Sunday, February 24, 2013

Howard says his poor conditioning led to losses

Dwight Howard hasn't been a big hit with the Los Angeles Lakers so far. The team has been in disarray for most of the year and hasn't clicked at all. The Lakers are in danger of missing the playoffs and Kobe Bryant isn't happy with the losing.

Being new in town, Howard has received his fair share of blame. Howard has now accepted some of the responsibility for the Lakers poor season. Howard told Ramona Shelbourne of that his lack of conditioning costs the Lakers some games this season.

"You've got to have energy and I want to bring that energy every night," Howard said in a revealing interview Saturday afternoon. "That's my job. They count on me to be that guy. I just know how much more effective I will be when I'm in better shape. And, unfortunately, it's cost us a lot of games."

"I knew that would be a process. The better shape I'm in, the more active I can be and the more I'm able to do on the floor," he said. "But it was a struggle at first because I just didn't have it in the tank, especially on defense."

That can't sit well with Braynt. He made a big deal out of Shaquille O'Neal delaying surgery on his toe and being out of shape when he came to camp.

It's true that Dwight has had back surgery and didn't have a full training camp/preseason to get ready but his poor attitude hasn't helped the team either.

As much as I liked the trade of Howard to the Lakers,I said he was too big of a goof to mesh well with Bryant who takes this game ultra serious.  

I'll give Howard some credit for taking some of the blame for the Lakers' woes and not pointing fingers elsewhere.

Collins says Bynum not close to playing

Philadelphia 76ers big man Andrew Bynum has been missing all season long. It's due to injury so it's not like he's been underachieving all season. Bynum says he plans on returning this season, but head coach Doug Collins says Bynum's not close to playing at all.

After Bynum practiced with the team Friday, Collins wasn't thrilled about the possibility of Bynum coming back and concluded that this has been a lost season.

"He looked like a guy who hadn't played in nine months," Collins said. "I don't think any bells and whistles should be sent off that he's close to playing."

"It's amazing seeing him standing out there; he distorted the whole practice," Collins said. "You get visions of what might've been ... He's said that he's going to play, but this season is slipping away. We've got 24 games after (this weekend). We're eight (games) under .500, and we've got to play the Miami Heat four times."

It almost sounds as if Collins is throwing in the towel for this season.

The Sixers are battling for the eighth spot in the eastern Conference but are in danger of missing the playoffs. It would've helped if they had a healthy Bynum all season. Even for half a season. But right now Bynum might be better served just sitting out the rest of this season and trying to come back strong next year.