Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Sumlin Might Want To Stay In Houston

University of Houston head football coach, Kevin Sumlin is a hot commodity right now. He has the Cougars at 12-0 and positioned to get to a BCs bowl game. The offense he runs has put up some video game numbers and have scored a ton of points this season. It's a testament to him and the team that they've been able to focus amid speculation that Sumlin is in line for a higher profile job.

With numerous coaches being shown the ax recently his name is being mentioned for jobs at Arizona State, Illinois, Mississippi, and UCLA. If I'm Sumlin I'd stay put at Houston. For how long it depends. Only of Bob Stoops ever decided to leave Oklahoma would be the only way I'd leave Houston.

Not to say that any of those jobs are bad jobs, but Sumlin would be set up for failure. Maybe Arizona State would be the job I would consider. But with USC still reeling in top tier recruits I would probably steer clear of the Sun Devils job.

As of now Sumlin is having none of the speculation talk and says he's working on an extension with Athletic Director Mack Rhoades.

“I’ve talked to Mack a couple of times, we’ve had a couple different discussions about a lot of things,” Sumlin said. “I’ve got a really strong relationship with him, an open relationship. Our administration understands that we’re trying to win a championship, and things that detract from that, I’m not really interested in doing.”

“Nobody has talked to me all year,” Sumlin said. “No one has contacted me from anywhere in the country about a coaching job anywhere. Even if they tried, at this point, I wouldn’t even talk to them. We’re in the middle of the season.”

With new facilities being put in place and Houston moving to the Big East things might be looking up for the Cougars as far as being relevant nationally again. Of course that all depends on the Big East keepin their AQ status in the BCS. It looks like Sumlin might be in Houston for the long haul.


Clippers To Pursue Dwight Howard?

The NBA lockout still has to undergo some minor details (vote and ratify) before it's officially over. The news has started to pick up regarding who'll get released, traded, or signing elsewhere.

Orlando Magic big man Dwight Howard has been dodging questions about his future whereabouts, but that won't stop the rumor mill from ramping up. Reports say that the Los Angeles Clippers will possibly make a push for Howard. Interesting since Donald Sterling does own the Clippers. But I guess the possibility of playing with Blake Griffin might trump Sterling's incompetence. Think about the tandem of Howard and Griffin playing side by side. That might actually get some players to think about playing in Clipperland.

Of course the Clippers will have some heavy competition for Howard and Howard most of this, especially since the tentative labor agreement permits extend-and-trade deals and also allows sign-and-trade deals for all taxpaying teams during the first two seasons of the CBA.

I don't think it'll happen, but the Clippers might have the most attractive young trade chips to pull it off.