Friday, October 22, 2010

Memphis Goes A Different Route

The Memphis Tigers have a new way to recruit their hometown stars. They made a promotional video starring honetown legend Penny Hardaway. The point of it was making a difference by staying home and taking the program to another level. The video was a recruiting pitch to top 2011 prospect Adonis Thomas from Melrose High in Memphis. If Thomas ends up a Tiger I suspect more teams will use the hometown star made good angle for recruiting.

I Guess The Rent Was Too Damn High

Word on the street is the reason why Kenny Demens hasn't been playing is because he and ex-Wolverine Boubacar Cissoko failed to pay rent for almost a year to an Ann Arbor apartment complex. I guess that answers the question as to why Demens wasn't getting much field time, even though he is a clear upgrade over the tackling machine formerly known as Obi Ezeh.

I guess the rent is too damn high.