Saturday, April 20, 2013

Terrell Owens eyeing the Chicago Bears for a possible comeback

The last time we saw Terrell Owens he was trying to latch on with the Seattle Seahawks. He didn't make it but Owens has had lots of time to keep himself in shape with the hope of catching the eye of another NFL team.

A report by David Kaplan from says Owens has an eye on the Chicago Bears for a possible comeback. Owens is hoping that his past with Bears coach Marc Trestman will help him get a job in Chicago. Owens has been working out with former NFL linebacker and Illinois State Senator Napoleon Harris.

Owens is reportedly in great shape despite not playing since 2011.

"I played my first early years in San Francisco with [Bears head coach Marc Trestman] and shortly after that, he left to do some things," he said. "I haven't talked to Marc in a long while. I know he's gone on and done some things, now he's back in the NFL. So, I never really thought about it until myself and Napoleon were talking about it earlier, but I would definitely welcome it if they would give it some serious consideration. To think about [Bears wide receiver Brandon Marshall] on the other side and me on one side, that's really dangerous. I'm keeping myself in shape just for any opportunity that may come about."

Being in shape has never been a problem for Owens. In the past it's been his mouth and attitude. Nowdays it's his hands that are betraying him.

"The guy was a great player and he is in tremendous physical shape," Harris said. "We worked out this morning and after we ran five miles, he did sprints and lifted and he looks great. The Bears would be smart to give him an opportunity. He is motivated and ready to play."

Even though Owens played in Trestman's system when both were with the San Francisco 49ers, there's no guarantee that Owens will get a call from the Bears coach.

Owens is doing his best to sell himself to the Bears but with Alshon Jeffery looking like he might be ready to come into his own I doubt the Bears will give Owens a chance to prove he has something left to give.

New Mexico coach Craig Neal's wife accused of battery

Newly hired New Mexico basketball coach Craig Neal is already dealing with off court issues but it doesn't involve any of his players. Neal's wife Janet has been accused of battery for allegedly grabbing a school official after one of her son's high school basketball games, police reports and the district attorney's office confirm.

This is the same high school team their son Cullen plays for, who will be attending New Mexico on a basketball scholarship after being released by St. Mary's.

 Eldorado High School assistant principal Susan Stanojevic told police that after a Feb. 21 game, Janet Neal "lunged at me and aggressively grabbed my left arm, yanking me to face her," according to an Albuquerque Police Department report. "At the same time, she put her face close to mine and in an angry, loud voice, stated, 'the next time you want to accuse me of using profanity at a basketball game, you need to talk to me first.'"

Mrs. Neal had been accusesd of yelling profanities and verbally abusing the referees following a game that involved her son.

 The case was referred to the Bernalillo County district attorney as battery on a school employee, a fourth-degree felony that carries a maximum prison sentence of 18 months, and is under review, according to spokeswoman Kayla Anderson.

Following the initial confrontation, Albuquerque Public Schools officers asked Neal to leave the area, but she resisted, reports show.

"I then advised (Mrs.) Neal she could leave in handcuffs or on her own. That was up to her," community service officer L.G. Valenzuela said in his report.

In a supplementary report by APD investigator officer Christian Baker, Neal said that she "did not grab Susan forcefully nor did she threaten her."

Janet Neal has denied allegations to police and her attorney.

I feel this could've been handled differently unless Mrs. Neal is so intimidating that the cops had to be called in. On the other hand Mrs. Neal sounds worse than some of the fathers out there who get a little too involved with their kids' sports teams.