Friday, March 18, 2011

Rose Aims To Smooth Things Over With Hill

Jalen Rose said he wants to give Grant Hill a hug, talk things over and continue a good relationship with the former Duke star. Rose also said the media and the public sensationalized him calling Hill "an Uncle Tom" during the ESPN Fab Five documentary he produced.

In the article, Rose said that people made too much of the controversial comment.

"Please stress I was discussing what I said or thought as a high school recruit," Rose said. "People say that I am a racist. Well the last time I checked I am black and he (Hill) was black. If anything, it was a social economic issue. I was an urban youth and I said I was jealous of that. I was motivated by that.

"Now at the point I am in life, I want that for my family. The way his family raised him is the way I am trying to raise my kids. So for people to fast forward saying that what I believed as a kid is the same I believe as an adult is ignorant."

This may sound biased, but you can't say this is how a man feels twenty years down the road. True, Rose had some disparaging things to say back then. Key words "back then". Stop jumping down this man's throat for something he felt as a youth. I'm sure there are many of us in white and black America who may have thought ill of someone you thought was "trying to be black" or "acting white". It still goes on today.

What he said wasn't right but at least he had the guts to say it where others keep their feelings in the closet.

Would Duke have gone after Rose, a top-10 player, if he had the perfect background? Yes. Would Hill have been on Duke's list if he came from Rose's background? No, and therein lies Rose's point. Class and race play a factor in whom Duke chooses to recruit.

Former Pro Bowl Receiver Drew Hill Hospitalized

Former Pro Bowl receiver Drew Hill has been hospitalized in Atlanta and is in very serious condition battling a brain related condition.

Hill played 14 years in the NFL, most notably for the Los Angeles Rams and Houston Oilers. He enjoyed his best years in Houston.

In a story from , said that Hill was on the golf course when he took ill, and was transmitted to Piedmont Hospital. After Hill was diagnosed with high blood pressure, he departed the hospital, but then was subsequently re-admitted when he experienced headaches. Sources close to the Hill family said that Hill was being treated for a stroke or aneurism. Hospital officials won't discuss his condition.

Michigan Thumps Tennessee; Harris Says His Team Quit

The Tennessee Volunteers entered the NCAA tournament with a cloud of uncertainty hanging over their program. The Michigan Wolverines entered the tournament with confidence, feeling they could play with anyone. On the court in today's meeting between the two teams Tennessee played listless and didn't do coach Bruce Pearl any favors and Michigan continued to play with the confidence they exhibited throughout the second half of the year.

Pearl who pretty much has one foot out the door for lying to NCAA investigators, wasn't given a vote of confidence by athletic director Mike Hamilton before the tournament. Hamilton stated in a radio interview that the "jury was still out" regarding Pearl's status. Not exactly the right thing to say before the tournament. If he tried to turn this into a Bo Schembechler moment, he failed miserably. You would think the players would come together and have a win one for the gipper moment. The Volunteers simply couldn't muster up that effort. It led to freshman forward Tobias Harris questioning his teammates' heart and saying they quit. Based on their performance he may not be too far off.

"We just didn't play with heart out there," Harris said. "Michigan came out and made shots and we just did a terrible job of trying to cover them. On the offensive end, we rushed too many shots. Basically, just quit."

Anyone who thinks Tennessee should get rid of Pearl, think about what the program was before he got to Knoxville. So be careful what you wish for.

As for Michigan, a date with long time nemesis Duke awaits. I don't expect them to win, but I do expect them to play with the confidence, grit, and heart they've played with all year. The Wolverines have shown they can play with the nation's elite. They were close losses, but with a few more breaks they could've won those games. I know horseshoes and hand grenades. I believe Michigan can make this game competitive and possibly throw a scare into the Blue Devils. If they play like they did today against Tennessee they could possibly pull what could be the tournament's biggest upset.

Stu Douglass is looking forward to the next round.

"It was a great rivalry, great history," Douglass said, "and it's a new day."