Friday, January 14, 2011

Tarver Throws Out A Challenge To Haye

Apparently the Klitschko brothers aren't the only ones that want a piece of WBA heavyweight champion David Haye. That is a fight that could possibly replace the mandatory defense against Russian heavyweight Ruslan Chagaev.

Tarver who has one fight in the heavyweight division, a win over Nagy Aguilera says he's looking to "chop down a giant". Mighty bold words for a bulked up light heavyweight. Tarver would want the fight to be in the U.S., but it seems that Haye is reluctant to fight outside of England. I feel Tarver would take the fight anywhere, but knows he wouldn't get a fair shake in foreign territory. Few fighters ever do. Haye's mandatory defense is on shaky ground since Chagaev has Hepatitis B and isn't permitted to fight in England.

Haye, who says he will retire in October, is looking for a marquee fight, since he dodges the Klitschko's like a crack addict avoids rehab. Haye talks a good game but is quick to back down when it comes down to actual fighting.

@mrdavidhaye David Haye it's Antonio Tarver I hear you got some free time on your hand since you and Wladimir Klitschko had to push back. How about you and I get a date around April you can call it your US debut, it's the biggest fight you can make that name don't end in Klitschko...  That's what Tarver sent to Haye via Twitter.

@AntonioTarver Thanks for offer. I've a Mandatory to K.O.(May-June) before I'm free for any Unification/Voluntary. Keep doin ya thang! ;-) ... Was Haye's response.

A unification bout in serious doubt. Hey I'm a poet! Anyways, Haye needs to step up and stop dodging anyone who throws a challenge his way. All talk and no action seems to be Haye's m.o.

Matt Anderson Gets Another Chance

Matt Anderson is getting what amounts to a last chance in the major leagues. The Philadelphia Phillies signed the former Detroit Tigers pitcher to a minor league deal. Which means if he performs well he can pitch in the big show again.

Anderson was the top pick in the 1997 baseball draft out of Rice by the Tigers. He hasn't pitched in the majors since 2005 and his last season was in 2008 with Triple-A Charlotte. He has 15 appearances and a 5.60 ERA. He'll need to do much better than that if he wants to stick with the Phillies. His best year was back in 2001 when he posted 22 saves for the Tigers.

Anderson's most famous moments were hitting 103 mph on the radar gun and having his name dropped in a sexual harassment lawsuit in 2001. Good luck Matt, you'll need it since you haven't been the same since injuring your arm in 1999 ( there was a contest at the ballpark to throw an octopus the farthest and win tickets to a Red Wings playoff game - Anderson tossed an octopus and suffered an injury from which he never seemed to recover).

Brady Hoke Takes The High Road

Newly minted Michigan head coach Brady Hoke refuses to engage in a war of words with former NFL lineman and San Diego State alum Kyle Turley. A good thing since Turley has went on to talking about other thins such as Dan Marino going Cheech and Chong before games.

Anyway it's a good thing Hoke refuses to be baited into something juvenile. He knows what the task at hand is an that's to rejuvenate and rebuild the Michigan football program. Hoke says he has bigger fish to fry.

Y'know what, Kyle and I really started to build a pretty good relationship," he said, "and I understand his reactions and his sentiments, but I'll reach out to him. I have bigger fish to fry with what we're trying to get set up here, but I'll reach out to Kyle. He's a proud San Diego State alum, who's a tremendous football player, and all-around, he's a good person."

Turley is also a whack job that should keep his mouth shut.


Bill Cosby Has Some Advice For Cam Newton

I have a question. When did Bill Cosby start giving advice to athletes? I know Cosby does carry a lot of credibility in the enterntainment field so maybe he's just trying to make sure that others don't go down the wrong path.

While in Birmingham, Alabama, Cosby had some words, not harsh ones, for Cam Newton. Through some back channels and someone from the Jay Leno show, Cosby found out the Newton admired his comedy.

"This is very important for me to say to Mr. Newton, do not make the mistake so many young quarterbacks, regardless of race, color or creed, have made. Study, study, study. Make the supreme commitment, because this is not street football, and millions of people are counting on you. Make that word key -- commitment. Commitment to your behavior as a human being with others watching and you as a role model ... and you will be able to guide and lead. Learn your plays, know everything. Your mind is brilliant, and so is your body."

Wow, advice from Bill Cosby. That's almost like gold. Ryan Leaf and JaMarcus Russell could've used these words of encouragement before going off to steal millions of dollars from their respective employers (Chargers and Raiders). Cam seems to have a good head on his shoulders and knowing what he's gone through this year, he should take these words to heart.   

Keenum Gets A Sixth Year

Case Keenum was granted a sixth year of eligibilty in a surprise move by the NCAA. Keenum also was injured in his freshman year (2006) because of a separated shoulder that occured late in his high school season. The NCAA will grant a sixth year if a player has missed two seasons because of injury or circumstances beyond his control. Consider Keenum lucky since he did play in the first two games of the year. He tore his ACL when he attempted to tackle a UCLA player following an interception on Sept. 18.

Personally, I'm glad to see him come back and try to break the NCAA passing yardage and touchdown records. He needs 3,487yards to pass the immortal Timmy Chang and 28 toucdowns to pass Graham Harrell, formerly of Texas Tech. Numbers that are well within reach with the numbers he's put up in past seasons.

“Honestly, I assumed that I wasn’t going to get it and I just hoped for the best. I kind of planned for not getting it, so I wouldn’t get my hopes too high. But I’m just excited and really thankful.

I feel like this is my life here in Houston and being a Cougar,” Keenum said. “To be able to give that back and kind of get a shot at finishing some unfinished business. The goals I set out to do, I wanted to finish. To be able to do that, it’s incredible".

I'll go out on a limb and say that Houston will be a darkhorse pick to be a BCS buster next year. It probably won't happen, but it will be fun to see Keenum sling the ball all over the field again.