Saturday, May 5, 2012

Celtics' Avery Bradley injures shoulder

Avery Bradley has been a solid contributor for the Boston Celtics this season filling in well for an ailing Ray Allen and providing quality minutes at the shooting guard position. The Celtics have been hit by a myriad of injuries this season and the playoffs are no different. Allen returned from an ankle injury but is playing limited minutes. He probably will return to his role as a starter because Bradley injured a shoulder in Game 2 against the Atlanta Hawks and re-injured it again in Boston's Game 3 win last night.

Bradley has fought a shoulder injury all season but it just hasn't worked out for him in the playoffs. He left last night's game in the third quarter and never returned after it was believed that he would return.

"It's really sore," Bradley told after the game. "Every time I go to extend my arm, and it gets hit, it comes in and out."     

"He's had that problem all year," said C's coach Doc Rivers. "Usually they're able to, like a leg, snap it back in. It wouldn't go back in."

As of now Bradley expects to be back for Game 4, but expect Celtics officials to hold him out.