Tuesday, January 10, 2012

UCLA Hires Former Jets Sideline Tripper

Former New York Jets assistant coach, Sal Alosi, is known best for his role in 'Tripgate'. Let me refresh you on the incident in case you forgot.

During a game against the Miami Dolphins in December 2010, Alosi intentionally tripped the Dolphins' Nolan Carroll while he was running down the Jets sideline on a special teams play. He also instructed inactive players to  make a wall along the sideline. That was his ultimate undoing. he was soon fired over the infraction.

Since then Alosi has been working as a personal trainer and probably waiting for another shot at a coaching job. That time has come for Alosi.

Alosi was hired to be UCLA's strength and conditioning coordinator. I suppsose he should be there for a while unless he pulls some of the chicanery that he did while with the Jets.        

Pouncey Gets Some Heat After Playoff Loss

A player who isn't playing in a game usually doesn't get any blame or make any news. Pittsburgh Steelers center Maurkice Pouncey manged to pull it off though. Pouncey didn't play in the Steelers' wild card playoff loss to the Denver Broncos Sunday, but managed to come under scrutiny for his remarks on Twitter.

Some fans took umbrage with Pouncey for promoting a rap song after the loss. Pouncey fired back with some unsavory tweets.

@stevegiglio season is over time 2 move on and get better!! What do u do for a living besides bothering me right now and reading my TL #lame

@scottalanlong dude u have 6 followers no one cares what u have to say!! Can u not see that!!

@stevegiglio I will idiot!! You enjoy your lame life!!

@Rick_D00Va why would I be mad I’m rich play for the steelers and have a awesome life!! Are u mad loser  

Of course there was an apology issued after that bit of madness.


I like to take the time to apologize for my action. its just hard to end like that an i couldn’t help my team fight. 

Pouncey should've thought about what he was doing before engaging in a war of words. His team lost so he shouldnt've been trying to promote records in the aftermath. Bad choice. You have the offseason for that.
Secondly, your dealing with Steeler fans. No disrespect to them, but you're going to lose that argument every time out. Their diehard, hardcore fans who have a deep love for the Steelers, so they felt that he was putting himself above the team.

Favre's Brother Gets Pardoned

The Favre family got a bit of good news, if you want to call it that. No, Brett's not coming back, at least to anyone's knowledge. His brother, Earnest Scott Favre, was pardoned from prison by outgoing Mississippi governor Haley Barbour.

State records released Tuesday show Earnest Scott Favre had his record cleared in the 1996 death of his best friend, Mark Haverty. Scott Favre was among dozens of people pardoned or given early release in Barbour’s final days in office. The Republican left office Tuesday, at the end of his second term.

Favre had driven in front of a train in Pass Christian while drunk. He pleaded guilty in 1997 and was sentenced to a year of house arrest followed by two years’ probation.

I don't know if any other prisoners happened to have any of Favre's good fortune, but I think someone was released because of his family name.


Mayweather Issues A Twitter Challenge To Pacquiao

The world has been waiting for a Floyd Mayweather/Manny Pacquiao showdown for a few years now. I still think it won't happen until I see both of them touching gloves in the ring. This is the fight boxing needs to gain interest that it's lost over the past decade. There are a number of reasons, but the main reason is the best fighters never fight each other.

Once again Floyd Mayweather has issued a challenge to Manny Pacquiao through Twitter. How else would he do it in today's day and age. It might be for show to see if Pacquiao will take the challenge.

This challenge would be more believable if he came on tv and threw down the gauntlet. Even though Mayweather's sentence was pushed back, is scheduled to fight on May 5, and needs an opponent I have a hard time seeing this fight happen.