Wednesday, August 14, 2013

Tom Izzo says he's 'ticked off' at Duke's success against Michigan State

Michigan State head basketball coach Tom Izzo coaches as if his life depends on it. The Spartans have made six Final Fours on his watch. He's firmly entrenched as the Spartans' head coach until he retires but that hasn't stopped him from having some kind of motivation for his team.

His latest factor for motivation. Michigan State's 1-7 record against Mike Krzyzewski and Duke.

At a coaching clinic Izzo mentioned that  Krzyzewski is the best coach he's ever coached against since the Blue Devils have the Spartans number. He also mentioned that it ticks him off to lose to the same guy so much.

Izzo let this be known during the Michigan Elite 25 coaching clinic Tuesday when he told event co-founder Tim McCormick and the rest of the crowd that Duke coach Mike Krzyzewski is the best coach he's faced head-to-head.

"Krzyzewski's probably still the guy because we're (1-7) against him, so anybody who beats us that much I've got to say is the best coach," Izzo said. "And it really ticks me off, to be honest with you. You know, that's what drives you a little bit, too."

Izzo also mentioned that he'd like to leave a lasting legacy at Michigan State.

Considering that Izzo has turned down two NBA jobs (Atlanta Hawks, Cleveland Cavaliers) I think his legacy is pretty secure. I would still like to see him capture at least two more national championships before we mention him with the all time greats.

The program has his stamp on it and when you think of Michigan State you think of a well coached, hard nosed team and Tom Izzo.