Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Saints Player Has Super Bowl Ring Stolen

Super Bowl rings are hard to come by. Some of the greatest players in NFL history have played for years only to come up short in the championship category. Don't believe me ask Dan Marino, Dan Fouts, or Earl Campbell how they really feel about not having won the big one. Or ask former Ram Chidi Ahanotu how he feels about having to pay part of his divorce settlement with his. So they are a pretty big deal.

It must've not been a big deal to New Orleans Saints linebacker Stanley Arnoux. Arnoux lost his Super Bowl ring in Miami during Memorial Day weekend. How he lost it is what has people guessing.

Arnoux attended and valet parked both his car and the $30,000 Tiffany ring at what reportedly was a wild hip-hop party at the Fontainebleau Hotel, an iconic beachfront property on South Beach. But the hotel's fame -- Drake and Lil Wayne have also been guests recently -- apparently confers no immunity from bandits, because Arnoux told police the ring was no longer with the car when he departed around 7 a.m. on June 1.

Arnoux left the ring in the center console of the car. What the hell was he thinking? You don't leave a Super Bowl ring in the center console of your car under no circumstance. You leave it at home or in a safe deposit box. Not carrying it around in for show, especially at a rap gathering. Nothing against rap, it's my favorite music, but I wouldn't be worrying about 'ballin out' with my Super Bowl ring.

Hopefully he finds it and all ends well. If not he better hope he can earn another. Good luck on finding the ring Stanley and consider this a lesson learned.     


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