Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Brandon Says Forcier No Longer With The Program

Since the end of the Ohio State game there was a lot of news about the Michigan football team. Will Rich Rodriguez be able to survive? Is Jim Harbaugh coming home? Tate Forcier not being smart enough in the classroom. Mike Martin maybe going pro.

All the questions have been answered. And the Forcier issue, Athletic Director David Brandon gave a clear statement of Tate's status within the Michigan program. Forcier is no longer with the program. This was after Brady Hoke was named as Michigan's new head coach.

In a way I knew Forcier wouldn't last at Michigan. If you can recall, late in his freshman season he appeared to be crying after being pulled for Denard Robinson. After a fine start to his career, he regressed and his attitude screamed of a sense entitlement. Then there was the quarterback derby at the beginning of the year and the everlasting question whether Forcier would transfer or not. I'll give him credit, he did stick around and was pretty valuble as a backup. Then came the Gator Bowl. Forcier was academically ineligible and admitted that he wasn't the greatest student in the classroom boasting he had more street smarts than classroom smarts. That was dumb Tate. Now he has to look for a school that'll take him in. His dismissal, transfer, or mutual parting of the ways looked to be in the cards when Rodriguez went with Robinson as his starter.

As of now the Wolverines will go into next season with Robinson and Devin Gardner as the quarterbacks of the Hoke era.   

Get The Facts Straight

Just went on the site and they posted this blurb.

NFL: Ron Rivera named Florida Panthers head coach

Wow I didn't know Ron Rivera was going to coach a hockey team. He was defensive coordinator for the San Diego hockey team. Who knew.

I know it was a minor error but mix in some proofreading before sending it to be published.

Terrell Suggs Doesn't Have To Say Much

Before the seaon started Baltimore Ravens linebacker fired the first shot in the Ravens /Pittsburgh Steelers feud. He wore a t-shirt that said  "You bet your sweet ass I hate the Steelers" at training camp.

Now he's wearing one that sums up how he'll always feel about the Steelers. It says "Hey Pittsburgh" with a
Raven telling the Steelers that they're number one. Unfortunately I don't have a visual for it.

This rivalry is old school. Almost like the old Raiders-Steelers rivalry. Old style football the way it was to be played.

Nah, there ain't no message," Suggs said. "Like I always say, I put on for my city. They rep their city and I'm repping mine. So, here we go. When it comes to football, it's the most physical game of the year. It's going to be a physical gang fight, just like the first two games were. "When we go down there, they always hit us with the number ones. I don't know how they act here because I've always been in the locker room by the time all the fans get here. I'm pretty sure we're hitting them with the number ones. It's whatever. We're just going to go play a football game."

There's no rivalry today that can equal the Ravens/Steelers blood feud today.

A Penny For My Thoughts

Brad Penny signs with the Detroit Tigers. For one year and $3million plus incentives. That's the kind of deal I was referring to when the free agent frenzy was going on. This was what i would call a smart signing. Not overpaying someone that might or might not be able to help. For once they spent money wisely.

Penny has been plagued by injuries for a lot of his career. But when he is healthy he can be very good. I know there are skeptics out there that will say he had his best years in the National League. I agree with that assessment. When he came to Boston he got shelled and was replaced by Tim Wakefield in the rotation. He ended that season with a 7-8 record and a 5.61 era. He pitched much better when he signed with the San Francisco Giants after being released by the Red Sox.

He gives the Tigers a solid number five starter and at best gives Armando Galarraga some competition at the back end of the rotation. I believe they'll give him the fifth starter's spot unless he proves he can't do the job. If he can't the Tigers don't get beat out of a lot of money. Penny is capable of being a number five starter, possibly a four. Best case scenario is that Penny is solid in the rotation, Galarraga is a capable long reliever and spot starter, and prospects Andy Oliver and Jacob Turner get more seasoning in the minors and aren't rushed. This could be one of the best steals of the offseason.

Blackmon, Weeden Staying At Oklahoma State

Mike Gundy has to be a happy mn right about now. News is that wide receiver Justin Blackmon and quarterback Brandon Weeden will be returning to Oklahoma State next season. Blackmon and Weeden made their announcement at a joint news conference.

Blackmon was an All-American this season and would've been one of the higher rated receivers in this yeas NFL draft. Weeden was a bit of a surprise since he's older (he'll be 28 in October) , due to a minor league baseball stint in the New York Yankees, Kansas City Royals, and Los Angeles Dodgers systems. I figured he might try to make a go of it.

Even though the Cowboys play in the always tough Big 12 South, they will be among the favorites to wn the conference.