Thursday, June 30, 2011

Captain Jack Says The Bobcats Shut Him Down

The biggest deal of the NBA offseason so far has been the draft day deal that sent Stephen Jackson  from Charlotte to Milwaukee. That nay be the biggest for a while since the NBA will be heading for a lockout.

The question I asked myself when this trade was made was, why does Jackson keep getting traded to these middling teams? Nothing against the Bucks, but they aren't going to win a title or contend for one anytime soon.  

Jackson doesn't seem fazed by getting traded to Milwaukee. He says he's surprised by the city and had some words, not hateful, for the Bobcats.

"The only perception that I've had from other teams is coming to a boring city," Jackson said. "That's what they always say. But since I've been here, the weather's been great. I didn't expect the weather to be so great. When I come, there's snow everywhere."

I have a friend who visited Milwaukee and he said it wasn't that bad, so Jackson may want to explore what they have to offer.

As far as the trade, I feel the Bobcats could've gotten more for Jackson. But he's not bitter or holding any grudges. He just feels that they could've made a playoff push last season, but they decided to shut him down and go in a different direction.

"I didn't want to be on a team where they're going younger and they want to win three years from now," Jackson said. "I'll be at the end of my career. So winning now is important to me, and this is a great place to win now."

"The last 10 games, I could have played," Jackson said. "But they shut me down. The team shut me down. So I kind of assumed they didn't want to make the playoffs."

I do like Jackson as a player, but he's not a difference maker. He seems supremely confident in his abilities, which is the confidence you need to play in the NBA. He feels that he can be the player that can make the Bucks a contender in the Eastern Conference.

"I know what I can bring to this team, and I know what it takes to get to the playoffs," Jackson said.

"For us to win, we have to be all on the same page," Jackson said. "And I'm pretty sure that coach is going to give me the room to police all that. If guys don't want to play, you need to let us know that, because you're not going to be a part of us. And I'm going to make that known."

The Bucks could be scary if they're healthy, I'll say that much. But the unknown dynamic is whether Jackson and coach Scott Skiles will be able to get along. 



Saturday, June 25, 2011

Donovan McNabb Isn't Too Fond Of Twitter

I thought I was the only one that is anti-Twitter. I actually don't mind it, it's just that I really don't care to hear about every detail of someone else's life. I also feel that it gets athletes and entertainers in trouble. When they say something that's on their mind they often speak before they speak.

Apparently current (at the moment) Washington Redskins quarterback Donovan McNabb thinks along the same lines as myself. I'm not trying to give myself or McNabb any credit, but I just find it strange that we have the same feelings about Twitter.

McNabb feels that athletes shouldn't use it. In an interview on ESPN 1000's Waddle & Silvy, McNabb let his feelings be known about athletes and Twitter.

“First of all I’m not a fan of Twitter,” McNabb said, via a transcript provided to PFT by ESPN 1000. “Nothing against their program or what they have, but as an athlete I think you need to get off of Twitter. All these social networks of you tweeting about you watching a game when you wanna be playing in it but you’re mad you’re not playing in it, so you’re gonna criticize someone that’s playing in it. I don’t believe that that’s the right deal. That’s not professional by any means and, you know, we’re all in a fraternity, so if you see a guy who’s struggling, this isn’t the time to jump on him or kick him while he’s down, you know, because that same guy will come against you and kinda blast your team out the water. So I think for an athlete to be Twittering is the wrong move, it’s one that [athletes should] leave to the fans and let them comment on certain things, but athletes need to get off Twitter.”

I agree with McNabb to a certain extent. Some of the Twittering actually is entertaining, like the tweets done by the Cincinnati Reds' Brandon Phillips, Shaq, or Chad Ochocinco. But a lot of it is unnecessary, excessive, and makes them backtrack on a lot of things they said.    


Louisville CB Ashley Suspended Indefinitely

Louisville junior cornerback Darius Ashley recently received his second DUI in six months  and usually that spells doom for a student-athlete. You know how it goes, player committs crime or in this case gets a second DUI and gets kicked off the team and is left trying to find a school and convincing the adminstrationn that he's worth the risk.

Louisville coach Charlie Strong is taking a different stance with Ashley. Instead of giving Ashley the boot, he's suspending him indefinitely. This doen't mean that Strong will let him back on the football field. Instead Strong sees this is a bigger issue. The issue of fighting alcohiolism and trying to get Ashley's life back in order.

“He may not ever run down that field and make another tackle; he may not make another interception on this football field,” Strong said at a Friday news conference. “But our major concern right now is to help him tackle what he is fighting right now, and that's the issue of alcoholism.”

“Any time you talk about do you dismiss a young man,” Strong said, “when you see what has happened, two within seven months, you dismiss him from the team — What does he become? Just another statistic in society? So what did we accomplish and how did we help him? You have to help people. Here’s a young man who has never been an issue on our team until those two issues that he had, which are two serious issues, but he’s a young man, he went to class, never had a class issue with him, did all the right things. … We have to help young people.”

I won't agree or disagree with what Strong is doing here. I do think what he's doing is pretty noble. He doesn't want to leave the young man on an island and take away his support system which is the sport of football and the football team. On the other side is that Ashley did this to himself. He knew what he was doing when he went and got loaded and decided he was going to drive home or wherever he was going.

All in all let's hope Strong can turn this negative into a positive and Ashely can beat his alcoholioc demons.

Romar Unlikely To Leave Washington

When the Minnesota Timberwolves fired Kurt Rambis one of the names floated out there to be the new coach was the University of Washington's Lorenzo Romar.

However Romar has no plans on leaving Seattle anytime soon and it sounds like he has no desire to coach in the NBA in the foreseeable future. In an interview in the Seattle Times, Romar sounds comfortable in his current position and knows he has it good where he's at.

"No. 1 I went to school and played here. I've been pulling for this university and the athletics here and the basketball program for over 30 years. I'm invested in this program. I've always been a fan of the Pac-8, the Pac-10 and now what will be the Pac-12. I love Seattle. My wife loves Seattle and it's a place that when we first got here even though some were very skeptical, I thought it was a place where we could be successful. To take a place where you attended, played and went to school and to take that program potentially to great heights is a great, great fun challenge."

"I did play in the NBA so that mystique of what it would be like up there doesn't exist. I know things have changed. It was a long time ago that I played. ... Even though it was eons ago, I still played and saw a little bit of what it was like up there. I'm still fairly close to it because you have your own players on NBA teams. There's guys that I played with that are coaching or in management so I still have an idea of what's going on. So I don't have that itch to go do that."

Sounds like someone that has a lot of pride in their alma mater and loves the area. He knows the grass isn't greener on the other side, especially in this case. Only a fool would take the timberwolves job and that fool will be named in the next few months. As long as David Kahn is running things up there in Minnesota things aren't going to get a whole lot better and they'll be going through a a bushel of coaches if the win-loss record doesn't improve.  

Wednesday, June 22, 2011

The Army Needs New Trophies

When I saw the picture of this trophy, my inner juvenile humor kicked in.

It's the third place trophy for the 2010 Army National Guard Combatives Championships. This is just wrong from all angles. It's funny and highly suggestive at the same time. Only if you have the humor of an 8th grader.

