Tuesday, April 3, 2012

MSU's Derrick Nix suspended indefinitely following arrest

After Michigan State's season ending loss to Louisville in the Sweet Sixteen of the NCAA tournament, center Derrick Nix talked as if he was ready to take on a leadership role for the team next season. It would take some big shoes to fill Draymond Green's leadership void and Nix was willing to take the role. Nix had a lot of work to be done to be regarded as a leader and it's going to even harder for him after the recent turn of events.

Nix was arrested for possession of marijuana and operating a vehicle with the presence of drugs. He's now suspended indefinitely and even though he does have a small window to regain his spot on the team he has no margin for error.

East Lansing police pulled Nix over at Lake Lansing and Abbot roads. He was driving a red, 2011 Dodge. Nix must reappear at 54B court in 4-10 days for arraignment . Both charges are misdemeanors.

“Based on the information we have received, Derrick Nix has been suspended indefinitely from our basketball team, and his future with our program is uncertain,” Tom Izzo said in a released statement. “He made an irresponsible decision that has put his future with our program in serious jeopardy.”

Another question that could draw a red flag is where did he get the car from? I'm not saying there's any dirty dealings but that question always comes up.

Nix needs to get his house in order because the Spartans were counting on him to have a bigger role on the team.

LaGarrette Blount wouldn't be happy if Buccaneers chose Trent Richardson

The NFL Draft is coming up and there are plenty of mock drafts to go around. Mock drafts usually aren't the end all be all but sometimes they do come close to nailing who goes where.

A lot of mock drafts have the Tampa Bay Buccaneers selecting Alabama running back Trent Richardson. I think that would be a solid pick as he and LaGarrette Blount would form a pretty good backfield combo. One problem, Blount wants no part of a time share backfield. And he says that he wouldn't be too happy with the pick which might relegate him to being a goal line back.

"I would not like that pick," Blount said at Nike's unveiling of the new NFL uniforms in New York City. "I would definitely not be happy with that pick."

Blount believes he's a feature back and expressed that last season. When it was suggested that he take a Brandon Jacobs type role he scoffed at that notion.

"I don't want that role," Blount said. 

Blount should realize that he could extend his career with the addition of Richardson, he should also know that when a team drafts a player with the number five pick he's not going to sit on the bench. Why would he view Richardson as competition when it's clear that the Bucs could use another running back on the team that could help you win games. Maybe it's because Blount knows that he probably would lose the starting job if Richardson is drafted.

I have a personal bias against Blount as he stunk it up on my fantasy team last year. Step your game up.