Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Coach K Blasts Rose, Michigan

Let me preface my comments with this...Mike Krzyzewski is a snobbish, self-serving, condescending, self-righteous, egomaniacal, little troll. His holier than thou Duke attitude smells of jealousy and smarminess because he feels that nobody, and I mean absolutely nobody, should be talking about any other university but Duke when it comes to college basketball. And it almost seems as if he feels that Duke is THE basketball university in the NCAA and that nobody should look at his recruiting under the microscope while Jalen Rose suggests that Krzyzewski discriminates against inner city kids. It's funny to me that Krzyzewski, who's from Chicago which is an inner city full of basketball talent, cannot find players from his own backyard that he can recruit successfully, even missing the boat on potential NBA MVP Derrick Rose, now of the Chicago Bulls, and Juwan Howard, both from Krzyzewski's hometown. Krzyzewski even goes so far to claim that Duke recruited Chris Webber, well I don't hear Chris Webber coming out and backing that claim, nor do I see Krzyzewski pulling out anything showing the proof of recruitment to Chris Webber that he so "frankly" claims. What I do hear is the troll, aka Coach K, babbling out of the side of his mouth with his whiny voice and talking down the basketball program at the University of Michigan and the Fab Five's legacy. Regardless of their inability to finish an NCAA tournament on top to close out their college careers and with the timeout that never was in 1993...sorry Chris Webber, the Fab Five's impact on the young and old college basketball fans of all races (not just African American), is a part of history that may never repeat itself. Talent like that can't be harvested all at once in one school so we have to appreciate it when we can, no matter the result of it.

In closing, I would like to express my sheer delight in seeing Duke get their collective asses handed to them by Arizona, thank you Wildcats! Suck on that bit of history "Coach K"!

Krzyzewski had some comments regarding Rose's comments about Duke when he was an impressionable youngster in high school. More about the "Uncle Tom" comments than anything. To me this is nothing more than piling on. Personally I'm tired of hearing of it. What do you think Kentucky players were privately thinking before they played Texas Western back in 1965. Do you think they still harbor those same feelings? I don't think so. Rose admitted that he said it and that's how he thought back in 1992, when he was 18. Just because he was young doesn't make it right, but I understand.

Here's what the mighty Coach K had to say about Rose and Michigan.

"We were very successful against them and, to be quite frank with you, we recruited Chris Webber," he said. "I didn't recruit Jalen Rose because we had Grant Hill and I'm happy with that. We didn't look at the other, Juwan Howard [because] we knew he wasn't going to come to Duke. The other two kids we didn't think were the caliber that could play as well as Thomas Hill and Brian Davis and Billy McCaffery. They're good kids. They were good kids."

"They had a heck of a run but, they didn't leave anything, they didn't establish anything there," Krzyzewski said. "The guys that I had established something that Jay Williams continued to do 10 years later -- the standards of what it meant to be a Duke basketball player."

What was said there pretty much validates what Rose was saying and how he felt. At this point it's just piling on. Where was Krzyzewski when the documentary first came out? He waits until his squad gets eliminated then he comes out and says something. How macho is that?

Of course I don't think anyone that reads this to agree with what I said here, but it's done and over and it's time to put this subject to rest.

Austin Carr Calls Chris Bosh A "RuPaul" Look-A-Like

Cleveland Cavs announcer Austin Carr went a little overboard when assessing Chris Bosh's appearance. During tonight's game against the Miami Heat Carr called Bosh a RuPaul lookalike.

Yes RuPaul the well known drag queen. He must think like a few of my friends at work who think Bosh may be 'suspect'.

Jalen Rose Arrested For DUI

Jalen Rose has been under attack ever since the 'Fab Five' documentary came out, but that's another subject for another day. Now he has to fight a DUI charge from earlier this month.

Rose was arrested earlier this month on suspicion of drunken driving. Law enforcement sources say the 38-year-old former NBA star was driving along an icy roadway on March 11 when he lost control of his vehicle and crashed.

West Bloomfield Township Police Lt. Tim Diamond said Tuesday that Rose was arrested around 2 a.m. March 11. He's accused of operating a vehicle while impaired.

Not the kind of publicity that Rose was looking for.
Mug shot courtesy of tmz.com

Monday, March 28, 2011

Brad Stevens And Shaka Smart Invited To Sing At Wrigley

The Chicago Cubs want Shaka Smart to sing at a game during the seventh inning stretch at Wrigley Field. Of course he'll be singing "Take Me Out To The Ballgame".

Smart says he would take the invitation if given. Butler's Brad Stevens has also been invited. He sang at Wrigley last year after the Bulldogs' run to the finals last year. Both coaches are Cub fans. Smart has called Chicago a second home.

"Chicago is my favorite city in the whole country, and I've spent a lot of time in the city of Chicago as a kid," Smart said. "It was kind of a second home for me.

"I'm a big Cubs fan, probably been to -- conservatively -- 50-60 Cubs games over the years. I once caught a Ryne Sandberg foul ball at my grandfather's feet. So I'm a big Cubbies fan."

Smart is a hot name in coaching circles and should capitalize on his hotness right now. Just don't make a bad decision by taking the N.C. State job.


Dez Bryant Sued Over Jewelry Bill

Dallas Cowboys receiver Dez Bryant is having a busy offseason. First there was the incident at Northpark Mall. Deion Sanders blasted him in the media. And now he's being sued for not paying his jewelry bill. And that's all we know of.

Bryant has been sued by Rafaello & Co according to a report in the Dallas Morning News, for $246,000 for eight to 10 pieces of diamoned-encrusted jewelry that he ordered more than a year ago after he declared for the NFL draft.

“My client’s counsel in New York has been trying for at least six months to get him to pay,” said Mike Bowers, a lawyer with the firm of Bell Nunnally & Martin in Dallas, who is representing the jeweler. “We still would obviously like to have a satisfactory resolution to this outside of a trial.”

Of course, Bryant couldn't be reached for comment. I guess Dez never got the memo that the "bling" era was done and over.

Bryant ran up a $267,000 bill and paid $21,000 of it. I know Deion didn't mentor him on that.

"One was religious-type jewelry," Bowers said. "One was his name with his area code."

Maybe the good lord can help him in getting this matter taken care of. Clean it up Dez. Starting right now.


Sunday, March 27, 2011

Is Kaepernick's Arm Really This Strong?

When I saw this video I had to call b.s. on it. I know Nevada's Colin Kaepernick has a stronger arm than I'll ever dream of having, but to chuck it more than 200 yards across ESPN's campus is absurd. Check out the video to see if I'm wrong for questioning this feat.

Michael Vick Ditches Another Event

It seems that every other week we hear about Michael Vick not showing up for something that honors him. Not that he has to give an explanation, because personally he doesn't owe me anything.

WAVY-TV in Virginia reported that Vick was supposed to be the honored guest at the Southeastern Virginia Arts Association Gala. The event was held at the Half-Moon Terminal in Norfolk. Problem is Vick didn't show.