Timberwolves Fire Kurt Rambis

In what was a no-brainer to most, the Minnesota Timberwolves fired Kurt Rambis according to a report by Yahoo! Sports Adrian Wojnarowski.  

Timberwolves general manager David Kahn won't announce the decision until after the draft. Kahn had been uncommitted to Rambis after the season leading to speculation whether he was going to come back. Rambis was 32-132 in his two years as head coach. He left Rambis twisting in the wind, holding draft workouts and probably knew he was going to 86 him anyway.

Minnesota Timberwolves general manager David Kahn has decided to fire coach Kurt Rambis, league sources told Yahoo! Sports.

Kahn isn’t expected to announce the decision until after Thursday’s NBA draft, but he’s already begun collecting information on prospective replacements for Rambis, sources said…

Rambis has two years left on his original four-year contract. With the Timberwolves in the midst of a major rebuilding project, he went 32-132 as their coach, including a league-worst 17-65 this season.

Kahn told reporters he’d made the unusual request of asking Rambis to file a written report to him on changes Rambis would make if he returned as coach. He also said Rambis won’t attend the Timberwolves’ draft on Thursday night.

Kahn had wanted Rambis to become a better communicator with players. He also wanted him to design an offense away from the triangle and toward the open-court talents of rookie point guard Ricky Rubio. Rambis’ relationship with key young players, especially Kevin Love, had been frayed, at best.

I know anyone who has ever coached has wanted to be at the helm of their own operation, but Rambis had to know what he was getting into when he signed up for this. I'm not saying this is all his fault because Kahn has proven to be inept as a general manager. Rambis should've bolted out the door when he drafted the "point guards of the future" in one draft. The triangle wasn't going to work in Minnesota. You have to have special and disciplined players for that offense. It's not for everyone. Rambis didn't get a fair shake, but this marriage was doomed to fail.

Steelers Lobbying For Burress

A long shot for Plaxico Burress' services might be the Pittsburgh Steelers. It might be highly unlikely but it seems that there have been some unnamed coaches lobbying for Burress' return to the Steel City. Of course they don't have final say on personnel nor do they cut the checks around there so wo knows if the Steelers front office will take a chance on Plax after the lockout.

In addition to the unnamed coaches that would like to have Plax back, Hines Ward would like him back as well and quarterback Ben Roethlisberger stopped short of saying he wants Plax at his youth football camp. 

"I've talked to Plax a number of times in the last couple of weeks," Roethlisberger said. "I told him, 'Hey, if you came back here that would be awesome, but I'm just happy to see you playing again' because he's a good guy."

Keep in mind that Big Ben and Plax were neighbors when they were teammates.

If the Steelers do happen to add Burresss that would likely mean the end of Antwan Randle-El. It would also cut down the playing time for promising youngsters Antonio Brown and Emmanuel Sanders.

Sunday, June 19, 2011

Vince Carter To Get Bought Out In Phoenix?

A blurb by the Arizona Republic's Paul Coro says that the Phoenix Suns are expected to buy out Vince Carter's contract  instead of trying to seek a trade for the veteran swingman. The buyout is would be around $4 million.

That would be a smart move by the Suns as Carter isn't even a shell of the high-flying showman he once was. To me he hasn't been the same since almost leading the Toronto Raptors to the Eastren Conference finlas. It would be hard for Phoenix to find a trade partner for Carter since his value has went down the toilet and couldn't be a consistent producer for the run and gun Suns and couldn't run the pick and roll in Orlando with Dwight Howard.

I do believe there will be suitors for Carter if he is bought out. Maybe a contender that could use some scoring off the bench (hello Chicago) would be a good fit for him as long as he doesn't still fashion himself as a starter. The last contending team he played for (Orlando) he disappeared in the playoffs.

I look for him to stay in the league on reputation alone and some team will hope that they can catch lightning in a bottle.     

Saturday, June 18, 2011

Report Says Warriors Offered Monta Ellis For Dwight Howard

According to a report/tweet from Jonathan Givony from DraftExpress the Golden State Warriors mad a play for the Orlando Magic's Dwight Howard, offereing up Monta Ellis, Ekpe Udoh, and Andris Biendris. A pretty good package but not one that's going to land Howard.

If this is indeed true, teams thinking about lining up to trade for the big man will have to give up plenty in order to land him. So Laker fans don't get too enthusiastic about the big guy coming to Los Angeles.

Also, if the Warriors weren't going to trade Ellis, why were they alledgedly offering him in a package. it looks like Golden State is still intent on unloading Ellis no matter what their front office is saying.   

It's Time For Full Blown Rebuilding In Pistonland

Now thats it's been a few weeks since "Beverly Hills Billy", Tom Gores has taken over control of the Detroit Pistons , it's time for Joe Dumars and company to get down to business in rebuilding this team. Gores taking over was step one in trying to get the Pistons back to the upper echelon of the Eastern Conference. The second step was firing coach John Kuester.

Kuester wasn't a bad guy or a bad coach, he just wasn't a good fit with this edition of Pistons. He inherited a losing situation and the veterans on the team (namely 2004 holdovers) weren't showing Kuester any respect.

Now they have to make a good hire at the coaching position. At this point they have listed Lawrence Frank, Kelvin Sampson, Mike Woodson, and Dwane Casey as favorites, even though Casey might be scratched off the list. Personally, I would like to see Woodson or Frank get the job, but that's not my decision to make. I say that because those are the only proven commodities I really know. If they hire an unproven coach they'll have to unload some veterans that aren't cut out for rebuilding. Dumars has shown impatience with coaches so he must be dead on with this hire. Which leads to this.

Get rid of the 2004 holdovers. It's over, gone and done with. It's time to get rid of Richard Hamilton and Tayshaun Prince and the only reason I would let Ben Wallace come back is to be a mentor to the younger players. Prince is a free agent so I would let him walk. Unless I knew I could get something for him then I would do a sign and trade and Dumars is so loyal to Prince that he wants him back. I dont know what you can get for Hamilton at this point. He has a bad contract and is on the wrong side of 30 so you won't get much for him. Maybe Dumars can get the handgun and panty hose and pull off another robbery in trade. Probably won't happen, so Piston fans don't start those dream trade scenarios. It's not gonna happen.  

Draft a point guard. If the Pistons could be lucky enough to have Kemba Walker fall into their laps, take him. I don't think that'll happen, but they do need a floor general. The Pistons don't have a point guard and I'm tired of seeing Rodney Stuckey masquerade as one and Will Bynum come off the bench as a welfare version of Jason Terry. They likely won't find one in this draft since Kyrie Irving, Brandon Knight, and Walker will be off the board when it's their turn at pick number eight. If that is indeed the case go big. There's been talk of one of the Eurobigs ( Jan Vesely, Bismack Biyombo, or Jonas Valanciunas). All are boom or bust picks but you never know. Biyombo would give you defense and rebounding, something non existent with the current roster. Vesely looks to be the most proven and Valanciunas may have the most upside. If they go there I would also take Purdue's JaJuan Johnson in the second round if he's still on the board. Johnson does need to bulk up, but he played in the rugged Big Ten which scores points with me. Oakland's Keith Benson, Georgia's Trey Thompkins, and Jeremy Tyler could all be possibilities since the Pistons have two picks in the second round.

