Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Jordan's son suspended for two games

Jeffery Jordan didn't think much of the 3 on 3 tournament he played in prior to returning to the Illinois basketball team.But the almighty NCAA did. Jordan was suspended for two games for participating in a 3 on 3 tournament,which is a non-sanctioned event. The NCAA really needs to back off.Its not like he or the school was gaining a competitive advantage.Secondly, its pointless. He left the Fighting Illini after last season.He was a walk on and he played in the tournament while he was not a member of the team. I guess you can't get anything by the NCAA no matter how minor it may seem.

Shout out to the veterans

To the men and women of the armed forces, happy Veterans Day.Your services are greatly appreciated here in this great country.Keep up the good work and hope to get all of you back safely.