Vick was supposed to be given an award and the association said that Vick was a hero. Don't tell that to the people who shelled out $100 for a ticket to see the NFL star. They were so upset at Vick's no show that they walked out and left. I would've been pretty pissed myself if I went there only to find out he was gonna no-show the event.

However, it’s not clear from either the WAVY report or the invitation that Vick ever did say he was going to attend this event. On this one, I’m inclined to give Vick the benefit of the doubt. So far it's a he-say/we-say deal.

Source: ProFootballTalk.com

Quote Of The Week: Chad Ochocinco

Chad Ochocinco rating his skills during his MLS tryout in Kansas City:

"The only thing I'm probably good at is being fast as hell."               

Sometimes that speed is called into question on the football field.          

Saturday, March 26, 2011

Mo Williams Calls Derek Fisher Hines Ward Of The NBA

Call me out for this one. I guess I haven't paid much attention to Los Angeles Lakers guard Derek Fisher has done over the years. He's made big shots and has been a solid player, but I've never fashioned him as a dirty player.

Don't say that to Los Angeles Clipper guard Mo Williams. After being downed by the Lakers, again, 112-104, Williams called the Laker guard the Hines Ward of the NBA.

That came about because of center Chris Kaman's ejection with 28.8 seconds left in the fourth quarter.

Kaman and Fisher collided on a screen near the three-point line, and Kaman ended up pointing angrily at Fisher, motioning for him to meet in the hallway after the game. Who does Kaman think he is Rasheed Wallace?

"There was no reason for that," Clippers Coach Vinny Del Negro said. "Chris was just setting a good screen, a legal screen. Fisher came up high with the elbow. So the NBA will look at it, and they'll make those decisions."

Phil Jackson disagreed with Del Negro's assessment of the play. "Fish doesn't take kindly to that…" he said.

Kaman took the wise man's way out by not talking about it at all. "I'll get myself in trouble if I talk about it. I'd rather not do it", Kaman said.

Williams took to the Twitter route to get his two cents in.

"If yall didn't know, D Fish is the Hines Ward of the NBA," wrote Williams. "I don't know if that's a compliment or not. But don't let that nice guy fool u."

I don't think that's a compliment. Ward was called one of the dirtiest players in the NFL.


Michael Beasley Shuts Down Twitter Page

Another day, another Twitter controversy. Not really a controversy, but someone backtracking on what they posted and going into denial about it.

Minnesota Timberwolves forward Michael Beasley shut down his Twitter page after re-tweeting that head coach Kurt Rambis needs to let him 'play his game'. Message to Beasley, playing your game is why your in Minnesota and not Miami right now.

The post read, "I sure wish coach would just let @RealMIkebeasley play his game!"

After the message was out Beasley recanted and said he has no problem with Rambis. He also said the post was accidental.

"Nah, nah, nah, nah," Beasley said. "Kurt has given me all the opportunity in the world to grow as a player, as a leader. I really don't have anything against Kurt and my game."

Beasley says he finished with Twitter, for now.

"I just got tired of it. Somebody said something I didn't like. I just got rid of it. That was an accidental re-tweet," he said. I really don't know how to tweet well from my Blackberry. That was accidental. I didn't agree with it at all."

If you're gonna deny what you say about how you feel about something, it's best to keep it verbal or don't say it at all. At least you can deny it when it's verbal.



Michigan State Cuts Ties To Booster Club

Michigan State has suspended all activities with the Downtown Coaches Club, a football booster club, in the wake of an investigation of the club's activities by the Michigan Lottery Commission.

"For several weeks, we have been aware that the Downtown Coaches Club had some financial reporting issues as well the review being conducted by the Michigan State Lottery Commission," MSU athletic director Mark Hollis said in a prepared statement. "At that time, the Michigan State Athletics Department immediately suspended all activities with the organization."

The club is a nonprofit organization -- operating independently of the MSU Athletics Office -- that runs 50/50 raffles at MSU football games, among other activities.

WILX-TV in Lansing has reported the investigation is focused on whether club officials used raffle proceeds improperly.

Norman Gaffney, attorney for the Downtown Coaches Club, could not be reached for comment.

"While there are issues that I found concerning, I do not believe the organization was engaged in widespread abuse," Hollis said. "We will continue to review our relationship with these third-party booster groups because protecting all of our fans and supporters is our ultimate goal."

While the club is independent of the university, John Lewandowski, a school spokesman, said the club does provide funding for MSU's athletic program. In the 2010 calendar year, the club contributed $64,727.20 to the Spartan Fund, a fund-raising arm for MSU athletics, Lewandowski said.

The club had revenue of $171,935 and an ending balance of $86,235 for the tax year ending June 30, 2009, according to tax statements filed with the Internal Revenue Service.

With every connection being scrutinized by the NCAA I can see why Michigan State decided to act on this in a quick matter. They didn't want this to come back and bite them in the ass in the end.

Source: Detroit Free Press, Freep.com

Julian Wright Refuses To Enter A Game

It sounds as if there is a small problem brewing in Toronto. Raptors coach Jay Triano called for forward Julian Wright to enter the game in a 138-100 blowout loss to the Golden State Warriors. The problem was that Wright refused to enter the game. I don't know what the deal is but apparently Wright isn't too happy about the amount of playing time he's been getting.

There's one way to solve it Julian, play better.

Triano didn't seem to be too bent out of shape over what took place. "I just went to the next guy," Triano told the Toronto Star. "I wasn't going to ask him twice."

“I asked (Wright) to go in, and he didn’t go in,” Triano said. “I know he went to the washroom just before that. I don’t know if he wasn’t feeling well. I still haven’t talked to him.”

Wright hasn't been too happy lately and refused to answer any questiuons about what went on during last night's debacle.

“I don’t want to talk about it,” Wright said. “Speculate on anything you want.”

This is another in a long line of situations where an athlete acts like a child. You get paid a few million to play a game. Sometimes a coach might want to try something different to make the team better. If you're not playing up to standards you spend time on the bench. That's definitely not the way to act, especially since Wright is going into free agency. Considering how his career has gone, it's gonna be hard for him to latch on to another team. He won't be back in Toronto and if he plays in the NBA next year he's gonna have to answer the question about why he didn't go in.

Hello Turkey!


DeSean Jackson Interns On Jimmy Kimmel Live!

Philadelphia Eagles wide receiver DeSean Jackson has found a creative way to spend his time during the lockout. Intern on Jimmy Kimmel Live!.

Kind of humourous if you ask me. Maybe he's hoping to land a spot on a tv show. At least he's putting his time to good use.

Sullinger Says He's Coming Back To Ohio State

After putting the final nail in my bracket last night, Jared Sullinger is trying to ruin my dream of the Detroit Pistons drafting him. He says he's coming back to Ohio State next year.

