Sunday, February 14, 2010

The Bengals must like the criminal image

Recently,Cincinnati Bengals linebacker Rey Maualuga,was cited for drunk driving and entered himself in a rehab clinic.According to reports over the past week,the team is looking into bringing in receiver Donte Stallworth and reportedly want to bring in Adam "Pacman" Jones in for a workout.Stallworth was reinstated by commisioner Paul Goodell after a one year suspension for pleading guilty to DUI manslaughter after killing a man in Miami Beach last March.Although he got off easy,I can see giving Stallworth a second chance.Jones,on the other hand,seemed to run out of chances.At least until I heard the the Bengals were bringing him in for a workout.If you pay any attention to the news,you should know all about Jones' rap sheet dating back to his college days at West Virginia.I guess as long as the talent is there you'll still get multiple chances to play somewhere.Thing is, I really don't think head coach Marvin Lewis has anything to do with this.I kinda feel sorry for the guy.I feel that as far as personnel matters go he is consistently undermined by team president Mike Brown.I don't know him  personally,but Lewis seems to be a man of integrity.He just happens to coach a team that always has someone running afoul of the law.He has changed the culture,somewhat,by winning a couple of division titles.But if he is being sabotaged regarding personnel,he should resign and hold out for a better situation.Lewis,not Brown will ultimately be held responsible when the players underperform or get in trouble off the field.Brown wants his input and will let him coach the team,but won't let him help put it together.That's why the Bengals,at least right now,won't be taken as serious contenders.