Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Prince Fielder's mom has a book in the works

The tension in the Fielder family might get a little worse by the end of spring. Father and son already don't get along and now mother, Stacey August, is getting in the act. She has a book in the works and it could be out by next month.

The book will be title "Stealing Home On A Fielder's Choice" and is due to be available online and in stores this spring, maybe by next month.

August said the nine-chapter, 300-page, self-published book subtitled "A Revelation of a Ravished Rose," details the triumphs and adversity the Fielder family experienced throughout Cecil's professional baseball career and Prince's childhood before his rise to big league stardom.

August says the book won't be focused on the Prince-Cecil relationship although it will talk about how it changed over the years.

"I hope it gives other families a sense of hope that, at the end of the day, love may not conquer all, but it does cover all," August said. "It's a story of grace and mercy."

"It's a spiritual memoir that really talks about the core issues," she said. "It goes a little deeper for the underlying issues. It will address the situation that has happened to the two of them."

August says that both Cecil and Prince know about the book and don't have any problems with it. We'll have to see how long either of them will hold out on saying they don't like the book.

Jerry Tarkanian has a mild heart attack

The battle Jerry Tarkanian has now is bigger than any with the NCAA.

The former longtime UNLV basketball coach has been hospitalized by a mild heart attack.

"It was a mild heart attack," son Danny Tarkanian said. "He said he feels pretty good, but he was scared."

"He was very alert, and he sounded good. Hopefully he's going to be OK for a while," Danny Tarkanian said. "As a family, we feel pretty relieved at this point.

Tarkanian was one of the best college coaches of all time, however his long time battle with the NCAA overshadowed his sideline accomplishments. Here's to a timely recovery by Tark the Shark.

Cromartie doesn't want Tebow with the Jets

With Peyton Manning signing with the Denver Broncos, everyone figures Tim Tebow will be useless. So everyone is in a haste to trade Tebow. I wouldn't but I'll save that for later. The frontrunners in the Tebow derby are the New York Jets and Jacksonville Jaguars. I'm sure new offensive coordinator Tony Sparano could develop a package of plays for Tebow and the Jaguars probably could sell more tickets and jerseys.

There is one Jet that doesn't want Tebow with the Jets. The outspoken Antonio Cromartie. Cromartie says the Jets don't need Tebow and they should let him go elsewhere.

"We don't need Tebow," Cromartie wrote on his Twitter account. "We sell out every home game, let him go to Jacksonville, Tampa or Miami. Out wildcat offensve can (be) run by (Jeremy) Kerley or Joe McKnight. We straight."

At least Cromartie is showing support for other teammates. But he's not in the front office and they are the ones that call the shots. Also if I'm the Broncos I might be in no hurry to trade Tebow. I know he's not the greatest quarterback, but maybe, just maybe he could watch and learn under Manning and be a better player because of it. Also, what if Manning gets hurt because his neck isn't right? Then you're back to ground zero. Unless John Elway already has a plan for the draft and free agency for a backup.