Thursday, September 5, 2013

Beno Udrih thinks the Knicks can make the NBA Finals

I don't know what kind of kool-aid that the members of the New York Knicks are drinking but whatever it is maybe they need to pass it on to the people that stress a lot.

This past weekend sixth man J.R. Smith guaranteed that the Knicks would bring a championship back to the Big Apple. Now it's newly signed point guard Beno Udrih saying he believes the Knicks have what it takes to make the NBA Finals.

Udrih told Marc Berman of the New York Post that the Knicks need to have that mindset going into next season.

“I believe our team can go as far as going to the Finals,’’ Udrih told The Post at Ashe Stadium in his first remarks since signing. “We have to think like that from the first practice. We can be very good. It all depends how seriously we’re going to take it.

“We all believe we can go really far. And our goal from the beginning has to be win it all because we know we’re going to be in the playoffs. Our mentality from the first practice has to be: we want to win a championship.’’

I know you're supposed to be optimistic but I'm sure Miami, Indiana, Chicago, and Brooklyn will have a say in how far the Knicks go.

I do believe the Knicks are a viable playoff contender and will be a tough out once they get there, but until they prove otherwise they're not championship contenders just yet.

Former Detroit Lion Ronnell Lewis arrested on suspicion of DUI

After being released during the final round of cuts by the Detroit Lions, former fourth round draft pick Ronnell Lewis has been arrested for the second time in five months.

 According to KOKI-TV in Tulsa, Lewis was arrested early Monday morning on suspicion of DUI in Henryetta, Oklahoma.

The arrest report shows Lewis was stopped after an officer saw his truck cross the center line at 1:54 on Labor Day morning on Main Street in Henryetta. That's when the arresting officer smelled alcohol and noticed a 6-pack with a beer missing inside the truck.

“Did some standardized field sobriety tests on him. In the officer's opinion he failed those. Subsequently, he was arrested, transported. Had blood drawn and was booked into the county jail for one misdemeanor count of DUI,” said Chief Steven Norman.

Lewis' agent sent the following statement to KOKI: "This past holiday weekend, Ronnell Lewis was involved in a routine traffic stop that occurred in Okmulgee county. Ronnell cooperated with authorities to the best of his ability while maintaining his innocence. Ronnell has not been charged with anything at this time."

Back in April, Lewis had a brush with the law when he was booked for charges of disturbing the peace and public intoxication stemming from a bar fight.

If Lewis had any future in the NFL he's quickly flushing it down the toilet. He better get his act together fast and gain some team's trust before he washes out completely.