Friday, March 11, 2011

Don King Puts $1 Million On Mayorga vs. Cotto

Well known boxing promoter Don King has been known to bet on his fighters as well as the opponent. Saturday night one of his fighters, Ricardo Mayorga, will be taking on Miguel Cotto, for Cotto's super welterweight title.

The fight should be an entertaining one with Mayorga's wild, drunken style against Cotto's natural boxing skills that have been honed by legendary trainer Emanuel Steward.

With this being a Don King promotion, along with rival promoter Bob Arum, that should add to the entertainment factor. Add this in also. King has bet $1 million dollars on Mayorga. Now maybe King knows something we the public don't know or he's just smarter than us. I think he would claim the latter. Mayorga is an 8-1 underdog and even though he has fought with the best, he's slowing down. If I'm King I would bet a few million on Cotto to cover possible losses. King is a sly fox so you never know what can happen.