The Big Ten freshman of the year and averaged 17.1 points and 10.0 rebounds and will probably be named to plenty of first team all american lists. Not to mention he's a possible player of the year candidate. He would be a top 5 NBA draft pick if he came out, maybe top 3. I know I would love to see him in a Detroit Pistons uniform.

After losing to Kentucky in a Sweet 16 matchup, he announced he would be coming back to Columbus.

“I did make a decision and I’m definitely coming back next year,” Sullinger said. “I need to work on a lot of things. I have to come back. I’m coming back to win.”

Whether he follows through on that promise remains to be seen. We've seen this one before. Star player says he's coming back and then changes his mind when those high dollar figures start getting thrown around.

If he does come back he'll be playing for a young Buckeyes team that will reload with top notch talent once again.

"I'm going to be an Ohio State Buckeye next year," he said at his post-game press conference following Friday night's tournament loss to Kentucky as reported by ESPN. "This isn't why I came here, to come in here and see my seniors in here crying."

"I came here to win a national championship," he added. ""I'm a man of my word. I don't change my word and no one changes it for me. This is what I want."

With the NBA's current labor situation in question that would be a good decision. For Ohio State fans they better hope this doesn't end up like Shareef Abdur-Rahim's press conference in a few weeks.


Thursday, March 24, 2011

Coach Wanted To Fight Jaromir Jagr

This comes from Yahoo sports' Puck Daddy blog.(http://sports.yahoo.com/nhl/blog/puck_daddy/post/Jaromir-Jagr-s-KHL-coach-wanted-to-fight-him-aft?urn=nhl-wp974)

Never a dull moment in the KHL, it seems.

During the seventh playoff game between Jaromir Jagr's Avangard Omsk and Sergei Fedorov's(notes) Metallurg Magnitogorsk, which Metallurg won to advance to the next round to play Alexander Radulov's(notes) Salavat Yulaev, the news surfaced that Avangard fired their coach before the second period of that Game 7.

Avangard claimed that this was not the case and that Raimo Summanen, the coach, was having "health issues" before the game. The team said he was not fired at all, but sent to Finland for medical check ups.

NHL fans may remember Summanen from his days in the NHL with the Edmonton Oilers. Summanen has a 1984 Stanley Cup ring and can actually be seen on the first Edmonton Oilers Stanley Cup winning picture, even though his name was not engraved on the Cup because he did not officially qualify, having played only two regular season and five playoff games for the Oilers.

Now, after his departure, Avangard players shed some light on their now former head coach, whom they said had a major conflict with the players. According to an anonymous member of the team:

"He made Jaromir Jagr the scapegoat of the playoffs. Summanen even went after Jagr with his fists after [a Game 6 victory] in Magnitogorsk. He was jumping around [Jagr], challenged him to a fight. Jagr, of course, didn't want to fight."

Kirill Belyakov from Sovetsky Sport spoke with some players from Avangard who didn't want to disclose their names. Among their comments:

"He [coach] couldn't work with anyone! The Finn just got us with the constant F-bombs. And that was happening the entire season... Everything was building up for a long time. Summanen psychologically pressured players, putting them down. And in the playoffs you know what kind of pressure there is. So all the guys couldn't take it anymore and told him everything we thought about him."

Who does he think he is, Bob Knight?

Virginia Tech Player Charged With Child Abuse.

This story is on the negative end of the spectrum. It involves the harming of child. I don't know to what extent but it's never good news when you hear something like this.

In a story on roanoke.com, Virginia Tech redshirt sophmore split end Xavier Boyce and his girlfriend Olivia Hutchins, were arrested and charged in connection with injuries to his infant child.

Police believe the child was injured Jan. 31 at the couple's home in the 1200 block of University City Boulevard in Blacksburg, police said. They did not say in what way the child was hurt.

Both were released on unsecured $5,000 bonds. In my opinion, they should've had a higher bond.

There's not much else to go on right now and I'm sure more details will come out later.

Monday, March 21, 2011

Quote Of The Week: Bill Simmons

Bill Simmons is one of my favorite columnists to keep up with. He always has a good movie/tv reference for a sports moment.

Here he is on Twitter with a reference about the Chicago Bulls.

 I watch the 2011 Bulls with the same "Uh oh, they're hungry" look that Mickey had during Clubber Lang's fights.

Mark Price Possibly Interested In Georgia Tech Job

According to Dennis Scott and a person who wished to remain anonymous, former Georgia Tech point guard Mark Price would like to return as head coach. I don't know how true this is but I don't think Tech is going to go this route, but it would be interesting.

The last legend I can think of that went back to coach his alma mater was when Clyde Drexler returned to coach the Houston Cougars and that went didn't go so well. Tech has more resources so this actually could work out.

Tech athletic director Dan Radakovich hasn't said who he is considering to replace Paul Hewitt. Price has declined to comment, other than to text that "he wants whoever is best for GT."

Scott and former Tech player Drew Barry seem excited about the prospect of Price coaching the Yellow Jackets, even though he lacks major head coaching experience.

"Every coach has to start somewhere," said Scott, who played at Tech from 1988-90. "Why not start at your alma mater? You've got loads and loads of experience, loads and loads of knowledge to share with young kids. It's all about putting the right staff around you. If you look at a lot of the great coaches, they have great assistant coaches."

I would just like to see Tech get back to its roots, see Tech basketball get back to its roots," said Barry.  

I don't know how much pull they have with the AD, because Price will have some competition for the job. Coaches rumored to be candidates are Richmond's Chris Mooney and VCU's Shaka Smart. New Mexico assistant and former Tech player Craig Neal is also rumored to be a candidate for the job.

 Source: ajc.com

Vick's Old Home A Possible Dog Haven

A non profit group is exploring the idea of buying Michael Vick's old Virginia home and turning it into a haven for rescue dogs to run free while at the same time being house-trained and socialized for eventual adoption.

The same 15 acre estate that Vick financed a dog fighting ring.

Monica Severy, founder of Dogs Deserve Better, said she would leave the grim kennels that once housed fighting dogs in place as a memorial of sorts. "The dogs deserve for this to be seen," she said. "It's an important piece of history."

The group has to raise $600,000 for the full sale price, so they have a long way to go before this is a done deal. i have to wonder would Vick ever be allowed to visit if this ever comes to fruition.

Source: UPI.com

Sunday, March 20, 2011

Dallas Cowboys Start Clothing Line

The Dallas Cowboys have found another revenue stream. They've started their own clothing line called nineteen60, a reference to their inaugural season.

Here's a description from dallascowboys.com.

The Dallas Cowboys are proud to announce the release of their new apparel line, Nineteen60. Nineteen60 is an upscale, understated, fashion forward line for the Dallas Cowboys most discerning fans. It features unique, detailed pieces for both men and women and is designed for the fashion conscious male and female fan looking for more than just a t-shirt. This line will appeal to the trendsetting fan in both the boardroom and at the tailgate. It is tradition, style and luxury. You've never seen Cowboys fans dressed like this.

