Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Kobe doesn't take charges

There has been a big deal about flopping recently and David Stern isn't happy about it. On the flipside of that subject Los Angeles Lakers star Kobe Bryant told reporters not to expect him to take any charges.

"We got a couple guys that take charges, but for the most part, the one guy that took a charge is now playing in Oklahoma," Bryant told reporters after practice Tuesday, referring to Derek Fisher. "I don't take charges. Metta (World Peace) don't take charges. Steve (Blake) will take a charge every now and then, but most everybody else just stands up and plays." 

Standing up and playing didn't help them in Game 1 against the Oklahoma City Thunder and they could've used some charges to help them out last night. Bryant says he doesn't take charges to preserve his health and credits it to his longevity in the NBA.

"I learned from my predecessors," Bryant said. "(Scottie) Pippen had a (messed) up back taking charges. (Larry) Bird had a (messed) up back taking charges. I said, 'I'm not taking charges.' I figured that ... out at an early age.

"I've seen Michael (Jordan) not take one ... charge, and he's healthy his whole career, and the same thing with Magic (Johnson). I might not be the smartest guy in the room, but I can figure that ... out."

I do agree with Bryant and he is a season vet and one day he'll take another one and it won't be by accident.  

Former Michigan quarterback Tate Forcier signs with CFL team

Former University of Michigan quarterback Tate Forcier has resurfaced. Not on a college campus but in Canada. Forcier signed with the Hamilton Tiger Cats of the CFL.

Forcier started at Michigan during his freshman season and served as Denard Robinson's backup in 2010. He then committed to Miami and San Jose State after transferring from Michigan. He never played a down for either.

Forcier will serve as the backup to former Chicago Bears quarterback Henry Burris.

No word in whether Forcier will actually report or not.

Eagles coach Andy Reid recommends McNabb to teams

Donovan McNabb has been working out and losing weight in hopes of getting another shot with an NFL team. No one believes that he can help anyone out at this point in his career but he does have someone in his corner that believes in him. Philadelphia Eagles coach Andy Reid.

Reid told interviewers that he thinks McNabb should get another shot and would tell any team to take him.

"I still think he can play. I think the world of him, and we had some great years together here. I'm always wishing him the best and a fan of his. I got a chance to see him at Brian Dawkins' retirement (event)," Reid told the NFL Network. "He looks good. He looks physically good. He looks like he could go out and play tomorrow. I would highly recommend (him)."

McNabb has been working out with quarterback guru George Whitfield to stay in playing shape.

I do think he could help a team as a quality backup, but if he still harbors thoughts of being a starter anywhere he might want to stay by the phone. Maybe Reid can help a buddy out and sign McNabb.

Report: J.R. Smith is broke

Usually when a player is entering free agency the famous quote of "it's not about the money" is always thrown around. Because it's always about the money no matter what a player says. For New York Knicks free agent guard J.R. Smith it will be all about the money.

According to reports Smith chose to play with the Knicks instead of the Los Angeles Clippers because the Knicks offered $2.4 million to the Clippers' $1.4 million. The other part of why is because Smith was "financially broke".

Smith's father, Earl, is pushing for J.R. to stay in New York, I guess since it will be the place that will pay him the most money.

A source told ESPN New York that Smith’s father, Earl, is going to make a strong case for his son to stay in New York, but “it’s very clear that the money is the biggest factor with him.”

In fact, when Smith chose the Knicks over the Clippers in mid-February after coming back from China, a source said the Knicks’ higher offer ($2.443 million to the Clippers’ $1.4 million veteran’s minimum) was the deciding factor because he was financially broke. Therefore, Smith will likely opt out and ask for the 20 percent raise. At that point, the ball will be in the Knicks’ court to re-sign Smith, who’s already said publicly that he wants to return next season.

Smith has earned nearly $26 million in the eight years he's played plus another $3 million from playing in China. He'll probably go into denial about being broke. If he is it's pretty sad especially since he's still playing.

Brandon Flowers "not too worried about Peyton Manning"

Anyone who has ever played a sport knows that you must have confidence. Sometimes one can be too confident in his/her or their teams ability. So do you think Kansas City Chiefs cornerback Brandon Flowers is overconfident by thinking that the Chiefs will win the AFC West and that Peyton Manning is nothing to worry about? Maybe. That'll all get played out on the field.

Flowers has no doubt that Manning is a great player but experts shouldn't be so quick to give the division to the Denver Broncos. Flowers says the Chiefs plan to take the division this year.

“We’ve got the mindset we’re going to win the AFC West,” Flowers said. “Peyton Manning, he’s a quarterback that everyone wants to have. He’s not going to turn the ball over, he’s not going to make critical mistakes.

“But I’m going out there saying if my man can’t get open, he won’t have no one to throw the ball to. So as long as I do my part, we’re not too worried about Peyton Manning.”

Manning has made corners look foolish in the past, but this is a post neck surgery Manning we're talking about. He is one of the great quarterbacks of all time but he could possibly be a shell of himself.

As for Flowers, just hope his mouth isn't writing any checks that he won't be able to cash.