Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Giving Credit To The Wind

Apparently Michigan's Denard Robinson can't be stopped. The forces of nature is the only thing that can put the kibosh on Robinson. That's if you ask Nebraska's Taylor Martinez.

Martinez gave Michigan State's defense no credit when speaking with reporters, when asked was he impressed with how the Spartans stopped Denard Robinson.

Martinez told reporters Monday: "I really don't think they slowed him down. I think the key factor was the wind kind of slowed him down. The wind with his passing game and stuff. Hopefully we can exploit what Denard Robinson didn't do."

Asked why MSU's defense is good, Martinez said: "Any school in the Big Ten has a good defense. I think they'll just be another good defense that we face."

Really I didn't know every Big Ten school had a good defense. Minnesota, Indiana, and Northwestern would be glad you gave them props for saying such things.

Martinez does present a challenge for the Spartan defense, but if he looked a little closely that's two years in a row Michigan State has limited Robinson. And last year there was no wind, in a road game no less. This year Robinson had the wind for a half, so what Martinez says is pretty lame.

I'm sure the Spartans weren't too thrilled, but Michigan State's Jerel Worthy refused to get into a war of words with the Nebraska quarterback.

“We play football how we play football, no matter what the weather is,” MSU defensive tackle Jerel Worthy said. “We go out in the rain, sleet, snow or sun.

“Hopefully there’s no wind so he can make no excuses when we go out there and do our thing.”

According to weather reports it'll be sunny and 61 degrees, so if Martinez falters I'll wonder if he finally gives the Spartan defense some respect.