Its sad to hear of his passing.

Say it ain't so Joe

According to a report in the Bergen (N.J.) Record, Detroit Pistons GM Joe Dumars recently interviewed for the soon to be vacant GM job for the New Jersey Nets. Dumars denied the report,but considering that the team is up for sale,that could lead to some uncertainty about his job. Oklahoma City's GM Sam Presti and New Orleans' Jeff Bower have also been mentioned to be interviewed.

Dumars has done a good job since being handed the reins to the team in 2000. A lot of people know that his draft history hasn't been that good (Mateen Cleaves,Rodney White,Darko Milicic),but he did build this team into a contender and deserves a chance to do it again. I would hope that new ownership will keep him around andt that Dumars has no ideas about leaving.   

Some chase championships,some chase money

This is dedicated to the NBA free agency period. I know when it comes to your job, whether we think of it as a job or not,it is, you have to make the best decision for yourself. A lot of times that decision usually is based on how much you get paid. I remember once at a meeting we had,the question of why do we work here was asked. My answer was I just want to get paid. Which brings me to the NBA player. I know you have to get the best deal out there for you. You have a lifestyle to maintain. You have family and friends counting on you. Which means when its time for free agency you have to get that extra million or five to take  care of yourself and others. It just seems that there is no competitive spirit anymore among some players.Once again, I understand,get your money. But sometimes you do wantto be known as a winner. I know players such as Chris Bosh, Dwayne Wade, and LeBron James will make their decision on where they can win at.And win now.Prior to free agency,word on the street is that Bosh said that "he's never been out of the first round. It's evident that he wants to win. Wade has a ring,but wants more to solidify himself as one of the true legends. James wants so desperately to win,but doesn't know if he can do it in Cleveland. Some of the other players in this class are about the money,which I don't blame them for doing. But in the back of your mind you also want to be known as a winner. I'm sure Bosh will hitch his wagon to the Wade or LeBron express.Players such as A'mare' Stoudemire are clearly chasing money. Why else would he ponder signing with the Knicks. He gets his max deal and plays for a crappy team.He'll get his numbers,but will be out of the playoffs by February.Of course I could be wrong. But the Knicks are nowhere near championship caliber or even in the playoff neighborhood. Like I said get your money,but I know some of you NBAers could sacrifice a few mill to try and get a ring/rings.Look at Shaq,he knows he's about done,so he's running around chasing championships.LeBron, D-Wade, and Bosh are the same.They want to be champions. Players such as Stoudemire and Atlanta's Joe Johnson,not so much. Or else both would still be in Phoenix with a true contender.  

Boller bags a beauty

Kyle Boller hasn't really done anything significant in his NFL career until now. That is because he reportedly is engaged to beauty queen Carrie Prejean. I normally don't follow the celebrity style aspect of atheletes,because I really don't care who they're married to or having sex with. I know,that sounded kind of like a disclaimer. But only because Boller, who was a former first round pick of the Baltimore Ravens really hadn't done anything noteworthy in the NFL,until getting engaged  and married to Prejean,who was stripped of her Miss California title. I hope everything works out from a relationship standpoint,much more than his not so stellar NFL career.