No more forays into free agency. The last free agent signings produced Charlie Villanueva and Ben Gordon. I still like the Gordon signing as I think he wasn't used properly and had a few injury problems. Villanueva on the other hand, I still don't like it. He's allergic to defense and rebounding. And that's why I named all the possibilties in the second round of next week's draft. If Charlie V. continues on like this, he'll find himself chained to the bench. The best hope for him is that he shows enough to be traded. This is far fetched but I'd call Golden State to see if they would take him for Andris Biendris. Won't happen, but one can dream can't they.                

Gores has said that Dumars has three years to right the ship, so this year's draft and coaching choice will be critical in seeing that the ball gets rolling in a positive direction.

Pennington To Recharge Himself

After his latest injury, a self inflicted injury playing pickup basketball, NFL quarterback Chad Pennington will be taking time off to work for Fox Sports.  Pennington will work with Fox's Sam Rosen as an NFL analyst, provided the the players and owners can come to an agreement to save the season.

Pennington last played for the Miami Dolphins and was rehabbing a shoulder injury that cost him last season. While he should've been taking time off and dedicating it to rehab, Pennington tore his ACL playing pickup basketball. I'm not calling the guy brittle but he's only played two full season's since coming into the league, 2006 and 2008. So this is a good decision to take the time off and re-evaluate himself.

"I'm actually going to take this year off, get healthy and do some work for Fox Sports," said Pennington, the NFL's only two-time Comeback Player of the Year.

"I'm going to evaluate things and see where I am physically."

No one knows if Pennington will attempt a comeback, but if he does I think he'll make a good mentor to a young quarterback.

Friday, June 17, 2011

Biyombo Has High Hopes

I don't know a lot about Bismack Biyombo. I do know that he's from the Congo, he's an NBA draft prospect that will get drafted in the first round, he's played less than a full 2010-11 season in Spain's ACB, regarded by many as the second-best league in the world, and he's not lacking for confidence.

I don't scoff at anyone that is confident in their abilities. It's just that when you're going to wind up playing against the best basketball players in the world and have nothing on your resume' except a few showings except America's top high schoolers and playing in Spain. But if you don't have confidence in yourself, who will.

In an interview with's Scott Howard-Cooper, Biyombo believes he can lead the NBA in blocks and rebounds.   

“In the NBA, I’m sure that I can block a lot of shots, more than I do in the ACB. I can get a lot of rebounds than I do here in the ACB. Why? The reason is, in the NBA there is a lot of one-on-one. A lot of times I watch games, they’re trying to force stuff. They’re trying to go just one-on-one and get the basket. I can say for myself the best block shots are not with your man. It’s when you’re going to help someone.”

So, do you believe you will lead the NBA in blocks?

“I do.”

Will you lead the NBA in blocks?


Can you lead the NBA in rebounding?

“Yes, I will.”

You will lead the NBA in rebounding?

“Yes. Of course. Hundred percent.”

Some mighty blod words for someone that hasn't played an NBA game and doesn't have a strong body of work. From what I hear he is offensively challenged, but is a strong defender and rebounder. If he can be a good role player and parlay  some of those rebounds into some easy buckets he might live up to his lofty standards.   

Thursday, June 16, 2011

Arnoux Reclaims Stolen Ring

During Memorial Day weekend New Orleans Saints linebacker Stanley Arnoux lost his Super Bowl ring in Miami in what had to be one of the dumbest things ever done, since he he left it in the console of his car. It wasn't really lost, it was stolen. The story now has a happy ending. 

The thief has been caught and Arnoux has his ring back. A South Florida hotel worker is a suspect in the case.

On Memorial Day, a customer reportedly walked into Kendale Jewelry, a pawn shop on Southwest 72nd Street and 152nd Avenue in Southwest Miami-Dade, with the championship ring. "It was a very distinctive ring. I was actually very surprised that he was selling the ring instead of pawning it," said Alberto Iturrey of Kendale Jewelry.

The ring was from the 2008 NFL season, when the New Orleans Saints defeated the Indianapolis Colts and won the Super Bowl championship title. Arnoux's ring is valued at over $30,000. However, Iturrey only offered $1,200 to the customer who brought the ring to the pawn shop, since the ring's gold was worth that amount. Iturrey said, "A couple days later, he came back to the store and he asked what we were going to do with the ring. I found that odd. I found that very odd."

Iturrey called police and investigators determined Gil Ulloa, a valet manger at the Fontainebleau Hotel on Miami Beach, stole the Super Bowl ring. During Memorial Day weekend, Arnoux attended a party at the Fontainebleau. Miami-Dade Police Detective Javier Baez said, "He ransacked the vehicle, opened up the glove box, stole $200 as well as the Super Bowl ring."

Iturrey said he had to contact Arnoux via Twitter to give him his ring back.

"His eyes watered when I gave him back the ring," said Iturrey. "He told me, his exact words were, "'Man, I feel like I am receiving it again for the first time.'"

Ulloa has been charged with grand theft and dealing in stolen property. He has been released on $20,000 bond.

It's kind of heartwarming that Arnoux was able to get his ring back. Super Bowl rings are hard to come by and I bet he'll keep his in a safe deposit box for now on. A dumb mistake compounded by a dumb crime makes a happy ending. In a strange way two wrongs do make a right. 

Wednesday, June 15, 2011

University Of Detroit To Name Court After Dick Vitale

Dick Vitale is known so much for his candor during college basketball games on ESPN it's hard to remember that he was actually a coach before going into broadcasting. 
The University of Detroit remembered and are now naming their court at Calihan Hall after him.

Vitale coached at Detroit from 1973-1977 and also served as the athletic director before taking the coaching reins of the Detroit Pistons. Those were the Titans' glory years as Vitale has the highest winning percentage (78-30,.722) at Uof D. He led them to the NCAA tournament back when it was much harder to get in. Back then he had the likes of NBA standouts John Long, Terry Duerod, Terry Tyler, and Earl Cureton.

The court will be dedicated during Detroit's home game against St. John's on ESPN2 on December 5, 2011, which also will be his 32nd year calling college games for ESPN and the date of his first broacast (Wisconsin vs. DePaul).

The ever enthusiastic Vitale was grateful for the honor.

"When (athletic director) Keri (Gaither) called me and told me they were going to name the court after me at Calihan Hall, I was absolutely taken," Vitale said. "I can't tell you how much this means to me. It should be a special, special moment. It will probably move me to tears. To all the people that made this happen, you're awesome, baby!"

Congratulations Dick! Hopefully you won't be at a loss for words during the ceremony.


NFL Players Deny Involvement With XXX Event

When it comes to events of the "extracurricular" variety, sports figures always seem to get involved. No matter if it's at a strip club or a rapper's ball, they'll be there. The players always talk about it and take scores of pictures. Remember that's what got Marvin Austin and company suspended from North Carolina.   

All that leads to this. A handful of NFL players have denied involvement with an event after their names and images were used to advertise it. The event they claim to have no involvement with: Exxxotica Expo.

Now I don't know if this violates any rule in the NFL code of conduct but I'm sure team officials from the repective teams the players will be playing for aren't too happy about it. One of the players, Chicago Bears safety Major Wright   is the most identifiable player in the ad and was very upset with what went down.

