Saturday, August 6, 2011

Jered Weaver Drops His Appeal, Takes A Shot At Carlos Guillen

Los Angeles Angels Jered Weaver made news when he threw at Detroit Tigers catcher Alex Avila after Carlos Guillen blasted a home run off him and gave him the evil eye. After that little incident Weaver was suspended for six games. Of course Weaver filed an appeal which he decided to drop, coincidentally after his start Friday night. Isn't this how it always happens.

After dropping his appeal, Weaver took a shot at the Tigers' Guillen, the oft injured second baseman.

When Weaver was asked why he didn't wait to face Guillen next year -- the Angels have no games remaining against the Tigers this season -- Weaver said, "Who knows if I'm going to be able to face him again? Is he going to have a job next year?"

Is this guy a sore loser or what? I would hate to beat him in a poker game or Monopoly. He might shoot me. He should be careful what he says. Although it's a longshot, Guillen could wind up with the Angels next season.


Kurt Warner Lobbies For Randy Moss To Think About Arizona

No one really believes that Randy Moss is retired. It's like a myth or urban legend of sorts, like Elvis and Tupac still being alive, big foot, and the yeti. There was the Philadelphia Eagles rumor, which turned out to be all talk. Now there is some Moss talk going on in Arizona.

Over the past two offseasons the Arizona Cardinals have lost Anquan Boldin and Steve Breaston. Larry Fitzgerald did his most damage with those two working with him and Kurt Warner at the helm. It owuld seem ideal that the Cardinals would be open to trying to lure Moss to the desert since they do have a void at receiver. Nothing aginst whoever they have now, but I don't think Early Doucet has any DBs shaking in their cleats. I think it would also make Kevin Kolb's transition a pretty smooth one.

Speaking of Warner, in an interview with 620 KTAR’s Burns and Gambo, it sounds like Warner was openly lobbying for Moss to rethink his retirement and come to Arizona.

“I don’t think there’s any question he could help,” Warner said. “I still think there’s something in the tank for Randy. . . . He has a great relationship with Larry Fitzgerald. That could be a huge plus coming to this organization.

“I think a deep threat is something that they need. They need somebody that can stretch the field. As good as Larry is, that’s not the player that he is.”

True indeed, he could help the Cardinals, and they do need someone who can go deep. Problem is there isn't much help on the market. If I were sitting in their front office I'd make Moss an offer he couldn't refuse. I don't know if he'd take it but it's worth a try.

Personally I think Moss is a long way from being done. I just think he's waiting for the New England Patriots to call him and see if he wants to come back there.