Friday, March 16, 2012

Philip Rivers wants Peyton Manning in Denver

You can't fault Philip Rivers' competitive nature, even as the team around him looks like it's falling apart. The San Diego Chargers missed the playoffs last season and conceded the AFC West crown to the Tim Tebow led Denver Broncos. Now Rivers would love to see the Broncos bring Peyton Manning aboard. Not because he has a personal vendetta against the guy. It's because he says it's good for the division to stop being looked at as the weak sisters of the NFL. And he loves the thought of battling Manning twice a year.

“It would make it that much tougher to win the West,” Rivers said on San Diego’s XX 1090 radio, via the Denver Post. “All the sudden, at least from a media’s perspective, it would become a division that’s not lost in the shuffle like it’s been in years past. I kind of hope that that’s the case just because it’s always fun to play a Peyton Manning-led football team. To play him twice a year that would be a battle like crazy to win the division. I hope it happens. One thing you know about him, he’s going to be thorough and make the best decision for him that gives him the best chance to go win. And if that ends up being Denver then it will be exciting.” 

And another hurdle for your slow starting team to overcome. If I'm Rivers I'm begging John Elway to leave Manning alone and let him go elsewhere. How about concentrating on how the Chargers can avoid a slow start or midseason swoon that ruins their season.

Vikings sign former college point guard

I don't keep up with the Minnesota Vikings a whole lot, so I'm not really in the know about their team needs this offseason. I suppose the Vikes do need help in the secondary so their really trying to get some bodies in there. So instead of hunkering down for the draft or looking for the best free agent fit they make the puzzling move of signing Nicholas Taylor.

Who? you might ask. I'll give a quick description of Mr. Taylor.

Taylor played collegiately at Florida International for the basketball team and has been playing defensive back in a low level arena league.

Taylor spent time last season in a minor arena football league and worked out on Wednesday at FIU's pro day, where he was clocked at 4.34 and 4.27 seconds in the 40-yard dash.

The Vikings apparently thought enough of him to bring him to Minneapolis for a private workout on Friday and signed him shortly thereafter. Taylor said team officials told him his long-shot bid to make the roster will include a look at cornerback, punt returner and perhaps receiver, too. 

It's a long shot that he makes the team, but there is a the matter of a three year contract that is a reserves/futures contract, so there is a three year committment.

This could turn out to be a heartwarming story or a move of high stupidity. I'm rooting for the guy to make it but figure the odds on this one.

Rumeal Robinson losing part of his NBA pension

After being convicted in 2010 for wire fraud among other crimes, former NBA player and Michigan Wolverine star, Rumeal Robinson, stands to lose nearly $369,000 from his NBA pension fund to cover restitution for some shady business dealings.

The Des Moines Register reports federal prosecutors had filed papers to tap Robinson's NBA pension account and were granted permission this week.

The former University of Michigan player was convicted in September 2010 of participating in a scheme along with a bank officer to defraud the Community State Bank in Ankeny of more than $1.1 million.

Robinson's serving a 78-month sentence for wire fraud and other crimes.

Court documents say Robinson will have enough left in his pension account to fund a monthly annuity estimated amount at $140.

I can't say I feel sorry for the guy since he had an opportunity to do something that most of us never will do and that's get paid a handsome amount of money to play NBA basketball. Even if it didn't work out too well for him he still had a Michigan education to fall back on. To use that knowledge for criminal activities is unspeakable. I really have no words for it. I really hope he doesn't go broke, but you can't say it wasn't well deserved.