"I authorized my name and likeness to be used in conjunction with other NFL players at a party which (was) to be hosted by other NFL players," he said in a statement. "I had no knowledge and never would have given authority for my name or likeness to be associated with Erotica Expo 2011. I am deeply disappointed that my name and likeness was manipulated by the promoters of this event. The use of my picture in a Chicago Bear uniform was never discussed or approved.

"It is unfortunate that this incident has occurred and I would like to let the Bears organization, our fans, my teammates, family and friends know that I am truly sorry. I have learned a valuable lesson and will use more prudent judgment with people I associate myself with in the future."

The next Exxxotica Expo opens in Rosemont, Ill., July 8, and Wright said on Twitter he is not promoting that event.

"FYI... I have NOTHING to do with the Exotic Expo @ the Rosemont!" Wright tweeted.

Wright, along with Corey Liuget (San Diego Chargers), Brandon Flowers and Eric Berry (Kansas City Chiefs), Jacoby Ford (Oakland Raiders), Kareem Jackson (Houston Texans) and Daniel Thomas (Miami Dolphins) were also shown on the ad in their team uniforms. Liuget and Thomas are both rookies.

Every player said they didn't know what that their names and likenesses would be invloved with advertising the Exxxotica Expo.

Jackson released a statement apologizing for not being aware for what he was signing up for.

“I wanted to clarify an event that took place on May 20th at Club Play in Florida. I authorized my name to be used at that club with the understanding that it was going to be a party hosted by NFL Players. It was never explained to me or did I ever authorize my name or likeness to be associated with Exxxotica Expo 2011. I am appalled that my name and likeness were used in that capacity. In addition, I never authorized the use of my likeness or picture in my NFL uniform. I apologize to the Houston Texans, their fans and family if I caused any embarrassment. I am sincerely sorry.”

If you check a Brandon Flowers tweet  (click here) it tells a different story.

I think the aforementioned planned to attend but when their images were used in an ad they wanted to sever any ties with the event whatsoever.

Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Reviving A Rivalry

Penn State and Pittsburgh are finally going to revive a series that was last played in 2000.

It's about time. New Pittsburgh head coach Todd Graham had said that he wanted to get the series rolling again about a month ago. Both schools announced on Tuesday that the Pitt-Penn State rivalry will be restarted with a two-game series in 2016 and 2017. The series will be a home-and-home, with the 2016 game played at Heinz Field in Pittsburgh and the 2017 game at Beaver Stadium in State College.

All parties involved seem to be express their excitement about the revival except for Penn State coach Joe Paterno. He had no statement on it as of press time, but Pittsburgh athletic director Steve Pederson believes Joe Pa signed off on the series. Keep in mind that Paterno has been thought of as the force that kept the rivalry dead since 2000.

“I know that, like Coach Graham, Coach Paterno was supportive of this, so it was good on all fronts,” Pederson said. “The first person I talked to about this was Coach Graham, and he was raring to go. And obviously they did the same thing on their end.

“This is big institutionally. You have these two great universities in this state, such an important part of the fabric of the state institutionally, and then you have the athletic component of this, and I think it’s probably a feel-good for everybody in the state of Pennsylvania.”

We'll never know, but it's good to see this rivalry get some new life.

The FBI Wants To Review The Tape

Former cycling teammates Lance Armstrong and Tyler Hamilton have a strained relationship to say the least. We're no talking about Barry Bonds and Greg Anderson here.

I'll make the summary short but brief. Armstrong and Hamilton were teammates when Armstrong was winning multiple Tour de France events. Armstrong has been under suspicion for taking performance enhancing drugs. Armstrong has denied the claims through and through.

Recently Hamilton went on 60 Minutes to tell the world that his former teammate Armstrong had been doping it up. Of course Armstrong didn't take to kindly to that and when the two had a "chance" encounter at a Colorado bistro things got interesting.

Hamilton and Armstrong had a run in and now the FBI wants to review the tape of the incident.

Hamilton attorney Chris Manderson said his client was rattled by some of Armstrong’s comments. “It was aggressive and intimidating and we thought it should be reported to federal investigators,” Manderson told The Associated Press.

"Lance Armstrong is a possible defendant in an investigation that's been widely reported, and Tyler is a probable witness," Manderson said. "When there's any contact, especially aggressive contact, we as lawyers have a duty to inform the authorities. ... What they will do with it, I don't know."

Armstrong and one of his attorneys said the encounter was uneventful. I guess it depends on who you ask. Right now the FBI is in the review booth with one of the agents under the hood.

Monday, June 13, 2011

Oregon's Cliff Harris In The Fast And The Furious

Here's another story involving an Oregon Ducks football player.

Star cornerback Cliff Harris was clocked going 118 mph in a 65 mph zone with a suspended license by Oregon State Police. Harris, who was driving a rented 2011 Nissan Altima, was cited for driving while suspended and exceeding the speed limit in excess of 100 mph. Two other teammates were in the car with Harris but weren't cited for anything.

Harris, who will be a junior next season, was spotted at 4:32 a.m. by an off-duty officer, who contacted a trooper patrolling the area, according to a statement from the OSP.

Harris wasn't drunk and no one was hurt. That was the best news that came out of this story.

Oregon needs to be careful before the NCAA starts sniffing around wondering where players are getting rentals cars from. Of course coach Chip Kelly is disappointed.

"We are obviously very disappointed in the lack of judgment exercised by Cliff and feel it's unacceptable," Oregon head football coach Chip Kelly said in a statement issued Monday afternoon. "I've said from the beginning that it should be a privilege to play football at the University of Oregon. With that said, individuals must bear the responsibilities for their own behavior. Once we have finished collecting all the information in this situation, we will determine the appropriate action."

If the Ducks aren't careful Kelly will have more disappointment than speeding tickets.



Dallas Mavericks Are Honorary Ohioans

It seems everyone is jumping on the Dallas Mavericks bandwagon. I know the supposed superteam Miami Heat were the villains and all but the bandwagon is usually reserved for fans and not government officials.

Ohio Governor, John Kasich, has declared the Dallas Mavericks honorary Ohioans after their NBA Finals win over the Heat. It's complete with a document with a state seal.

I guees this soothes the natives in Ohio since they do seem to be a snakebitten state when it comes to sports.


A Wild Ejection

Norfolk Tides manager Gary Allenson doesn't go ballistic, but an umps call does drive him up a wall, literally.

It was over a controversial ground rule double call where the ball has to clear the fence and not the wall. If the ball clears the wall and lands short of the fence it's a ground rule double and not a home run.

No one could really tell and the ump gave a lame excuse that the ball was dry so that it's not a home run. That made Allenson go Spiderman and go over the fence that led to his ejection.

Kerr: "LeBron Is More Pippen Than Jordan"

When the Miami Heat vanquished the Chcago Bulls to get to the NBA Finals, Scottie Pippen came out and said that LeBron James would be a greater player than Michael Jordan. It was blasphemous to say the least.

Now that Miami has been whacked by the Dallas Mavericks in the Finals, LeBron's shortcomings as a player have been exposed, magnified, and picked apart. Former Suns GM and current TNT analyst Steve Kerr did that and then some. In the process he told Pippen that his assessment was dead wrong.