Once again it looks like the Cowboys are ahead of the curve when it comes to expanding their brand. I wouldn't look for other teams to follow suit though. For the Cowboys sake they better hope the clothing line performs better than the team did in their first season in 1960. The Cowboys were 0-11-1 that season.

Is Mike Anderson Heading To Arkansas?

Is Missouri head basketball coach Mike Anderson heading to Arkansas? I guess it depends on who you ask.

There are differing opinions about where Anderson will be coaching next year. A Twitter post from Chris Lincoln, sports director of KTUL-TV in Tulsa, indicated that Anderson is the man at Arkansas. “Reports out of Arkansas say Mizzou coach Mike Anderson to be introduced tomorrow in Fayetteville as Razorbacks new head basketball coach.”

CBSSports.com's Gary Parrish cited a source, saying Anderson is “close to reaching an agreement in principle to become Arkansas’ men’s basketball coach, but a deal has not been finalized.” CBSSports.com also reported that “there are still things to work out,” but “barring a breakdown it appears Anderson will ultimately leave Missouri for Arkansas.”

Anderson's former mentor, Nolan Richardson, could not confirm or deny such speculation.

“I didn’t know anything about him going there,” Richardson said. 

When asked about Anderson's intentions about returning to Arkansas and if Anderson has had any contact with the Razorbacks, Richardson had this to say. “Maybe. Maybe not. I don’t know. He probably would. But I know Mike is out working right now. I don’t think he has (had conversations with Arkansas). I don’t think he has done that.”

Right now Anderson is saying all the right things regarding his status at Missouri, which usually means that someone is ready to jump ship. At least that's what typically happens. Anderson said he wouldn't deal with the Arkansas rumors Thursday.

“I’m excited about what’s taking place at Missouri and I plan on being at Missouri,” Anderson told the Columbia Daily Tribune. “That’s the bottom line. We’ve done some great things and we’ll continue to do some great things. I’ve got a young basketball team.”

I guess we'll have to stay tuned to see how this plays out.



Friday, March 18, 2011

Rose Aims To Smooth Things Over With Hill

Jalen Rose said he wants to give Grant Hill a hug, talk things over and continue a good relationship with the former Duke star. Rose also said the media and the public sensationalized him calling Hill "an Uncle Tom" during the ESPN Fab Five documentary he produced.

In the detnews.com article, Rose said that people made too much of the controversial comment.

"Please stress I was discussing what I said or thought as a high school recruit," Rose said. "People say that I am a racist. Well the last time I checked I am black and he (Hill) was black. If anything, it was a social economic issue. I was an urban youth and I said I was jealous of that. I was motivated by that.

"Now at the point I am in life, I want that for my family. The way his family raised him is the way I am trying to raise my kids. So for people to fast forward saying that what I believed as a kid is the same I believe as an adult is ignorant."

This may sound biased, but you can't say this is how a man feels twenty years down the road. True, Rose had some disparaging things to say back then. Key words "back then". Stop jumping down this man's throat for something he felt as a youth. I'm sure there are many of us in white and black America who may have thought ill of someone you thought was "trying to be black" or "acting white". It still goes on today.

What he said wasn't right but at least he had the guts to say it where others keep their feelings in the closet.

Would Duke have gone after Rose, a top-10 player, if he had the perfect background? Yes. Would Hill have been on Duke's list if he came from Rose's background? No, and therein lies Rose's point. Class and race play a factor in whom Duke chooses to recruit.

Former Pro Bowl Receiver Drew Hill Hospitalized

Former Pro Bowl receiver Drew Hill has been hospitalized in Atlanta and is in very serious condition battling a brain related condition.

Hill played 14 years in the NFL, most notably for the Los Angeles Rams and Houston Oilers. He enjoyed his best years in Houston.

In a story from cbssports.com , said that Hill was on the golf course when he took ill, and was transmitted to Piedmont Hospital. After Hill was diagnosed with high blood pressure, he departed the hospital, but then was subsequently re-admitted when he experienced headaches. Sources close to the Hill family said that Hill was being treated for a stroke or aneurism. Hospital officials won't discuss his condition.

Michigan Thumps Tennessee; Harris Says His Team Quit

The Tennessee Volunteers entered the NCAA tournament with a cloud of uncertainty hanging over their program. The Michigan Wolverines entered the tournament with confidence, feeling they could play with anyone. On the court in today's meeting between the two teams Tennessee played listless and didn't do coach Bruce Pearl any favors and Michigan continued to play with the confidence they exhibited throughout the second half of the year.

Pearl who pretty much has one foot out the door for lying to NCAA investigators, wasn't given a vote of confidence by athletic director Mike Hamilton before the tournament. Hamilton stated in a radio interview that the "jury was still out" regarding Pearl's status. Not exactly the right thing to say before the tournament. If he tried to turn this into a Bo Schembechler moment, he failed miserably. You would think the players would come together and have a win one for the gipper moment. The Volunteers simply couldn't muster up that effort. It led to freshman forward Tobias Harris questioning his teammates' heart and saying they quit. Based on their performance he may not be too far off.

"We just didn't play with heart out there," Harris said. "Michigan came out and made shots and we just did a terrible job of trying to cover them. On the offensive end, we rushed too many shots. Basically, just quit."

Anyone who thinks Tennessee should get rid of Pearl, think about what the program was before he got to Knoxville. So be careful what you wish for.

As for Michigan, a date with long time nemesis Duke awaits. I don't expect them to win, but I do expect them to play with the confidence, grit, and heart they've played with all year. The Wolverines have shown they can play with the nation's elite. They were close losses, but with a few more breaks they could've won those games. I know horseshoes and hand grenades. I believe Michigan can make this game competitive and possibly throw a scare into the Blue Devils. If they play like they did today against Tennessee they could possibly pull what could be the tournament's biggest upset.

Stu Douglass is looking forward to the next round.

"It was a great rivalry, great history," Douglass said, "and it's a new day."

Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Dallas Clark Doing Some Acting On The Side

With the NFL lockout now a reality, Indianapolis Colts tight end Dallas Clark has a side hustle. He's acting. Clark will be playing a detective on the CBS crime drama Criminal Minds. The report at indystar.com says the episode will be airing on April 13.

Clark says acting has always been a dream of his and it's not money motivated.

"This has nothing to do with money," he said during a phone interview Wednesday. "This is fulfilling a dream of mine of being an actor."

Clark took some acting classes in college and met one of the show's writers there. The writer thought to put Clark in one of the episodes. Clark will have two lines in the show. He's hoping to do more after this appearance.

"I've got two lines to impress somebody. That's my goal. I've got to impress someone," Clark said. "Maybe I could do an Allstate commercial, you know, like you're in good hands."

That would be a good career choice after his playing days are over. With football you never know when that will be. 

Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Griffin Calls Capel Firing "Unfair"

It came as a surprise to many that Oklahoma decided to fire head basketball coach Jeff Capel. I wasn't floored but it caught me off guard. Considering the Sooners had to bounce back frm a difficult two years, I thought Capel should've been given more time to get things back on track in Norman.

Blake Griffin was bothered by the firing and labeled it as "unfair" and said OU was "piling it on". (  http://sports.espn.go.com/ncb/news/story?id=6221727)

"What bothers me the most is that everyone is saying he did all of this when Blake Griffin was there," Griffin said. "Well to me, you say he deserves no credit when a certain player is there and then, when things go bad, throw all the blame on him. To me, they're piling it on. He took over the program after Kelvin Sampson and all of those sanctions and he put his faith in everyone. This is what he gets? Within two years we're in the tournament and now two years later he's fired? It's completely unfair."

"As soon as he got the job he started recruiting me and we were in it together," Griffin said. "When I committed to Oklahoma, it wasn't a popular thing to do at the time but I went because of Coach Capel. We all take pride in what we did there and what we built and for them to turn their backs on him so quickly, it really disappoints me."

After Griffin left, Capel quickly reloaded with freshman Tommy Mason-Griffin and big man Keith "Tiny" Gallon along with highly regarded returnee Willie Warren. That squad fell flat and Capel never could find the right combinations. There was some off court trouble and Gallon, Warren, and Mason Griffin left town. The NCAA came around again regarding a loan given to Gallon.

"I understand you have to win and I understand the coaching carousel," Griffin said. "And I know about the NCAA but he has said he knew nothing about it and I believe him. Besides, look around at some other coaches and what has happened. They're still coaching. In comparison to Oklahoma, you can't even compare it."

Regardless of what happened, Griffin still has love for the college he went to. He just thinks it wasn't right that the coach he played for was fired.

"I just want people to know the respect I have for Coach Capel and to let people know that I feel like they're giving him a really unfair boot," Griffin said. "I don't claim to know everything when it comes to basketball, but I do know a great coach. He's a great coach and I think Oklahoma has made a mistake."

Capel was once an up and comer in the coaching ranks. Maybe he'll get another shot elsewhere since there are some recent openings.


How Vikings Punter Chris Kluwe Spends Part Of His Free Time

For some reason it seems like there have been a lot of stories involvng Minnesota Vikings players this offseason, both good and bad. There was Bryant McKinnie blowing $100,000 at a party, conerback Chris Cook brandishing guns in Virginia, the Williams wall and their legal fight and Adrian Peterson's slavery rant.

Punter Chris Kluwe spends his time as a bass guitaristin a rock band called tripping icarus. I'm not hip to rock music so I wouldn't know if this was good or bad. At least he's doing something that doesn't make the police blotter or out blowing money during a time when he should be saving.

Here's a sample of him playing with the band.


Quote Of The Week: Don King

After seeing this I had to give this week's award to Don King.

"I have a PhD in Caucasianism."

He also says he graduated from the university of the ghetto the school of hardknocks and broken dreams and describes his political affiliation as "republicrat."

Sunday, March 13, 2011

Chris Cook Arrested For Brandishing A Gun

Minnesota Vikings cornerback Chris Cook isn't doing a good job of using his time wisely during the NFL lockout.

According to a story at nationalfootballpost.com, Cook was arrested Saturday night in Lynchburg,Virginia after pulling a gun during a fight.

Now my logic says you don't pull a gun on anyone unless you're in immediate danger. I don't know the extent of the situation so I really couldn't say why he pulled it. My logic also says that if you're gonna pull a gun you better use it. Don't get me wrong because I don't advocate violence, but why get in trouble for brandishing a weapon and not use it, when the person you pulled it on may exact revenge.

We'll have to wait and see how the Vikings handle this and since the league can't contact players during the lockout we also have to see if something comes of this regarding Mr. Cook.

We know Roger Goodell doesn't play around when it comes to weapons offenses.      

Pelphrey Canned By Arkansas

When Arkansas head basketball coach John Pelphrey landed the number 7 recruiting class in the nation, it looked like he would get a stay of execution for another year to coach those players. Now it looks like he won't get that chance. Also those players may now be questioning their committmentsto the Razorbacks.

A source told ESPN.com that Pelphrey will be let go after 4 seasons at the school. Pelphrey learned of his fate during an end of the season meeting with Arkansas athletics director Jeff Long Sunday morning. Though the exact number isn't given in his employment contract, Pelphrey's buyout is believed to be in the neighborhood of $1.8 million to be paid out over three years.

Arkansas failed to make the NCAA tournament the last three years, which seemed to be his undoing in Fayetteville. Not to mention the off court troubles of the program that saw 15 players suspended during Pelphrey's tenure.

Who coaches the Razorbacks now that Pelphrey is gone? I don't know. Word is that they'll go after Missouri's Mike Anderson, who was an assistant under former coach Nolan Richardson. If they can't land him they might go after Marquette's Buzz Williams. No matter who it is, they'll be in the market for a high profile coach. That'll be crucial to the recruits that have pledged to come on board next season.   

Saturday, March 12, 2011

Leyland Better Get Used To The Cabrera Questions

Detroit Tigers manager Jim Leyland says he's tired of all the questions about slugger Miguel Cabrera. Earth to Leyland: Get used to it. The questions aren't going away anytime soon. At least right now anyway. That's what happens when your best player acts like a buffoon while drinking himself into oblivion. What in the world made him go into a restaurant threatning to shoot and kill people. I never mad those threats on my wors drinking night. Usually you try to make it somewhere to pass out.

Team president and general manager Dave Dombrowski is hitching his and Leyland's immediate future to Cabrera. And how does Cabrera repay them? By going out and behaving like some college frat boy. Right now they look like enablers which isn't a good thing. Which means that reporters and writers will be asking questions about him as long as the Tigers haven't hardlined Cabrera, and that day ain't coming anytime soon.

It'll be hard for the general public to move past Cabrera follies, if you want to label it as such, as long as the organizational powers enable him to act in an irresponsible manner. The Tigers hired Raul Gonzalez to babysit Cabrera for this season. Whether this works or not I don't know. I call it more of a smoke screen. Cabrera can still go out and get blasted, and have Raul drive him home and help him to his couch and make sure he gets to the ballpark on time the next day. I think it's more of an enabling process than trying to help the guy. And yes he does need help.

There will be more questions coming and no matter how pissed you get Jimmy they're gonna keep coming. The vague answers aren't good enough. The reporters don't want to hear about what shape he's in or how he's gonna have his best season ever. What they want to know is whether you guys are going to give him some legitimate help off the field. What they want to know is if he's a functioning alcoholic, if he does this all the time or are his previous incidents just a blip. I'm betting that it's more of a problem than Leyland or Dombrowski are letting us know.

