Saturday, April 23, 2011

Roddy White's Jerseys Are Being Kept Captive

Roddy White is in the news again. This time with a legal problem. Thing is, White is claiming to be the victim.

A man White hired to frame his jerseys for the cost of $400 is holding the jerseys hostage unless White pays him $10,000. White filled out an application for an arrest warrant in  Gwinnett County.

The twist in this story is that the man says White owes him the 10 large for odd jobs he's done for White in the past.

A judge will hold a hearing and decide if an arrest warrant should be executed next week. White says he doesn't want to make a big deal out of this particular situation. Listen Roddy, make a big deal out of it before thinking of going OJ Simpson on the guy. Let's hope everything works itself out and everyone gets what they want and end up happy.

It never ceases to amaze me how dumb people can be on this subject. The man's solution to a civil law disagreement is to commit a criminal law violation. Wow! There are a lot of people out there who do such things, never mind that it's this very thing that finally put O.J. Simpson in prison.

Nice Slide Into Home

This high school baseball player exhibited a nifty piece of baserunning.

Beano Cook Guarantees Urban Meyer Will Coach Ohio State In 2012

With the toruble Jim Tressel is having at Ohio State, there are many predicting his demise. I don't think he'll be there much longer but only time will reveal.

One man thinks this year will be his swan song and that there is only one man for the job.

Beano Cook guarantees Urban Meyer will be the coach at Ohio State in 2012.  Here we go again. I hate to say this but Cook comes off as a senile old man.

“I think Ohio State has major problems and I think Jim Tressel has major problems. I’ve said on my Podcast. . . (that) Urban Meyer will be the coach at Ohio State in 2012. That was my prediction and I stick by that prediction. Urban Meyer will be ready to coach somewhere. He said when he was coaching Florida that there were only three schools he would ever coach at – Michigan, Ohio State and Notre Dame. I think Brian Kelly is going to do the job at Notre Dame and Michigan just hired a new coach, and I think this will be Jim Tressel’s last year. I’m not saying it should be. . . . This is a mess, it isn’t over yet and I think this is his last year coaching at Ohio State.”

“I just think that now that it’s come out that he talked about this problem with an alumnus from Jeannette, Pa., (Terrelle) Pryor’s hometown about selling these jerseys and other things and he did not tell the president or athletic director. I think Ohio State will get hit by the NCAA because they were misled. The worst thing you can do with the NCAA is not tell them the truth right away and that’s what happened. I think Ohio State is going to get hit.

“I just think it’s a mess. … I just think he will resign. That’s my opinion. That’s all. It’s just a prediction and that’s what we do in this business. Predict.”

Ok, more of a prediction than a guarantee, but remember this is the same guy that said Ron Powlus would win two Heisman's and scores of national championships. So take this how you want. I'm not writing off Tressel, but it would take an act of Houdini like proportions to escape the mess he's in right now.

Rodriguez: "Going To Michigan Was A Mistake"

After having time to sit back and digest his firing after a humiliating three years at Michigan and an embarrassing Gator Bowl loss to Mississippi State, Rich Rodriguez says going to Michigan was a mistake. RichRod, how do you think the Michigan fans feel?

Drastic changes and a lack of defense made Michigan a laughingstock in college football. And that 3-3-5 defensive formation made two defensive coordiantors look horrible. Trust me fans, Greg Robinson was not the problem. He just had a lousy scheme shoved down his throat.

"I think it's easy to go back now and say, 'Gee, made a mistake.' And you can say that now because of hindsight," Rodriguez said in the interview. "But at the time, some of the things I was looking to do and the opportunity that was there, you kind of make the move.

"The frustrating part for us was that we thought we battled through the tougher times to get it to this point where we had a lot of the team coming back and we thought we were getting ready to take off. But you know hindsight is always easier to look back and say, 'It was a mistake.' Because we did have a good thing going at West Virginia, and we really enjoyed it. As you look back at it, wasn't the best move. Easy to say now."

Rodriguez did have a good thing going at West Virginia and decided that he could take his show to a higher level and failed. He should've realized what a good thing he had in Morgantown after his flirtation with Alabama, but I guess the lure of Michigan was too much. I for one wish he would've stayed at West Virginia, therefore the Wolverines wouldn't be going through another upheaval process. He still thinks he could've got the train rolling despite all the turmoil and bad losses.

Rodriguez is not a bad coach, just a bad fit who was in over his head. He says he still wants to coach and I'll be surprised if he doesn't land another job.

"We played the Gator Bowl, then when we were let go in January there wasn't a lot of coaching jobs that were available," Rodriguez said. "I still love coaching, I'm open to another opportunity, but we'll see. If something comes open after this season, and it seems like it may be a good opportunity for me and someone is interested, I'm sure I'll look into it."

They had to let Rodriguez go after the Gator Bowl. They were at the point of no return with the guy. It was a move that had to be made. Also, this is the most honest thing Rodriguez has said regarding Michigan.


Former NHL Enforcer Brashear To Try His Hand At MMA

Former NHL tough guy Donald Brashear has been busy in a low level hockey league since being bounced out of the league in 2010. There just wasn't any room for in the league for a one dimesional pugilist that amounted to a professional bouncer.

Brashear has now decided to take those "handy" skills to the world of MMA. Brashear signed with a Canadian promotion called Ringside MMA.  Brashear was capable of handling himself on the ice, but the octagon is a whole different story. Ask street brawling legend Kimbo Slice how hard it was to make the transition to MMA.

According to Patricia Vincent of, there is a different reason why Brashear has changed course and hung up the skates. He's running from the law.  

Now playing in the Ligue Nord-Américaine de Hockey (LNAH), Brashear has recently been investigated for an incident that allegedly occurred at the end of a game against the Trois-Rivières team on March 25. Charges of assault were filed against Brashear, who was also suspended for five games.

The complaint has been filed against Brashear, on behalf of the alleged victim, Eric Labelle, by the Trois-Riviere team, Caron et Guay, and is now in the hands of the crown prosecutor.

Brashear hasn't yet applied for his license so him going to fight might be a moot point. I he does get licensed he could debut at the June 4th show in Quebec City (Ringside 11). I'm no fortune teller, but I don't see a bright future for Brashear in MMA.