"The irony to me is that LeBron is not Michael. LeBron is actually Scottie," former Bull and current television analyst Steve Kerr said Monday on "The Waddle & Silvy Show" on ESPN 1000. "He's so similar to Scottie in that defensively he was just a monster, could guard anybody, really more of a point forward than scoring guard. Scottie always loved to distribute the ball. That's really where LeBron's preference is.

"Phil Jackson used to call Scottie a 'sometimes shooter.' Sometimes they would go in, sometimes they wouldn't. That's how it is with LeBron. He's a great talent and a great player but you can see his flaws as a basketball player. He doesn't have an offensive game that he can rely on: no low-post game, no mid-range jump shot so when the game really gets tough he has a hard time finding easy baskets and getting himself going. That's what Michael did in his sleep so that's why the comparison is wrong."

I would say just wait and see until his career plays out. I hate it when we start saying that a player is this and that. How about he reminds me of him. That would be a lot better.

I do agree with Kerr's point that James does need to work a little more on his game. Most notably his jump shot.

"Michael had three years at North Carolina with Dean Smith. That makes a big difference," Kerr said. "I think he was brought up at a time when there was probably better development at a young age in terms of coaching. I think LeBron is a product of the AAU system where you rely on your athleticism, you go and play 100 games a year but maybe you don't focus on your weaknesses and what you need to lock in on.

"As a result, fundamentally and technically LeBron has some flaws. He has to address those. If I were him I would spend all summer down on the low block shooting jump hooks and turnaround jump shots -- the entire summer."

College doesn't neccessarily benefit everyone, but it could've made James more media savvy than what he is.



Sunday, June 12, 2011

Ray Edwards Has His Next Fight Canceled

Minnesota Vikings defensive end Ray Edwards' boxing career might be brief. His next fight that was set for June 24 against Larry Butler was canceled because Butler backed out for reasons unknown. He might have gotten a peek of Edwards' last fight and changed his mind.

Edwards and Butler both won their respective first pro fights on May 20. Edwards is now trying to line up a fight in late July or early August, but that might not matter if the NFL lockout comes to an end. That's only if he signs somewhere or returns to Minnesota.

Edwards says that he doesn't want to return to Minnesota, unless he gets a nice deal because money talks. He currently gets less than his backup (Brian Robison).

Quote Of The Week: Ron Artest

Everyone knows that Ron Artest says and does some crazy things. He's done it again recently when he was kind of praising new Los Angeles Lakers coach Mike Brown.

“I think it’s good,” Artest said. “Mike Brown is a guy who got LeBron and the Cleveland Cavaliers to the championship with just LeBron and a bunch of old ladies in canes. I don’t know how he did that, I don’t know how he did that, but he’s a great coach — I played for him in Indiana. He was a great defensive mind. Rick Carlisle did all of the offense, and Mike Brown did all of the defense.”

Ouch! I know the Cavs were limited around LeBron but damn. That's worse than what ESPN's Doug Gottlieb labeled Michigan State before the NCAA Tournament, when he called the Spartans "Kalin Lucas and those other dudes". At least they got the distinction of being called dudes.

 (Thanks, Larry Brown Sports)

Saturday, June 11, 2011

Bonzi Wells Trying For A Comeback

The New York Knicks have a void at shooting guard that needs to be filled. Right now it looks like they're grasping for straws. The Knicks had a two day free agent tryout camp that ended yesterday which drew 17 players that auditioned for a possible spot with the NBA team.

One player that seemed to stand out was former Portland Trailblazers guard Bonzi Wells. Yes that Bonzi Wells that was forgotten by many since the New Orleans Hornets cut him back in 2008. Personally, I thought he just stopped playing since then. Well he did "retire" in 2009 after playing in China and Spain. The former Ball State standout was back home in Muncie, Indiana before the playing bug bit him in the rear.

"I had a great camp," said Wells, a former Ball State standout and Central graduate. "I'm a 34-year-old guy and I got up and down the court excellent. I shot the ball great. I played pretty good defense. I did the best I could to keep those little 20-year-old guys in front of me."

Wells has been coaching AAU and I guess staying in shape. The Knicks are considering bring in Wells for a tryout. Signing him may be a different story. There is a possible lockout looming ahead so that might derail Wells' comeback. Either that or thoughts about his perceived attitude problems in the past. Wells is trying to change people's minds about those thoughts.

"With the interview process, they kind of ask you what you've been doing," Wells said. "I just told them, 'I've been playing with the local Y for the last couple years and I've been coaching AAU, so that's been my life the last couple years.' I just stayed straight forward and was very honest. Hopefully they understood my sincerity.

"(D'Antoni) said, 'I remember how young you were, and I thought you were a good guy. You were just in a bad situation, and I'm glad you're at this point in your life.' It makes you feel good when guys understand, because they've been 23 or 24 before. They know what it's like to grow up and they see my maturity."

 Good luck on this venture Bonzi.


Can You Really Go Home Again?

Could ex-West Virginia coach Rich Rodriguez come back home and lead the Mountaineers back to the brink of national prominence? Maybe. It would be strange, controversial, and there would have to be a lot of ass kissing and tears shed (by Rich Rod) for that to happen. It could be what West Virginia needs after the Bill Stewart era and smear campaign.

Don't get me wrong, I'm not saying kiss and makeup and everything will be alright in Morgantown. If he were to come back they might need the national guard to clam down the angry mob that probably is still angry from the mention of his name. But just listen to why this could work.

First there is the Dana Holgorsen situation. The first sign of trouble he incurs off the field and he'll be gone. Granted, he was a hot name for coaching jobs and highly sought after as a coordinator. So yes West Virginia has the man that waas going to take over for Stewart after this year anyway. Now if Holgorsen is successful he's gone. He has no loyalty to the program or the state of West Virginia. I know loyalty is a dirty word in the business of sports because there isn't any, but do you really think he's going to want to stay there if he starts to win big. That answer is no. He'll be out the door pretty fast. You ask me why. Because in my opinion West Virginia is a stepping stone for Holgorsen. He won't say it personally, but to me he seems like the type that will bolt as soon as something better comes up. And probably will trash you guys on the way out the door.

Another thing is who wants to stay in West Virginia? I'm not trying to be funny or rip the state in general. It just doesn't seem like a destination except for a select few, like Don Nehlen or Rich Rodriguez. Rodriguez is a hometown guy and would love to go back. He admitted it was a mistake to leave and go to Michigan. Also remember he did come back after leaving for Alabama briefly. Yes he did have an eye on a bigger job, but deep down he probably wanted to stay and there were probably some problems that I or the public don't know about which may have led him to go to Michigan. When he was in Morgantown, Rodriguez was West Virginia. He loved the state and they loved him back. Until he left for Michigan.

Lastly, he was the most successful coach in Mountaineer history. The Mountaineers were always a team that won between 7 and 9 games with a surprise undefeated run mixed in. Rodriguez brought them to a brink of a national championship and smoked Georgia and Oklahoma in BCS games. True, Stewart coached them in the Fiesta Bowl against the Sooners, but that game plan had Rodriguez all over it. He won Big East titles and got them to BCS games. He had them in the national championship mix. Easily the most successful run in Mountaineer history. Also he loved West Virginia, no matter what the locals there think.