As a Tigers fan I won't be hypocritical, because I know I'll be rooting for the guy on the field. I don't expect anyone to agree with me. But he really needs to get it together off the field and they need to get him some real help and not a babysitter. By doing that all they're doing is enabling his activity and saying he doesn't have a problem, which is what Cabrera's probably saying to the Tigers.   

Marshall Avoids Another Tragedy

In November of 1970 37 members of the Marshall University football team along with 8 memebers of the coaching staff and 25 boosters died in a plane crash in West Virginia. The crash and the way the program was put back together was mad into a movie, "We Are Marshall".

On Wednesday night, history almost repeated itself. Members of the coaching staff were on a plane that had to make an emergency landing in Louisville,Kentucky. A very scary case of deja vu.

From CBSSports.com: Around 6 p.m. on Wednesday, a landing gear malfunction aboard ComAir Flight 5359 diverted a flight bound for Charleston from Atlanta to Lexington. The flight included Marshall’s entire offensive coaching staff and two of its defensive coaches.

Entering into its final descent, the landing gear finally came down on the plane and a crash-landing was averted as the coaches made their way off the flight safe and sound.

I've flown a few times and consider myself lucky not to have any kind of turbulence on those flights. I know I would've feared for my life considering history.

 “On our way back, we kept circling flying into Charleston — three times,”tight ends coach Phil Ratliff told the Huntington Herald-Dispatch. “He (the pilot) went back up in the air and we knew something was wrong.

“The crew basically came back and told us that they were diverting us to Lexington. They didn’t say it but if we had to crash land, it was a bigger runway.

“You grow up hearing about this for 40 years. For this to happen 40 years later, it was just unbelievable. We were all praying. It was calm, but we were definitely praying. It was a situation that you never want to go — thinking about your family, having your life go before your eyes. It was just unbelievable.”
Fortunately everyone on the flight was safe and unharmed. That had to be a scary situation for everyone involved.

Friday, March 11, 2011

Don King Puts $1 Million On Mayorga vs. Cotto

Well known boxing promoter Don King has been known to bet on his fighters as well as the opponent. Saturday night one of his fighters, Ricardo Mayorga, will be taking on Miguel Cotto, for Cotto's super welterweight title.

The fight should be an entertaining one with Mayorga's wild, drunken style against Cotto's natural boxing skills that have been honed by legendary trainer Emanuel Steward.

With this being a Don King promotion, along with rival promoter Bob Arum, that should add to the entertainment factor. Add this in also. King has bet $1 million dollars on Mayorga. Now maybe King knows something we the public don't know or he's just smarter than us. I think he would claim the latter. Mayorga is an 8-1 underdog and even though he has fought with the best, he's slowing down. If I'm King I would bet a few million on Cotto to cover possible losses. King is a sly fox so you never know what can happen.  

Thursday, March 10, 2011

Sacramento Sports Director Plays A Joke On Kings Fans

From Mediabistro.com

It was a cruel bit of hype for KTXL‘s 10 p.m. newscast: about an hour before the broadcast, sports director Jim Crandell, who has been nicknamed “Scoopmeister” by the Sacramento Bee, tweeted, “Coming up in my show at 10PM, David Stern makes the announcement no Kings wants to hear…”

Sacramento sports fans have been anxiously waiting a decision on whether or not their beloved Kings will move to Anaheim after the season. Last month, NBA commissioner David Stern expressed his discontent with the stadium situation in Sacramento and confirmed that a move was possible. Had Crandell landed a scoop that would break the hearts of sports fans in the city?

It turns out that, no, he hadn’t. After teasing the Stern soundbite throughout the newscast, Crandell merely played archival footage from 1985 of Stern (right) announcing that the Kings were moving to Sacramento from Kansas City, the franchise’s previous home. KTXL played the original footage first and then played it again with the cities crudely dubbed in so that it sounded like Stern was announcing a move from Sacramento to Anaheim.

The would-be joke sparked outrage among many viewers. The Kings are the only major sports team in Sacramento and the community’s enthusiasm has provided the team with one of the best home court advantages in the NBA.

After the scoop that wasn’t, Crandell had to deal with angry viewers on Twitter. “U seriously owe this city an apology for that BS u pulled 2night,” wrote one.


Crandell responded to Kings fan “LocalStreetHero” tweeting, “Wow, Local, you are one mad dude. Sorry you got so upset. Thankfully, most people took it in the spirit it was intended.”

Phil Jackson Not A Fan Of The Way The Heat Plays

Count on Los Angeles Lakers coach Phil Jackson to stoke the fire before a game. The Lakers play the Miami Heat tonight and Jackson told reporters that he's not a fan of their style of play. This isn't the first time Jackson has taken shots at the Heat. Jackson questioned Heat coach Erik Spoelstra's job security earlier this season.

Jackson said the Heat rely on 1-on-1 basketball and likened it to an X-Box video game. I partially agree with that because the offense really revolves around Dwayne Wade and LeBron James. My problem with Jackson is why can't he concentrate on his own team.

“I’m not a big fan of the style that Miami plays,” Jackson said. “I like to see everybody involved in the game.”

It's easier to get everyone involved when you've coached cold blooded assassin's (Kobe Bryant, Michael Jordan) and a one man gang (Shaquille O'Neal). Everyone just has to fit into their role and embrace it. The Heat haven't figured out who will play what role. It would also help to have a decent point guard and center.

“I think that’s really important to basketball,” Jackson said. “That’s what I’m trying to preach as a basketball coach, even though we have a guy that dominates the ball in Kobe (Bryant). Their basketball is very much standing with Xbox games or whatever those games are. Basketball’s not a 1-on-1 game. It’s a team game.”

When you have Kobe, Pau Gasol, and Lamar Odom it can make being a coach a lot easier.

The Heat don't play team ball and never will. Jackson has earned the right to criticize any team in the NBA and anyone with a brain realizes that. Even if the Heat played team ball they don't have what it takes to win an NBA Championship. They don't have a center or point guard not to mention a bench.

The reality of the situation is that LeBron quit on the Cavs in the Celtics series and that is his nature and it won't change. Wade and LeBron don't fit without a point guard that is a great ball handler, passer and defensive skills that demand their respect. That point guard is in Boston. Even with this being said there simply isn't enough basketball's on the court at one time and thats why Bosh is crying. Miami would have been better off with just the acquisition of Bosh. Sometimes less is better. Bosh would have complimented Wades's game. LeBron takes away from his game. Maybe Derrick Rose knew something we didn't, even though he says he never said he didn't want to play with LeBron.


Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Cabrera Needs To Lay Off The Sauce

After giving a Florida cop the middle finger, baseball star Miguel Cabrera shouted at police, “Fucking shoot me, kill me” when ordered to drop to his knees so that officers could handcuff him, according to a sheriff’s report.

The 27-year-old athlete, busted last month in Fort Pierce for drunk driving, also stated, “Fuck you. Do you know who I am? I’m Miguel Cabrera, I play for the Detroit Tigers, you don’t know my family.”

