Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Purdue Football Team Lands Transfer From The Hoops Squad

A growing trend in the world of college sports is when a player from the basketball team decides that they want to give football the ol' college try. It's not that they haven't played before, but they are usually three or more years removed from the gridiron.

Purdue forward Patrick Bade had an underwhelming basketball career to say the least, so he decided to give football another try. Following in the footsteps of Melvin Goins and Demetri Goodson (who transferred to Baylor).

“I want to thank the Purdue basketball staff for the opportunity to be a member of such a successful program for the last two years,” Bade said in a statement. “This is the start of a new chapter for me, and I look forward to taking on the challenges that come with playing college football. I’m excited for the opportunities that lie ahead.”

Bade who is 6-8 and 229 pounds will be playing tight end, something that looks like a position of need according to head coach Danny Hope.

“We’ve met with Patrick and I know he’s excited about joining our football team,” head coach Danny Hope said. “He didn’t play football his senior year of high school, but I’ve seen his junior film and he looks like a pretty good prospect for us. He’s a big-body guy who plays a position where we have a quite a bit of youth and not a lot experience, so he’ll be able to compete right away. We’re happy to have him aboard.”

Bade last played football his junior year of high school, but he was apparently talented enough to be recruited by Texas, Texas A&M, USC and Ohio State.


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