Sunday, November 21, 2010

Quote Of The Week: Matt Millen, Roy Williams

Drinking Partners
Matt Millen and Dallas Cowboys receiver Roy Williams must've benn doing some heavy smokin' together this week.

For starters Matt Millen,the former GM and president of the Lions, sung the praises of former Lions head coach and current Chicago Bears defensive coordinator, Rod Marinelli.

Here's part of what Millen said: "That guy right there is one of the best coaches I've ever been around."

Keep in mind that Millen played for Tom Flores, Bill Walsh, and Joe Gibbs, all Super Bowl winners. What the hell was he thinking when he said that. Marinelli may be a fine assistant coach or position coach, but "one of the best I've been around". Come on. He owns 0-16. Somewhere Tom Flores just headed for his liquor cabinet.

Roy Williams piggybacked on that by saying that Millen assembled good players at the skill positions in Detroit. Is that why most of the players he drafted are out of the league. If I had what they were smoking I'd be less stressed right now. 

Coaches That Probably Saved Their Job

There were a few coaches that entered the college football season on the hot seat. Here are some that will survive the ax wielding AD's after this season is over.

Ron Zook, Illinois- Zook came into this season needing to go to a bowl game and by getting his sixth win yesterday will be in Champaign for at least one more season. I know Illini fans have seen this before. The team makes some strides only to fall on their behind the season after. Illinois has shown some progress this year. They need to take another step up the ladder next year.

Tom O'Brien, NC State- O'Brien has done a great job this season. This is what everyone in Raleigh expected when he arrived from Boston College. Now, what does O'Brien do after Russell Wilson leaves town.

Ralph Friedgen, Maryland- After years of going backwards the Terrapins are going bowling again. Even after blowing a shot at ACC Atlantic, Friedgen got his contract extension. If they can build on this season they can stay relevant,when you think how anyone fails to claim ACC supremacy. I just don't see anyone doing what he has done at Maryland.

Mike Gundy, Oklahoma State-Perhaps the biggest winner on this list. At the start of the year, I heard rumblings that if Gundy couldn't succeed, Mike Leach might've been there to poach his job. Well, the Cowboys have exceeded expectations with a 10-1 record and having a chance to got to the Big 12 title game. Beat Oklahoma next week and he'll be there for at least another three years.

Mike Sherman, Texas A&M-Sherman had a big win against Nebraska last night. If the Aggies can get some help, they will have a chance at the Big 12 title and a BCS game. Something A&M hasn't seen in a while. The Aggie seem to be finally breaking through.