Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Lane Kiffin Open To A College Version Of Hard Knocks

USC head coach Lane Kiffin hasn't said or done too many smart things since he's become a head coach of anywhere he's been. Until he came up with the thought of having a college football version of the HBO series 'Hard Knocks'.

Kiffen says it's a random thought, but deep down he would love the light to shine on the Trojans once again. I don't really think you want that to happen, since the Trojans are on probation and they are probably still employing some of the same recruiting tactics as before. Kiffin wouldn't want the cameras rolling when some random player asks why the mortgage payment was missed or something like that.

I think it would be good to see an unrated version of the college perspective, although I don't think some schools would want their dirty dealings out in the open.   

The Oklahoma Version Of 'Black & Yellow'

Following in the footsteps of many that have copied Pittsburgh rapper Wiz Khalifa's hit 'Black and Yellow', Oklahoma Sooners safety Tony Jefferson has his own version. It's called 'Boomer Sooner', something he's been pushing locally.

It's something that won't be playing in my car, but at least he's doing something other than making trouble. Maybe this will be an inspiration for the Sooners and propel them to a national championship.

I don't mean to be ultracritical, but Jefferson's no "Swiperboy".

Shane Mosley Feels He's Doing Mayweather's Dirty Work

While Shane Mosley was out doing some promotional work for his upcoming fight with Manny Pacquiao, Mosley said he felt he was doing Floyd Mayweather's 'dirty work' for fighting Pacquiao. I guess you can count Mosley among many that feel Mayweather is dodging Pacquiao.

"I don't know what to make of Floyd not fighting this fight. It's mind-boggling to me," said Mosley, who lost a lopsided decision to the unbeaten Mayweather last year. "It's like I said on Twitter, it feels like I'm doing Floyd's dirty work."

I'm no boxing expert, but I've seen enough of Mosley to know that he isn't doing anyone's dirty work. I can understand how he feels, since Mayweather has ducked the issue of facing Manny in the past. Mosley is taking this fight because he feels he can actually win the fight. Mosley has never shied away from fighting the best in his career. He's had his share of losses, but also has beaten some of the best in his career. He lobbied promoter Bob Arum to take this fight. So I don't want to hear about him fighting somone else's battles. I don't see that being the case. I would hate to see him be totally outmatched in this fight, which many think he will be.

Mosley thinks Mayweather hasn't fought Pacquiao because he's a lefty and Mayweather has had trouble in the past against southpaws. As time goes on I'm starting to think Mayweather really doesn't want this fight. First there was the request for Olympic style drug testing. Now there are Mayweather's legal problems that are threatning to derail the fight altogether.

Mayweather's legal problems are far different from Mike Tyson's, but it does mirror the way how Tyson went in the tank before fighting Evander Holyfield. Remember that fight was going to be made before Tyson went to prison. The fight hd to be made after Tyson's prison stint and he was never the same fighter. I'm not saying that's how Mayweather's career will go but at the rate he's going he may never see the inside of a ring again.

Which will lead others to say they're doing his 'dirty work'.

Victor Martinez's Lavish Ride

Professional athletes usually don't tool around in "luxury" cars that the average man drives around in. Consider the case of one of the newest Detroit Tigers, Victor Martinez. I've heard about Justin Verlander's Ferrari, but to me Martinez's Rolls Royce Ghost takes it.

The car is retailed at $250,000 before customization. I'd have to work a lifetime to get one tire off of it. It is a nice car, but Martinez won't be in the major leagues forever bagging $12 mill a season. Be smart with that money.

Tigers pitcher Robbie Weinhardt had an interesting take on the car.

"Awesome," said pitcher Robbie Weinhardt, "My signing bonus ($15,000) probably pays for nothing on that car. Maybe the air freshener."

I guess you can buy those kind of items when you get big money deals like the one Martinez signed this past offseason.