Thursday, August 1, 2013

Lance Berkman won't retire because the Rangers need help on offense

Texas Rangers DH Lance Berkman hasn't played in a game in four weeks. He's been on the disabled list with an inflamed hip and his knees have given him problems for years. Berkman thought about retirement but has put those thoughts to rest with the Rangers in a pennant chase.

Berkman says he reconsidered retiring because he felt the Rangers needed some help on offense. He hopes to rejoin the team within the next two weeks.

“That we didn’t trade for anybody and that we still don’t know what is going to happen with Nelson [Cruz], I feel like if I push myself and endure a little discomfort, I can get out there and try to do something to help this team win,” Berkman said. “I’ve made up my mind to try and play. This team needs a bat and I’m gonna do my dangdest to make that happen.”  

Cruz is facing a 50 game suspension for his alleged ties to the Biogenesis scandal that has been the news around baseball.

I don't doubt that Berkman loves the game but it's kind of refreshing to see a player that desperately wants to help his team win and doesn't want to sit idling on the sidelines. I don't know how much he can help, but he feels he has enough left in the tank to contribute.  

Giants' receiver Victor Cruz not a fan of the revamped Pro Bowl

The NFL decided to add a new wrinkle to their useless All-Star game, known as the Pro Bowl.

The AFC vs. NFC format is no longer in place. The NFL took a page from the NHL's playbook and will have teams chosen by team captains, with Jerry Rice and Deion Sanders being honorary captains . Fan voting will determine the draft pool.

Additional changes also included: The NFL also said it is having a two-minute warning at the end of the first and third quarters and possession will change at the end of every quarter, giving fans more opportunities to watch teams play in the two-minute drill. There are also a few other changes, such as kickoffs being eliminated, zone coverage by defensive backs being allowed and a shorter play clock.

There haven't been too many known player reactions to the changes but New York Giants wide receiver Victor Cruz isn't a big fan of it.

"Not the biggest fan of it to be honest with you," Cruz said, via the New York Daily News. "But you know, they're trying to make the Pro Bowl fun again, and I respect it. I like Jerry [Rice] and Deion [Sanders] so it should be some fun interaction between those guys. But it's all good. I'm just worried about doing what I have to on the field. And the Pro Bowl and everything will take care of itself."

Cruz and most of America seem to be in lockstep on this opinion.

Personally I'm with 99% of the NFL fans who are in violent agreement: get rid of the Pro Bowl already!  It's a stupid, no-meaning game designed to make money through entertainment.  It has nothing to do with the serious game of football.  It's just a huge blemish, weighing down a popular sport like an anchor.