Sunday, April 29, 2012

Dmitri Young wanted to trip Barry Bonds

Former MLB player Dmitri Young was always opinionated. When he was interviewed by C. Trent Rosecrans of  about selling his baseball card collection for the Dmitri Young Foundation, Young told Rosecrans which was his favorite card and why he wanted to trip Barry Bonds.

Q: Is there a favorite card?

A: It's the Hank Aaron. The Home Run King -- there's another guy that has the record, but the Home Run King is Hank Aaron. I was there for the game when 756 was hit, I was playing first. Deep down inside, when (Barry) Bonds hit it, I wanted to stick my foot out and trip him.

Q: So, I'm guessing you have a hardline stance against the steroid users?

A: It's not the steroid issue, it's the [jerk] issue. To each their own, but when you're on an All-Star team with a guy and your son goes up to him and says he appreciates what you've done and he ignores him and walks off -- I take that personal. Very personal. Of course, even if it came up, he'd deny it. But why would an 11-year-old kid lie? I was a big fan of Barry Bonds before that. I used to defend him and everything. But being persecuted, then to sit there and [be a jerk] to my son. … Yeah. I enjoyed watching him play, but the way he treated people -- I'm not about treating people like crap, regardless of who you are, what you do for a living, I'm not about that.

That would've been a classless move but hilarious since Bonds would've been the victim.

Detroit Lions sign Boise St. QB Kellen Moore

The Detroit Lions went into the NFL draft with no immediate need for a quarterback, but with no third stringer on the roster they could afford to take a late round flyer or sign an undrafted free agent. The Lions took the latter route and signed Boise State signal caller Kellen Moore.

While Moore was disappointed, but not surprised that he wasn't drafted he is excited for the opportunity to get a shot with the Lions.

 "I'm excited, I'm getting my chance in the NFL and that is all that matters," Moore told after his agent, David Dunn, reached an agreement with the Lions. 

"We had a lot of contact, a lot of teams, I really don't even know how many teams, but a lot," Moore said. "I like our decision. I am eager to get back there." 

I guess that's all you can ask for is a chance. In a league where size and arm strength define potential NFL quarterbacks no one looks at the fact that Moore is a winner. He went 50-3 at Boise State and was one of the most efficient quarterbacks in NCAA history (His pass efficiency rating of 168.98 ranks third in NCAA Football Bowl Subdivision history).

I'm not saying he's going to be a stud but Moore could be a good developmental quarterback backing up Matthew Stafford and Shaun Hill.

Vikings RB Caleb King arrested for suspicion of assault

Minnesota Vikings running back Caleb King apparently can't take a joke. King was arrested early Saturday morning on suspicion of committing a serious assault at a birthday party in the Anoka County city of Oak Grove.

The alleged victim of the assault, a 22-year-old man from Coon Rapids, is hospitalized with a skull fracture, facial fractures and injuries that required more than 50 stitches to close and may also have a serious brain injury, according to the Anoka County Sheriff's Office.

He was in serious condition Saturday night at Mercy Hospital in Coon Rapids.

King and the injured man were guests at a birthday party Friday night. When the man made a joke about King having a resemblance to a celebrity King took offense to it and apparently the victim paid the price.

When the man went to wait outside in a car King followed him out and hit him in the face.

 King allegedly followed him, confronted him outside the car and struck him in the face. The victim reported getting into the car, locking the passenger door and calling 911 on his cellphone. King allegedly opened the driver's side door and pulled the man outside, struck him multiple times in the head and face with his fists, then threw him head first to the ground, according to the Sheriff's Office.

King, who was arrested at the site of the party, denied assaulting the man and said he fell to the ground when King was talking to him.

King was booked on suspicion of assault in the third degree but has not been formally charged. That decision will be made by the Anoka County attorney's office next week, according to the Sheriff's Office. King remains in custody at the Anoka County jail. 

King is a reserve running back for the Vikings and was on the practice squad for most of last season. If King is charged for this crime he can probably kiss his roster spot goodbye.