There was a messy divorce and a lot of drama after leaving Morgantown. But all parties need to get over it. More the natives of West Virginia than Rodriguez. You see Holgorsen will leave you high and dry and once again you'll be feeling like a scorned woman and once again be angry. Bring Rich Rod back and have him be the hero. Maybe he could bring you the national championship you guys covet so bad. It may not be ideal, but if you guys want to remain relevant after three years of mediocrity and another year of uncertainty, bring back your native son.

LaMarr Woodley Takes A Jab At Joe Flacco

The NFL offseason is typically quiet this time off year, with or without a lockout. There hasn't been too much news being made except for players taking up other occupations, talking trash, holding POW's (player organized workouts), and taking up space on the police blotter. 

Pittsburgh Steelers linebacker LaMarr Woodley  has spent a little time amping up the hard hitting rivalry between the Steelers and Baltimore Ravens. Woodley appeared on the NFL Network's All Access show and took a swipe at the Ravens, more specifically quarterback Joe Flacco. Woodley said that Flacco could never lead the Ravens to a Super Bowl since the Steelers stand in their way.

"No, not at all because they have to go through one team -- that's the Pittsburgh Steelers in that AFC Championship," Woodley said. "So in order for them to get to the Super Bowl, they have to beat us, and we're not gonna let that happen once we get that close. So that's not gonna happen in this lifetime."

He wasn't quite done there either. He did say that Cleveland's Colt McCoy would be a "great quarterback" and took a shot at the Cincinnati Bengals and their situation with Carson Palmer.

 "Well, honestly, when they play against us, it really doesn't matter whether he's there or not," Woodley said about Palmer and the Bengals.

You can't go against what he's said since the Steelers have ended Baltimore's postseason run the last two years. The tables might be turned if Baltimore can ever get them at home, but that's not guaranteed either since the Steelers play them well in Baltimore.

Dunleavy Awarded $13 Million From Clippers

An arbitrator has awarded former Los Angeles Clippers head coach Mike Dunleavy $13 million. Dunleavy also served as the team's general manager during his tenure.

In a move typical of the Clippers and owner Donald Sterling, the Clippers stopped paying Dunleavy after they fired him last March. He had been owed $6.75 million on the contract, $1.35 million for the remainder of the 2009-10 season and $5.4 million for the season just completed.

Finally Sterling gets his comeuppance. After years of being notoriously cheap, he gets told to cough up $13 million. Of course this isn't the first time that Sterling quit paying an employee. He had a similar suit against former coach Bill Fitch, saying he hadn't been trying to get another job. He also had a wrongful termination suit, filed by former GM Elgin Baylor, rejected by a Los Angeles jury. Is he an NBA owner or Scrooge McDuck.

Dunleavy's attorney, Miles Clement seemed happy with the outcome of the case. "It was a good day", said Clements. Ice Cube couldnt've said it better.

Of course the firm handling the case for the Clippers didn't seem too enthused with the decision.

"We do not agree with the arbitrator's decision," said Clippers general counsel Robert H. Platt, a partner at Manatt, Phelps & Phillips. "We intend to review the decision carefully and explore the team's various options."

The Clippers and Sterling need to get over it and pony up that $13 million to Dunleavy.

Friday, June 10, 2011

Ex-Buckeyes Have Doubts About Pryor Being NFL Ready

Terrelle Pryor has limited his options for his future since he spurned the Canadian Football League and the UFL for that matter. There are some who think he can make it in the NFL like Jon Gruden and some who don't like Mel Kiper Jr.

There are two former Ohio St. Buckeyes that feel Pryor isn't ready for the bright lights of the NFL. Chris Spielman and former Buckeye quarterback Greg Frey seem to fall in the camp of those who think Pryor could be a failure.

"I would be surprised if somebody took him before the fifth round in a supplemental draft," said ESPN college football analyst Chris Spielman, a former All-American linebacker at Ohio State who played 10 years in the NFL, including eight with the Lions. "That's the obvious statement that you're not ready to play (but) you'll maybe have an opportunity to grow into the job. Right now, he's not close. That's not to say he can't get there, but right now he's not ready to play at all in the NFL."

"The big question I think everybody wants to know is: Can he play in the NFL? Yes. But there's got to be some growth, certainly, from a fundamental standpoint and a maturity standpoint," Frey said.
"From what I can see of the NFL game there are a lot of progression-type reads where you have to see the whole field. And that takes a special quarterback."

If anyone would know it would be Frey. Considering he tried and failed to make it in the NFL.

I always say all someone needs is a chance. Pryor will get that chance, with who, I don't know. He plans on entering the NFL's supplemental draft and there will be a team that will take a flyer on a guy who was MVP in two BCS bowl games.


Nate Robinson Needs To Learn How To Use A Toilet

Oklahoma City Thunder reserve guard Nate Robinson is one of my favorite players in the NBA. Don't ask me why because even I don't know. I do like Robinson because he's a little guy, feisty, and likes to fight.

Well, Robinson found himself in a bit of trouble recently for urinating in public

WHITE PLAINS — NBA point guard Nate Robinson made quite a splash on Main Street early Friday when police said he was spotted urinating on the sidewalk outside the City Center.

The 5-foot-9 member of the Oklahoma City Thunder, who has also played for the New York Knicks and Boston Celtics, was arrested shortly before 2 a.m. after cops said he was seen doing his business outside the Barnes & Noble store at 230 Main St.

He was taken Police Headquarters where he was issued a ticket charging him with a public urination violation. Robinson was released on $100 bail and is due in City Court on June 22. The violation normally carries a $50 fine. Police said he gave a Seattle, Wash., address.

I have a sick sense of humor so I find this funny. Damn funny. You would think that Robinson would mix in a toilet or something. I know it was late at night and all but he could at least went behind a dumpster. With his short stature he would've been pretty hard to spot.

Thursday, June 9, 2011

Trooper Taylor Gets A Presidential Chest Bump

Auburn's Trooper Taylor had to be the most visible wide receivers coach of all time. Seriously, he got just as much face time as Cam Newton. I swear that he was the glory hound, not Newton.

Taylor got a little more face on Auburn's visit to the White House to visit President Barack Obama. Him and the prez engaged in a little chest bump.

Hopefully this will be the last time I see him taking up any valuble camera time from one of the players.

West Virginia's Stewart To Be Bought Out?

There has been some high drama at West Virginia in the past week. Starting with coach in waiting Dana Holgorsen's alleged alcohol related run-ins to coach Bill Stewart and his wife starting a smear campaign on Holgorsen.

The next twist in this story is a report on saying that Stewart may be getting a buyout and Holgorsen getting bumped to head coach. This story hasn't been confirmed or denied.

Athletic director Oliver Luck was asked if there was a buyout on the horizon and Luck replied “I can’t comment” in a text to Sporting News.

This is certainly one of the more bizarre stories of the college football offseason, next to Ohio State's problems. Luck is a rock in a hard place. He can't keep Stewart around, especially after pretty much showing him the door after this season has ended. And if the allegations of Holgorsen's activities are even half true, he really can't keep him around either.

