Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Eagles coach Andy Reid recommends McNabb to teams

Donovan McNabb has been working out and losing weight in hopes of getting another shot with an NFL team. No one believes that he can help anyone out at this point in his career but he does have someone in his corner that believes in him. Philadelphia Eagles coach Andy Reid.

Reid told interviewers that he thinks McNabb should get another shot and would tell any team to take him.

"I still think he can play. I think the world of him, and we had some great years together here. I'm always wishing him the best and a fan of his. I got a chance to see him at Brian Dawkins' retirement (event)," Reid told the NFL Network. "He looks good. He looks physically good. He looks like he could go out and play tomorrow. I would highly recommend (him)."

McNabb has been working out with quarterback guru George Whitfield to stay in playing shape.

I do think he could help a team as a quality backup, but if he still harbors thoughts of being a starter anywhere he might want to stay by the phone. Maybe Reid can help a buddy out and sign McNabb.

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