Saturday, February 15, 2014

Ed Reed has $50,000 stolen from his car in Houston

All-Pro safety Ed Reed, who played last season for the Houston Texans and New York Jets, reportedly had a bag of money containing $50,000 stolen out of the front seat of his car.

According to Reed, he had withdrawn the large amount of cash from a Houston bank on Wednesday afternoon and put it all in to a bag. He then drove to another bank and left the bag of money on the seat of his car while he quickly ran inside.

A police report states that thieves had apparently followed Reed, waited for an opportune time to strike, broke the window of his Audi, snatched the bag, then hightailed it away. According to investigators, the Reed crime is part of a popular theft trend, where people who make withdrawals from a bank or ATM are then followed and robbed.  Police refer to this type of robbery as “jugging.” According to Houston police Sgt. Arturo Bazan, who spoke to Fox Sports, ”These guys go all over the city, every bank. It’s all over.”

The 35-year-old player, who will be an unrestricted free agent, signed a one-year contract in November, after being released by the Texans who gave up on the nine-time Pro-Bowler after only seven games; Reed had signed a three-year, $15 million deal with Houston.

Meanwhile, police have no idea as to why Reed was driving around with $50,000 in cash; however, the investigation is ongoing.

Dodgers' Matt Kemp doesn't want to be the fourth outfielder

Do not tell Matt Kemp that he is the fourth outfielder for the Los Angeles Dodgers. He does not want to be relegated to that status.

Kemp is recovering from offseason ankle surgery and manager Don Mattingly is not counting on Kemp being ready when the Dodgers travel to Australia for their season opener against the Arizona Diamondbacks on March 22. According to reports, Kemp has not started running on the ankle.

That leaves the Dodgers with three healthy outfielders -- Carl Crawford, Andre Ethier and Yasiel Puig -- who are more than capable and could push Kemp into a bench role this season even after he is healed and ready to play.

With a contract that runs through the 2019 season, Kemp could become trade fodder depending on how the season shapes up.

"I don't know where you get this fourth outfielder talk from, man," Kemp said, according to the Los Angeles Times. "You all love talking about four outfielders, man. That's like the question of the day every day. I think all four of us outfielders feel the same way. None of us are fourth outfielders. Everybody wants to play every day. I won't accept that role. I can't accept that role."

Kemp has struggled to stay healthy the past two seasons, missing 145 games with injuries to his hamstring, knee, shoulder and ankle.

After a National League MVP season in 2011, the 29-year-old Kemp slumped at the plate, batting .270 with six home runs and 33 RBIs in 71 games last year. Those numbers are a sharp contrast to the MVP year when Kemp hit 39 homers with 126 RBIs and 40 stolen bases and batted .324 in 161 games.

The Dodgers began team workouts on Friday and Kemp is able to hit without being ready to run on the ankle. He said his left shoulder, which bothered him last year after major surgery, feels better after a cleanup surgical procedure in the fall.

If Kemp can't show that he has fully recovered he'll find himself on the outside looking in and possibly on a new team.

My guess is that either Crawford or Kemp finds himself playing elsewhere this season.

Charles Barkley says the Pistons 'have a bunch of idiots' on the team

While watching Detroit Pistons center Andre Drummond participate in the NBA Rising Stars challenge, a game in which Drummond won MVP honors, TNT's Charles Barkley took time to rip his Pistons teammates.

Barkley said the Pistons 'had a bunch of idiots on that team' when he spoke about the Pistons.

“He’s a terrific player who’s playing with those other idiots up in Detroit. And they’re not going to win,” Barkley said.

When the rest of the “NBA on TNT” panel, including Ernie Johnson and Kenny Smith, questioned that statement, Barkley continued: “They’ve got some idiots on that team. They’ve got some talented players who are not going to ever get it.”

In my opinion that was a shot to Brandon Jennings and Josh Smith. While the duo is talented they still possess the knucklehead factor and aren't winning players. The team lacks cohesion which is displayed when the team has many of it's 4th quarter collapses.

Barkley's talking about the lack of team play,"buddy ball in the back court", and no leadership on and off court. He's right this team doesn't understand good shots and mental toughness. Making the playoffs would help teach about possessions and finishing games.