How would the players respond to a coach trying to discipline them for off-field problems, wen he has some skeletons of his own?


Carson Palmer May Not Be Welcome Anymore

After his brother came out and called him a former teammate, another Cincinnati Bengals player called out Carson Palmer. This time it was Adam "Pacman" Jones' turn.

“If Carson don’t want to be here, damn him, period, point blank. I love the city of Cincinnati,” Jones told Eric Schmoldt of 102.3 in Denver via “His little brother is here working out, which is a good sign. But if you don’t want to be here, I don’t want you here. I want some guys that want to play and want to win, period, point blank and that’s the end of that discussion.”

Jones echoes the smae sentiment as Tank Johnson and Cedric Benson. Strange that the three players that have been troublemakers in the past are basically telling Carson Palmer he isn't welcome anymore. Another thing is that none of them are guaranteed to be there when the lockout ends.  

Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Purdue Football Team Lands Transfer From The Hoops Squad

A growing trend in the world of college sports is when a player from the basketball team decides that they want to give football the ol' college try. It's not that they haven't played before, but they are usually three or more years removed from the gridiron.

Purdue forward Patrick Bade had an underwhelming basketball career to say the least, so he decided to give football another try. Following in the footsteps of Melvin Goins and Demetri Goodson (who transferred to Baylor).

“I want to thank the Purdue basketball staff for the opportunity to be a member of such a successful program for the last two years,” Bade said in a statement. “This is the start of a new chapter for me, and I look forward to taking on the challenges that come with playing college football. I’m excited for the opportunities that lie ahead.”

Bade who is 6-8 and 229 pounds will be playing tight end, something that looks like a position of need according to head coach Danny Hope.

“We’ve met with Patrick and I know he’s excited about joining our football team,” head coach Danny Hope said. “He didn’t play football his senior year of high school, but I’ve seen his junior film and he looks like a pretty good prospect for us. He’s a big-body guy who plays a position where we have a quite a bit of youth and not a lot experience, so he’ll be able to compete right away. We’re happy to have him aboard.”

Bade last played football his junior year of high school, but he was apparently talented enough to be recruited by Texas, Texas A&M, USC and Ohio State.


Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Saints Player Has Super Bowl Ring Stolen

Super Bowl rings are hard to come by. Some of the greatest players in NFL history have played for years only to come up short in the championship category. Don't believe me ask Dan Marino, Dan Fouts, or Earl Campbell how they really feel about not having won the big one. Or ask former Ram Chidi Ahanotu how he feels about having to pay part of his divorce settlement with his. So they are a pretty big deal.

It must've not been a big deal to New Orleans Saints linebacker Stanley Arnoux. Arnoux lost his Super Bowl ring in Miami during Memorial Day weekend. How he lost it is what has people guessing.

Arnoux attended and valet parked both his car and the $30,000 Tiffany ring at what reportedly was a wild hip-hop party at the Fontainebleau Hotel, an iconic beachfront property on South Beach. But the hotel's fame -- Drake and Lil Wayne have also been guests recently -- apparently confers no immunity from bandits, because Arnoux told police the ring was no longer with the car when he departed around 7 a.m. on June 1.

Arnoux left the ring in the center console of the car. What the hell was he thinking? You don't leave a Super Bowl ring in the center console of your car under no circumstance. You leave it at home or in a safe deposit box. Not carrying it around in for show, especially at a rap gathering. Nothing against rap, it's my favorite music, but I wouldn't be worrying about 'ballin out' with my Super Bowl ring.

Hopefully he finds it and all ends well. If not he better hope he can earn another. Good luck on finding the ring Stanley and consider this a lesson learned.     


Monday, June 6, 2011

Mark Jackson Hired As Coach Of The Golden State Warriors

NBA broadcaster and former elite point man Mark Jackson has been hired to be the next coach of the Golden State Warriors.

“After an extensive search and a great deal of consideration, we have come to the conclusion that Mark Jackson is the best coach for this team,” said Warriors’ General Manager Larry Riley. “He will bring a youthful and fresh approach to our team and the fact that he enjoyed a stellar playing career, where he served most of that time as the leader of some very successful teams, will prove invaluable in the long run. We were looking for a coach with leadership ability and a strong personality and believe Mark possesses those qualities. He’s very well respected in NBA circles, is a consummate professional and his knowledge and background will be an incredible asset for our team and organization.”

“We are tremendously excited about the addition of Mark Jackson as our new head coach,” said Warriors’ Owner Joe Lacob. “He epitomized leadership as a player in this league for 17 seasons and we think that characteristic – and many other positive traits – will translate very well into his coaching duties with our young team. He was a leader and a winner both on and off the floor in this league and we’re convinced that he is the right person to guide this team into the future and help us achieve the success that we are striving for as an organization.”

Jackson will be taking over for Keith Smart and ushering in a new era of Warriors basketball with Jerry West.

Maybe these NBA front office types know more than I do, but I've never pictured Jackson as a coach. Maybe it's because I've heard him on television so much recently that I couldn't see him going into coaching. I wish him luck, because he's gonna need it and some patience with the Warriors franchise.

I know some will disagree, but I'll actually miss him in the booth. 

Former Michigan Coach Bill Frieder Fitting In With A New Crowd

Even though Bill Frieder had success coaching college basketball ( he led Michigan and Arizona State to six NCAA tournaments and was a monster recruiter), he'll always be known for ditching the Wolverines for Arizona State on the eve of the 1989 tournament. I have my own thoughts about Frieder but that's another topic for another day. 

Frieder has stayed around the game since retiring doing color commentary on NCAA games for Westwood One radio. Nowdays, Frieder has a new gig. He helps the Maloof brothers, Joe and Gavin, the owners of the Sacramento Kings, run the Maloof Money Cup, a skatebording contest with four different events, the first being held in New York City and a total prize potentially paying more than $2 million.

Now Frieder doesn't commentate or pick the skaters. He handles the money, makes sure things run smoothly during the contests, and with the Maloofs and general manager Tim McFerran - a former hoops player at Willamette University - helps make business decisions, including on expanding the contests domestically and internationally.

The surprise is that Frieder seems to be a big hit with the skating community and Frieder likes being involved with the event.

Frieder has become friends with many of the skaters who live in the San Diego area, including Pierre-Luc Gagnon, a two-time winner of the Maloof Money Cup Orange County vert title, and Jake Brown, who is best known for his spectacular 40-foot fall during the 2007 X Games.

"When I got into this I knew who Jake Brown was because I saw his fall on ESPN," Frieder said. "I knew who Sheckler was. We had a Ryan Sheckler night our first year up at Sacramento. There was a line all the way around the arena and out the door to get his autograph. It was incredible."

The skaters also seemed to have some kind of special kinship with the old coach.

"Bill Frieder's an amazing guy," Brown said. "He comes from a history of sports, with basketball and stuff, and he's just a great all-around dude."

"He knows sports," said Maloof, who's been a game-changer in pro skateboarding. "Frieder's been around sports his whole life. He understands young people, athletes. The people 40-70 know who he is, but it's the young people that are attracted to Frieder. He just knows how to relate to young people, like he did his whole career, like recruiting basketball players. Skaters trust him."

