Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Raiders may cut ties with Carson Palmer

"As noted Monday, it's possible that we may have seen the last of Carson Palmer in an Oakland Raiders uniform, as it's "highly unlikely" that the QB will take a pay cut, according to ESPN NFL Insider Adam Schefter. The Raiders now have three options: hang on to Palmer and pay him his $13 million for 2013, trade him or release him (ESPN)."

Carson Palmer blows, and the Raiders are no where close to being a good team. They should cut him and draft Geno Smith. Do we know Smith will be a great QB? No, but he has a ton more upside than Palmer and that's really all that matter right now.

If Palmer does get cut there are rumors the Cardinals would jump at the chance to sign him. I think Palmer is a bum, and I would never trust any USC QB with my team.

Dez Bryant thinks he can be the first 2,000 yard receiver

Dallas Cowboys receiver Dez Bryant has high hopes for his NFL career. Bryant believes he can become the NFL's first 2,000 yard receiver. A tall task indeed.

Bryant told ESPNDallas.com that his breakout season in 2012 was only the beginning of better days to come. Bryant caught 92 passes for 1,382 yards this past season.

"That's still scratching the surface," Bryant said in a telephone interview with ESPNDallas.com. "It's only going to get better, to be honest. I still have a lot to give. I feel like nobody's seen anything. Nothing.

"I feel like it can be a lot more than that. That's just being honest. I honestly feel like [2,000 yards and 20 touchdowns] can potentially happen." 

It can happen but it won't happen for Bryant as long as he's in Dallas. Bryant says his knowledge of the offense and maturation gives him this confidence. Maybe but I can't see it happening. Dallas still likes to run the ball which will take away any potential targets coming his way. Throw in the fact that tight end Jason Witten is still around and that further dwindles his chances.

The closest to come to matching that feat was Calvin Johnson of the Detroit Lions and he was all they had on offense. So if he couldn't pull it off I don't see Bryant doing it in a more complete offense. I'm not saying he's a bad receiver, I think the Cowboys have too many other variables that will keep him from approaching that benchmark.

It's good to have confidence in your abilities but this may be a bit too much for Bryant.  

"It girl" of the week: Marzia Prince

The "It Girl" of the week is Marzia Prince.

This blonde bombshell is the definition of perfection and the biggest distraction of them all. She has a gorgeous face, perfect body, brains to go with it, a girl who played multiple sports in high school, a weightlifter who has more certifications than Joe Weider, and someone we can all follow training and nutrition advice from since she's dieted down to win several bikini championships. Does it get any better than this? I'm not sure a more perfect girl exists fellas. This 5'9" southern belle is a spokesmodel for Gaspari Nutrition and is the hottest girl in the game hands-down. You've seen her in dozens of magazines like Iron Man, Muscle and Fitness, American Curves, Fitness Rx, Muscular Development, and Planet Muscle and you've done a double take to drool over her in every single one of them.

Michigan defensive coordinator likes Mitch McGary at defensive end

Michigan center Mitch McGary has made a positive impact for the Michigan basketball team during the Wolverines run to the Sweet 16. He's also made a few fans along the way.

Michigan football defensive coordinator, Greg Mattison, has taken notice and likes what he sees in McGary. He likes him so much that he says he would like to see him at defensive end on the football team. Wishful thinking but Mattison has a plan.

"No question about it," Mattison said with a laugh. "I already promised he'd be a 5-technique (defensive lineman) right away and we'd get him a lot of sacks. I love him.

"I saw him one time the team was going to eat somewhere -- I just happened to run into him. I'd never stood next to him, and I just looked at him and all I kept thinking is, 'Wow, would he be good as a 5-technique.'"

McGary did play football growing up and you can tell with the way he plays on the court. He goes all out on just about every play. Mattison can dream but this probably won't happen.

Bobby Hurley hired to coach Buffalo basketball

The University of Buffalo has hired Bobby Hurley to lead the basketball team in a new direction.

Hurley was introduced as the new coach today after cutting his teeth with his brother, Danny, at Wagner and Rhode Island where Danny was the head coach and Bobby was an assistant.

He'll be taking over for the recently ousted Reggie Witherspoon, who had a small bit of success but was never able to get the team to the NCAA tournament in a pretty wide open MAC conference.

"The appointment of coach Hurley sends a clear statement that the University at Buffalo is committed to bringing big-time college athletics to the western New York community and the state at large," athletic director Danny White said. "I'm confident after our discussions that he is the right leader to take our program to the next level."

Most know Hurley from his days as a national championship winning point guard at Duke, which should get Buffalo some name recognition. Before anyone thinks this is a Clyde Drexler (Houston) or Isiah Thomas (Florida International) gimmick hiring, you must remember that basketball runs in the Hurley family blood.

Bob Hurley Sr. coaches the famed St. Anthony's high school program in New Jersey and has compiled more than 1000 wins. Dan played at Seton Hall and Bobby played in the NBA after his Duke career.

I don't know what this will do for recruiting and getting fans in the seats but knowing the leader that Hurley was at Duke, I believe the Bulls made a good hire. Hopefully for the fans there, it will translate into a winning program.