Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Wallace Plans To Defend After Career

If Ben Wallace has his way, he'll be conducting a different kind of defense when his playing days are over. The Detroit Pistons big man plans to become a defense attorney when he retires. He just doesn't know when that day will come. The more Wallace thinks about retirement, the harder it is to walk away.

He has been discussing plans with his lawyers at his Virginia home. He's also been looking at prospective law schools to pursue a law degree. He does have a bachelor's degree in criminal justice from his college days at Virginia Union. So he has a head start on his post playing career.

I, for one would like to see how this turns out. You never hear about players making plans for their future or talk about furthering their education. Ben is a proud man and a hard worker so I think he can carve out a solid career in the law field. If he's as committed in the courtroom as he is on the basketball court, this mountain of a man will be tough to beat.  

NFL At The Half: AFC Version

A breakdown of the AFC

New England Patriots- Right now I have to give them the nod in the AFC due to their impressive win in Pittsburgh.

New York Jets- Two escapes against less than competition doesn't look good for a team with Super Bowl thoughts.

Pittsburgh Steelers- Even though they were blazed by New England, they are poised to make a strong run and reclaim their status among the AFC elite.

Baltimore Ravens- The "formidable" defense is having trouble stopping the pass. This could be a problem.

Indianapolis Colts- No matter who gets hurt, they just keep clicking. Next man up.

Tennessee Titans- They better hope this Randy Moss situation works out for them. So far no immediate dividends.

Jacksonville Jaguars- To be a true contender, Jags need good David more than bad David.

San Diego Chargers- May be peaking at the right time. Looks like they're ready to go on a streak.

Kansas City Chiefs- Does the glass slipper still fit. They better hope the thumping by the Broncos isn't a harbinger of things to come.

Oakland Raiders- Look like the most improved team in the league right now.

Miami Dolphins- If they get the Kansas City Thigpen, the Fish might still have a chance.

Houston Texans- Looks like S.O.S. (same old story) for Texans. Just can't seem to break through.

Cleveland Browns- Colt might be the real McCoy. They've been playing a lot better in recent weeks.

Cincinnati Bengals- Their season is done. Just waiting for the in fighting to start.

Denver Broncos- Orton has done his part. Good and bad. Which team are they?  Raiders game or Chiefs game.

Buffalo Bills- They've played tough, but really have no hope in a rugged AFC.