Monday, August 12, 2013

Phoenix Suns rookie plans on giving teams that bypassed him 'hell'

Most rookies in any sport are humble and happy to be in the league in which they're playing in. You will find some that don't or won't respect anyone or have a chip on their shoulder determined to prove their doubters wrong.

You can put Phoenix Suns rookie Archie Goodwin in the last category.

Goodwin was selected 29th in the first round by the Suns but felt he should've gone higher. Maybe teams didn't see what he saw in himself or maybe they remembered him for being on an underachieving Kentucky team that failed to make it into the NCAA tournament.

After a good showing in the NBA Summer League in Las Vegas, Goodwin has a message for those who bypassed him.

“It would have been great to have been drafted where I thought I should have been,” Goodwin told SLAM during last week’s Panini photo shoot portion of the Rookie Transition Program. “Now every team that didn’t pick me, I’ve got to give them hell.”

“I know a lot of guys in this [Draft] class are not better than me,” said Goodwin. “I’m blessed to even be here, but to see how far I slid down—it was a surprise. Every game I go into, I’m showing every team that didn’t pick me that they made a mistake.”

Goodwin is working to improve his jump shot and round out his overall game.

Even though he's only a  rookie and has a lot to learn about the NBA, if Goodwin is determined and works hard he might be giving some of those teams a lot of 'hell' over the course of his career.  

Hawks rookie Lucas Nogueira will stay in Spain

Atlanta Hawks first round pick Lucas Nogueira will be spending next season in Spain so he can get some meaningful minutes and develop his game with Asefa Estudiantes Madrid.

The seven foot center was taken by the Boston Celtics with the 16th pick in the first round of the 2013 NBA Draft and quickly traded to the Hawks.

Nogueira would've found it hard to get minutes in a crowded frontcourt that includes Al Horford, Elton Brand, and Paul Millsap.

“We are very encouraged by what we’ve seen from Lucas this summer,” general manager Danny Ferry told the Atlanta Journal-Constitution Monday. “Going back to Estudiantes will allow him to continue develop while also playing meaningful minutes against very good competition. We will closely monitor his progress as he works towards his goals as a basketball player.”

Nogueira doesn't seem to mind, but last month he stated that he hoped to stay with the Hawks.

“If I stay here, I’m happy,” he said. “But if I need to go back I’m happy too because in Spain everybody believes in me. I’ve lived … in Spain and I know my club and everybody knows me. I’m happy. I know I can improve my game in Spain. I improved so much this year from last year. Right now, the most important thing is my body. I can’t improve my body in Spain. I’m perfect to stay here because the most important thing is to improve my body.”

Knowing that Danny Ferry cut his teeth in the San Antonio Spurs front office I'd have to say this is a Spurs type of move and could pay off for the  Hawks in the long run.

Report: Doc Gooden's family evicted from their New Jersey home after he fails to pay rent

A report by TMZ says that Dwight Gooden's estranged wife and two kids have been evicted from their New Jersey mansion last month after Gooden refused to pay rent. The family moved into the home back in September 2011, but  when the marriage hit the skids, Dwight moved out in March.

The former New York Mets star stopped paying the $4,500 per month rent in February. The owners claim the family stayed in the home all of March, April, May and June and never received a rent payment, which put Gooden and his family in a serious hole.

The landlord is suing for about $19,000 plus legal fees. Gooden's wife and kids were forced out of the home on July 11.

There is no word on where they are staying at this moment.

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