A second document--a statement given to cops by bar manager Fletcher Nail--recounts an incident shortly before Cabrera was arrested at the wheel of his Range Rover. Nail recalled that Cabrera arrived after last call and refused to leave Cowboys Bar-B-Q & Steak Co.

Nail said that Cabrera “leaned down close to my face” and said, “I will kill you.” Nail added that the ballplayer looked around the bar and added, “I know all of you, and I will kill all of you and blow this place up.” Another witness, a Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission agent, told investigators that Cabrera threatened him and Nail “by saying he had a gun in his bag for us.”

The investigative reports were included in documents released today by prosecutors in response to an open records request. Cabrera, who has previously acknowledged abusing alcohol, was busted for DUI, resisting arrest, and having an open container of alcohol in his car.

Source: TheSmokingGun.com

Tressel Is The Biggest Fraud In College Football

Jim Tressel is the most fraudulent human walking around right now. This isn't a biased opinion, it's damn true. I know it'll burn up the Ohio State faithful, but I don't care. The guy is a liar, cheat, and flat out dirty. it just isn't him either, the school president and athletic director are both cosigning this mountain of bullsherky.

He knew about his players selling their athletic gear/merchandise for eight months, but says he didn't want to put his players in danger. Ok Jim, you didn't know what to do. You call the compliance office and report the transgressions you dope! Instead you sit by and let things slide and basically play a whole season with ineligible players. Instead he offered the confidentiality defense. He covering up something and I can't wait for the NCAA to come to toen and blow the lid off Columbus. I'm not saying this because I'm a Michigan fan, only because if you're caught cheating you should get hammered. I mean major violations, not for spending 5 minutes extra on the practice field. I know it would give the Big Ten a black eye, especially since head honcho Jim Delany went to bat for the Buckeyes before the Sugar Bowl.

 The Ohio State Universtity has nearly 400 violations Tressel's watch. He had violations at Youngstown State. This isn't Ed Martin bad, but it's bad. In my opinion, this looks like lack of institutional control. There was the Maurice Clarett deal, the Troy Smith violation, and now this. Not to mention lots of minor violations that were self reported. I bet Ohio State is hoping that since they self reported so many times, the NCAA will have mercy on them. I hope the NCAA burns that program down like General Sherman. If they don't the NCAA are a bunch of hypocrites. If Dez Bryant can lose a year of football for lying to investigators, then the Buckeyes should be going on probation for Tressel's lies on top of lies.

Tressel should be fired for, just like Steve Fisher was ran out of Michigan for his role in the Ed Martin case. He knew about this and didn't say anything and now he's acting like he's actually sorry for this whole mess. I hate to say this though, Ohio State will get a slap on the wrist and will go on winning and competing for Big Ten titles and national championship. If I'm Pat Hill of Fresno State I'd be worried because somehow the mighty hammer of the NCAA will come down on you and your program, because that's the way the system works.      

Tuesday, March 8, 2011

The King May Be Going To Court

Miami Heat star LeBron James will have more than this current losing streak and crying teammates to worry about.

An Atlanta nightclub, The Opera, is suing James for failing to show up on an agreed upon appearance. The Opera nightclub’s complaint filed Monday in Fulton County Superior Court says James canceled a March 17 appearance for which he was supposed to be paid $25,000. The suit also names the owners of the rival Gold Room nightclub. Court papers say a representative for James accepted $15,500 in advance payments from Opera, then notified the club that James would appear at the Gold Room.

Damn, it's just a one hour appearance. Just show up, pop a bottle and leave. And to the owners of The Opera. I know you guys want to draw a crowd, but when dealing with entertainers make sure they're gonna be there. I know you gotta pay up front, but get an agreement in writing if you have to.

Lebron, stop flaking out on club appearances. This looks like a doing of Maverick Carter.


Top 5 Teams That Didn't Win The NCAA Tournament

Since it's March Madness time, I decided to do a little research and came up with a list of the top teams that never won the NCAA tournament. I'll say this, my list won't be one that most agree upon , but I think it will be tough to dispute. This list comes from 1980 to present day.

5. 1991 Arkansas Razorbacks- The Razorbacks were deep, talented, and athletic as any team in the nation which includes the dominant UNLV team that failed to win that year.  They just didn't have UNLV's mental toughness. Led by Todd Day, Lee Mayberry, big man Oliver Miller, and coached by Mr. 40 minutes of hell, Nolan Richardson.

For all the talent they had, for some reason they couldn't put it together come tournament time. Arizona State gave them all they could handle in the second round and people started questioning whether Arkansas had what it takes to make it to the Final Four. They seemed to answer that question when they dismantled Alabama, a team that gave them fits in the SEC. Then they ran into a hot Kansas team and it looked like the Razorbacks tried to out-talent the Jayhawks instead of outplaying them.

Everyone figured it would be UNLV vs. Arkansas for all the marbles but both teams came up short. The Hogs finished 34-4.

5a. 1991 LSU Tigers- Any team with Shaquille O'Neal, Chris Jackson (Abdul Mahmoud Rauf), and Stanley Roberts belong on my list. The Tigers underperformed most of the year finishing with a 23-9 record. The supporting cast wasn't that bad either outside of LSU's big three. The problem was that Dale Brown couldn't coach his way out of a paper bag. I know he did more with less previously, but when he had serious talent he couldn't win.

The Tigers bowed out in the second round of the 1990 NCAA tournament to Georgia Tech and Lethal Weapon 3 (Dennis Scott, Brian Oliver, and Kenny Anderson) in a 94-91 thriller. What I remember from that game was Shaq and Stanley blocking every shot Georgia Tech's centers put up and Jackson missing an off balance three that ended the season of a team that started ranked number two in the country.

A serious waste of talent as Jackson went pro and Muslim, Roberts flunked out and went overseas and Shaq saw zone defenses for two more years.

4.  1993 Michigan Wolverines- The Fab Five was at full strength for two years and ran roughshod over the college basketball world. Although they looked undisciplined at times these kids could flat out play.

After falling short against Duke in the 1991 finals as freshman, it was predetermined that the championship was theirs for the taking as long as they were in Ann Arbor.

When the Wolverines won the Maui Invitational, beating eventual national champion North Carolina and Final Four participant Kansas, many figured the Wolverines would run to a top seed and Big Ten title. They got a top seed but not a Big Ten crown, being edged out by Indiana twice by one point.

In the tournament they got a second round scare, having to go to overtime against UCLA and close games against George Washington and Temple. Somewhere John Chaney is still seething. After beating Kentucky in the semifinals, I figured that Michigan had the title in the bag. The game against Kentucky was one of those games where everyone says "the winner of this game will win the championship". Well, we all know what happened in the championship, close game, the timeout that wasn't, ballgame thanks for coming. Michigan lost to North Carolina 77-71 to finish 30-4.

