Saturday, April 30, 2011

Brady Plans On Playing Another 10 Years

According to the NFL Network's Kurt Warner, New England Patriots quarterback Tom Brady plans on playing in the league for another 10 years.

“I did text Tom Brady after this pick and he wanted me to know for sure that he was planning on playing 10 more years,” Warner said during the Total Access Pre-Draft show.

Keep in mind the Patriots just drafted Ryan Mallett in the third round of the draft. That move wasn't meant to challenge Brady, just to groom a successor.

I don't see Brady making it another 10 years, but just say he does and they're all with the patriots, do you think Mallett is going to want to stick around for five of those, let alone ten.  

Darnell Dodson Dismissed At Southern Miss

You have to be do something pretty low to get thrown off a team by Larry Eustachy. The well traveled Darnell Dodson managed to do just that. And now Dodson will be trying to land on his fourth college team in three years.

Dodson was kicked off the Southern Mississippi basketball team for alledgedly stealing from a frat house. Dodson was arrested along with Cory Markell Smith, a former member of the Southern Miss and William Carey basketball teams.

USM police chief Bob Hopkins gave this statement.

“Members returned to the residence and saw two black males in the residence before they fled out the back door,” Hopkins said. “They gave us basic descriptions.

“We stopped and talked to one individual, who was later identified as Dodson. There was a preliminary investigation done at that time. He was released to be back in our office the next morning. He came back and the investigators interviewed him and through that interview and the available evidence, we were able to make an arrest.”

Smith was identified as the other suspect through statements made by Dodson in a police interview. Way to pick a partner in crime. And what a way for a college career to likely come to an end. Dodson won't see the light of day at a D-1 school and the only reason he will get another chance at any school is because he has a bundle of talent. If you can't hack it for Eustachy or John Calipari, you are doomed to fail.