Saturday, March 23, 2013

Jamie Dixon signs extension at Pittsburgh

When Kevin O'Neiil was fired as head basketball coach at USC, there was speculation that Pittsburgh coach, Jamie Dixon would follow his former boss Ben Howland out west and take over the Trojans program. Pitt fans can rest a little easier because Dixon has signed a 10 year extension that will keep him in the Steel City.

Dixon has had success after Howland left for UCLA but has fell short of the Final Four and has been eliminated in the NCAA tournament six times before the Sweet 16. Despite the criticism because of the tournament shortcomings, Dixon says he and his family are happy in Pittsburgh.

"I'm very happy at Pittsburgh," Dixon said live on TNT in advance of Saturday's Round of 32 game between Harvard and Arizona. "That's where I'm going to be."

"I'm very happy," Dixon said. "Pitt's a great place. My family loves it there."

The school has to feel better since the Panthers will be moving to the ACC next season, but Dixon will need the team to take their effort up a few notches to maintain the level of consistency Pitt fans are used to.