Saturday, November 14, 2009

Where's the fun in the NFL?

NFL commissioner Paul Goodell is not messing around.This comes in reference to his $20,000 fine on Chad Ochocinco for his playful bribe to an NFL referee.Some of the rules Goodell puts down I agree with.But this is borderline ridiculous.He should know how Ochocinco likes to "goof" around alot during the course of games.There would be no reason to think that he would try to influence the outcome of a game.But should we be surprised considering the league fines players for exhibiting any amount of excitement after scoring touchdowns or making a big play.Maybe Bengals fans should send in donations of 1 dollar to help pay his fine and he could send the league 20,000 one dollar bills.

Tyson lands in jail after altercation.

Mike Tyson's scuffle with a photographer has landed him in jail.Tyson was going through the Los Angeles International airport with his family and others after arriving from London. Reports say that Tyson and the photographer,Tony Echeverria were both arrested for suspicion of battery. Echeverria acting on a tip that Tyson was to arrive,followed him in the airport and reportedly struck Tyson to try to provoke him when he was asked to stop. Tyson then punched Echeverria in the face. Tyson says he was just trying to protect his family. People need to leave Mike alone and let him live in peace,he seems a lot better that way.

Nasty Dunk

This was absolutely NASTY. I know it rattled Varejao.