Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Brandon Says Forcier No Longer With The Program

Since the end of the Ohio State game there was a lot of news about the Michigan football team. Will Rich Rodriguez be able to survive? Is Jim Harbaugh coming home? Tate Forcier not being smart enough in the classroom. Mike Martin maybe going pro.

All the questions have been answered. And the Forcier issue, Athletic Director David Brandon gave a clear statement of Tate's status within the Michigan program. Forcier is no longer with the program. This was after Brady Hoke was named as Michigan's new head coach.

In a way I knew Forcier wouldn't last at Michigan. If you can recall, late in his freshman season he appeared to be crying after being pulled for Denard Robinson. After a fine start to his career, he regressed and his attitude screamed of a sense entitlement. Then there was the quarterback derby at the beginning of the year and the everlasting question whether Forcier would transfer or not. I'll give him credit, he did stick around and was pretty valuble as a backup. Then came the Gator Bowl. Forcier was academically ineligible and admitted that he wasn't the greatest student in the classroom boasting he had more street smarts than classroom smarts. That was dumb Tate. Now he has to look for a school that'll take him in. His dismissal, transfer, or mutual parting of the ways looked to be in the cards when Rodriguez went with Robinson as his starter.

As of now the Wolverines will go into next season with Robinson and Devin Gardner as the quarterbacks of the Hoke era.   

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