Saturday, July 10, 2010

Lee Makes Rangers Legit

The Texas Rangers ended up being the surprise winner in the Cliff Lee sweepstakes. Even though the newly acquired Lee lost his first start for his new team,he transforms the Rangers into a legitimate contender for the American League pennant. It definitely gives them a  leg up on the Los Angeles Angels in the AL West. Lee has been a mercenary of sorts the past two years.Last year being traded to the Philadelphia Phillies,then to Seattle and now division rival Texas. The only hurdle that remains is can the Rangers sign him to a long term deal after the season is over. 

Champagne Dreams Gone In The Wind

For the Cleveland Cavaliers organization and their fans their championship dreams are LeGone. Gone down to Miami, with the dozens of fans and thousands of others that have jumped on the bandwagon in South Beach. Right now is a desperate time for Cleveland and their fans. A group of people that have had the dagger in their heart over and over. The champagne dreams they had had with LeBron are now replaced with thirst and the taste of Steel Reserve.

From way back in 1954, when Willie Mays robbed Vic Wertz in the World Series, sports in Cleveland hasn't been the same. Sure they still can hold on to the black and white footage of Jim Brown running over the Colts back in 1964, but that's about all they have to hold on to. Let's see, there was 1981 when Mike Davis picked off Brian Sipe on that cold day in Municipal Stadium. How about The Drive and The Fumble in consecutive years, the latter which the fans of Cleveland ran Earnest Byner out of town. Never mind he was the reason the Browns were in the position they were because of him. There also was another AFC title game loss to the Broncos. There was The Shot, which brought Craig Ehlo into kids' bedrooms across America (posterized). Brad Daughtery's bad back, Danny Ferry being a bust. Art Modell moving the Browns franchise out of Cleveland. The city to reap the benefits of a Super Bowl winner, Baltimore. There was 1994, when the Indians finally righted the ship only to have a  the rug pulled out from a possible World Series winning team due to a strike/lockout. There was World Series loss to Atlanta. The memory of Joe Table (Jose Mesa) not being able to close the deal against the Marlins in 97. Or was it 98? The playoff loss to the Steelers in which the Browns wasted a sizable lead. The ALCS where the Indians blew a 3-1 lead against the Red Sox.

Cleveland's luck looked to change for the better when the Cavs drafted LeBron James. He led them to the brink of the playoffs, then went on to crash the big stage,dethroning the Detroit Pistons as kings of the East. He never made it back to the Finals,as the last two years proved to be disappointing, bowing out to the Orlando Magic and Boston Celtics in six games both years. Which leads us to this. Owner Dan Gilbert says that the "curse" will go down south with James. Sorry Dan, this ain't the Bobby Layne Lions curse here. The champagne will be replaced with Steel Reserve and Cleveland fans will remain thirsty for another 50 plus years, because as I see it right now there is no hope with the Browns, Indians, or Cavaliers. Hey Clevelanders, at least you have the Buckeyes and old Jim Brown footage. How about this, you guys can come up here and pull for our perennial losers, the Detroit Lions. 

LeBron Will Never Be Viewed As The King

With LeBron James officially a member of the Miami Heat, its safe to say that many will say that no matter how many titles he wins there, he will never be known as the King. James is without a doubt one of the top players in the NBA today and perhaps will go down as one of the greatest of all time. But with him signing with Miami just says that he wasn't able to close the deal in Cleveland. I will agree with many that a championship in Cleveland would've meant a whole lot more to his legacy than teaming up with Dwayne Wade and Chris Bosh to win one and possibly more. I'm not here to bash James for his decision. In the spirit of competition,the man wants to win.I can't blame him for that. Same goes for Wade and Bosh. Both of them will be look at the same. Players that couldn't win without another superstar. Wade does have a ring and it was his team, but he still had Shaq with two good knees and something to prove. It also helps to have the officials in your back pocket and another star (Dirk Nowitzki) shrinkig up in the spotlight.  All three are grea players, but the spotlight wll be squarely on James. This is Wade's team and his town. I've always said that James lacked a killer instinct, and him going to Miami confirmed my suspicion. True, he's a great player, but in the past and this year's playoffs included, he has shrunk in big moments. It kind of reminds me of Ric Flair hiding behind the Four Horsemen. There's a tier of great players like Bill Russell, Michael Jordan, Magic Johnson, and Larry Bird. Its true they had stellar help around them, but the team was built around them. Like the Cavaliers were built around James. Instead he will go down with the likes of James Worthy, Billy Cunningham, Robert Parish, and countless good players who were a cog in the machine.