It's kind of strange that Frieder would be involved in skateboarding with all the young athletes involved, since he never went back into coaching. But he's played the stock market and poker, so anything isn't out of the ordinary for Frieder. 


Saturday, June 4, 2011

Ex-Army Football Player Sues Patti LaBelle

The name Richard King doesn't ring bells in football circles or to anyone outside his inner circle. Not trying to rip the guy, but it's probably the truth. I'll say this, I bet r & b legend Patti LaBelle knows who Richard King is after being sued by King. 

King is suing LaBelle for orchestrating a beating he received by her security detail outside a Houston airport terminal. King was alledgedly standing too close to LaBelle's luggage that prompted security to start an altercation and jump him.

“Apparently, defendant LaBelle believed King was standing too close to her (no doubt expensive) luggage, even though he was oblivious to her presence and the danger he was in,” according to King’s lawsuit, which was filed in Houston civil court on Wednesday and also names the bodyguards, the airport and a taxi dispatcher as co-defendants. “LaBelle lowered the window of her limousine and gave a command to her bodyguards. They sprang into action.”

A surveillance video from the airport provided by King’s lawyer and reviewed by The Associated Press showed King, 23, talking on a cell phone when one of LaBelle’s bodyguards appeared to push up against him. It appeared that King then pushed him back. Raley said King did not push back but was only trying to protect himself from a punch.

After that, the bodyguard and two other individuals then pushed and punched King, hitting him in the face and knocking him to the ground.

In the video, the bodyguards could be seen towering over King and then moving away when King unsuccessfully tried several times to get up off the ground. Police eventually came over and helped King. The video then cuts to King, who has a bandage on his head and blood on his yellow sweater, being placed on an ambulance stretcher. The video ends with two Houston police officers taking photos with LaBelle.

The investigating officer said that King was appeared to be intoxicated and smelled of alcohol. Nice way to try and spin this one.

King, a defensive back with Army last season, had four interceptions in his senior season. He was told by doctors that he wouldn't be able to play football again due to the injuries suffered inn the beatdown. 
Best bet is to come up with a nice little settlement number and make this go away.

Nate Montana Busted For DUI

Nate Montana, son of Joe, has been flying under the radar since transferring from Notre Dame and winding up at Montana. 
Nate decided to go out and make some news by going out and getting busted for a DUI early Friday morning. Way to go and show that you're different from your father.

The 21-year-old Montana, who joined the UM football squad earlier this year, was arrested about 3:15 a.m. Friday after a Missoula County sheriff's deputy stopped his northbound car on Van Buren Street for allegedly driving 39 mph in a 25 mph zone.

Deputy Ken Guy was sitting in his cruiser at the corner of Holly and Van Buren streets when his radar picked up Montana's car.

The traffic stop turned into a DUI arrest when Guy smelled alcohol.

Nate also had a little trouble producing his driver's license and did poorly on the sobriety tests (twice). Montana also declined to take a breath test. There were other passengers in the car but they weren't cited for anything.

Why didn't young Montana have one of the others drive or call a cab or something? That would've been the most logical solution. Also, I'm not ripping on the town of Missoula, but what is there to do that late at night?      
He definitely hasn't done his father proud.

Thursday, June 2, 2011

Julius Peppers' Father Arrested On Drug Charges

It won't be a happy father's day for the Chicago Bears defensive end Julius Peppers father. Peppers' father lost his law enforcement job after being arrested on drug charges.

The State Bureau of Investigation said Thursday that 50-year-old George Thomas Kurney was arrested following a joint state-local investigation.

Nash County Sheriff’s Lt. Pat Joyner said Kurney was dismissed from his sheriff’s deputy job after his arrest Wednesday. Kurney was taken to the Wilson County jail shortly after 11 p.m. and released about an hour later on $1,000 bond.

I don't know the bond between father and son in this case, but I would think that Peppers is hoping for the best.

Freddie Mitchell Has A Message For Kevin Kolb

For a person that had a limited NFL career, former Philadelphia Eagles receiver, Freddie Mitchell is doing a lot of talking.

In a recent interview, Mitchell had a lot to say including telling quarterback Kevin Kolb not to trust head coach Andy Reid.

“Yeah okay [laughing]. Believe that if you want Kevin. Believe that if you want. Hey. I’ll tell you what Andy Reid. ..I love him to death. He’s like my father and whatever else, but I’m gonna keep it real. Andy is going to do what is best for the Philadelphia Eagles. I tried when I was going on after we lost the Super Bowl [XXXIX] or whatever else…I went in there and I did not want to go to the media or whatever else I said ‘Hey Coach Reid I had problems with Donovan McNabb. You know I can’t eat off of 12 catches a year. I need more catches. I’m doing all the things with the blocking and whatever else to make it happen. I need more catches. Donovan will not throw me the ball. Andy Reid was like ‘Okay Fred well just don’t tell nobody. You don’t have to come to this next mini-camp. We’re going to try to…I know a couple of teams and we’re going to try to trade you.’ At the end of the day what he tried to do was he tried to put a price tag on me that nobody was even going to touch. When they found out that they wasn’t going to touch me, he released me, and then the blackball began with all kinds of dirt saying I was a cancer to the team. I talk too much and everything else. It’s funny because you never heard a teammate complain about me. You never heard that or whatever else, but he put the cancer [comment] on. Kevin Kolb do not think them guys or anybody in the NFL is your friend. The only friend that you have is your agent and if you’re a left or right-handed quarterback is your arm. That’s it. Them guys at the end of the day they are going to go and save their job, save their butt, and go out and do what’s best for the Philadelphia Eagles. You need to do what you need to do.”

First of all why is Mitchell still partly relevant in Philly. Can someone in that city please explain that to me. Second of all Fred Ex, the NFL is a business and Reid is going to look for the best deal possible for Kolb. Mitchell wasn't that good that's why he wasn't traded. No one wanted to waste money on a receiver that couldn't catch.

Mitchell, you weren't blackballed and you can thank your hands for that.   

Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Chan Ho Park Sent To The Minors....In Japan

When an ex-major leaguer goes to Japan to play baseball, they usually dominate the competition and extend their careers. Some do go over there and fail, but it doesn't happen too much. And they hardly get sent to the minors. Unless your Jose Tolentino.

Somehow former all-star pitcher Chan Ho Park has been demoted to Japan's minor leagues. Park has won only one of seven starts for the Buffaloes with an earned run average of 4.29,so I can see why.

Pitching coach Osamu Fukuma said that Park needs to "stop fooling around" and get serious.

“He needs to pull himself together,” pitching coach Osamu Fukuma told the Sankei Sports newspaper. “He has not come here to fool around. He needs to do a lot better.”

In my opinion, Park hasn't been the same since he grooved that pitch to Cal Ripken Jr. in the All-Star Game.



Poking Fun At Tressel's Expense

Since the black cloud appeared at Ohio State and isn't leaving anytime soon, it's been real easy for rival fans to poke fun at Jim Tressel.

First there was the billboard along I-94 up here in Michigan, the minor league promotion, and now from is the latest t-shirt for Michigan fans to wear.

I'm a Michigan fan, but let's get some respect back and some wins over OSU under our belt before we start crowing about anything.