Chris Webber left for the NBA and the fabs were no more.

3. 1991 UNLV Runnin Rebels- It was a close call to put this team at number three. They were one of the most dominant teams to ever hit the hardwood. Others will point out that they played in the Big West, but when they went out of conference they blew them out as well, Check out the scores over NCAA tourney teams Louisville, Michigan State, Princeton, Rutgers, Florida State, and Arkansas. The Arkansas game was a 1 vs. 2 matchup on the road and the even though the score ended up 112-105 the second half wasn't that close.

It was only a matter of time before the college basketball world crowned Jerry Tarkanian and the Runnin Rebels for a second straight year. They won in dominant fashion, but they didn't blow everyone out like they did in the regular season. The Tarkanian's worse fear happened. They played Duke in the semis, a team they steamrolled by 30 in the championship game the year before.

Duke knocked off the Rebels 79-77 in one of college basketball's biggest upsets. I think it's one of college basketball's biggest shams. I don't know which players were responsible, but someone shaved some points or outright threw the game. And I'll die believing that until I'm convinced Duke won straight up.

The Rebels finished 34-1 and haven't tasted the success they had since Tark the Shark was ran off campus.

2. 1985 Georgetown Hoyas- It pains me to put the Hoyas at number two, since they also were the most dominant of that year. Led by Patrick Ewing, the Hoyas smothered teams on defense and were efficient on offense. They had a two game slide when they were knocked off by St. John's and Syracuse in back to back games, but later avenged both losses.

The Hoyas had really had no top notch competition as they ran through all comers until the Georgia Tech game in the Elite Eight. Then they had the misfortune of trying to beat a Villanova team for a third time. Georgetown escaped the Wildcats twice in the regular season but couldn't complete the sweep as they fell to Villanova 66-64 in the finals.

Georgetown finished 31-3.

1. 1983 Houston Cougars- Yes youngsters, the Houston Cougars made Final Fours and actually have a proud history, they've yet to restore. I place Houston at number one for one reason. They made three straight Final Fours and came up short each time. Houston's failures were based on bad timing, defections, and a cinderella miracle finish.

In 1982 they played North Carolina in the semis, led by James Worthy, Michael Jordan, and Sam Perkins. They lost shooting guard Rob Williams to the NBA after that season. And in 1984 they went up against a Patrick Ewing led Georgetown team and lost Clyde Drexler to the league after the '83 season. Which means I have to explain 1983.

This team had serious talent, even with the loss of Williams. Drexler, Larry Michaeux, Michael Young, and a young Hakeem Olajuwon, when he was still Akeem. Take this into account, Olajuwon barely played in '82. Coach Guy Lewis championed the dunk calling it a high percentage shot and Houston dunked so much they started a fraternity called Phi Slamma Jamma.

The Cougars went 31-3 that year, but they were the most entertaining, high octane team in college. They played in an epic semifinal game against Louisville's Doctors of Dunk and won 94-81. Another game in which the "winner of this game should win it all". There was a fly in the ointment called North Carolina State.
The Wolfpack slowed the game down and controlled tempo. Drexler was hit by early foul trouble and Houston couldn't get it going. When they did get it going, they went up by five until Guy Lewis went all Thomas Hearns on me and slowed it back down ( check the first Hearns vs. Leonard fight, when Hearns started boxing and let Leonard back in the fight), going four corners and playing right into N.C. State's hands.

The came the coup degrace, when the Wolfpack's Dereck Whittenburg threw up a long airball only to have Lorenzo Charles dunk in the miss. What a way to lose. By your favorite weapon. No matter what I'll always love Phi Slamma Jamma.

Honorable Mention- 1981-1983 Virginia Cavaliers, 1980-1981 DePaul Blue Demons, 1992 Indiana Hoosiers, 1999 Duke Blue Devils


Sunday, March 6, 2011

Quote Of The Week: David Haye

The Wladmir Klitschko-David Haye fight has finally been finalized after a few years of trash talk between both fighters. Klitschko just pulled out of a fight with Derek Chisora, so let's hope that there are no injuries that derail the fight. Also we'll finally be able to see if Haye can back up all his woofing he's been doing since joining the heavyweight division.

Haye provided the press with this nice statement when speaking on the fight finally being made.

“Klitschko is ready made for me. I eat tall, chinny Eastern European heavyweights for breakfast. Wladimir is a fighter that doesn’t like to fight,” said Haye. 

I do believe Wladmir can be had. Whether Haye is the one able to pull it off remains to be seen. We'll finally be able to see the end result in late June or early July. 

Kansas And Missouri Fans Angry Over Switch

Yesterday on CBS there was three minutes left in the Kansas-Missouri game and the network pulled the switch on the game, changing to Michigan-Michigan State or Arizona-Oregon, all depending on where you lived.

Fans in Kansas and Missouri weren't too happy about it. Of course some took to Twitter to voice their displeasure.

The Kansas City CBS affiliate offered an apology, but the fans weren't buying it. You can fool some some of the time but not all of the time. 

Saturday, March 5, 2011

Kardashian Says Humphries Loves Singing

Kim Kardashian says that her current flavor of the month, New Jersey Nets forward Kris Humphries has a secret passion for singing. She says that he sings that ridiculous song Jam (Turn It Up) that was just released, over the phone to her.

"Kris loves it, he sings it to me on the phone,"  says Kardashian. I guess I'd sing it too and claim I liked it if I were with her, especially if it led to some special extracurricular activities . Let's hope Humphries doesn't decide to embark on a singing career. If anything form a barbershop quartet or stick to karaoke. Translation, Humphries shouldn't quit his day job and neither should Kardashian.

McGrady Not Happy With Current Demotion

After the dust settled in Detroit (no pun intended), Detroit Pistons head coach John Kuester has given everyone a clean slate regarding playing time.Those that practice hard will be rewarded. There's even been a Richard Hamilton sighting the past few games. That hasn't made everyone happy in Pistonland.

Tracy McGrady has been on the pine since the mystery protest and he isn't too happy about it. He responded to a question on Twitter about his situation in Detroit with "Looks like I'm (a) day late and dollar short."

He also was asked about finishing his career with the Chicago Bulls, McGrady responded by saying, "That would be a good look."

It might be a good look in Chicago since they have a few non descript players on the wing, except for Luol Deng.

McGrady has played well at times this season, but I wouldn't bring him back and committ to a full time youth movement. That would serve the Pistons better than trying to hang on to the veterans on the team.

Hines Ward Might Be Dancing With A Bad Knee

After Super Bowl XLV, Pittsburgh Steelers wide receiver Hines Ward underwent a surgical procedure on his left knee. All seems to be well as of now, but the Steelers might be a little concerned since Ward will be on ABC's Dancing With The Stars.

The surgery was to remove some cartilage, and Ward doesn't seem to be alarmed about possibly injuring his knee while going through what some would consider a recreational activity. He seems more worried about his feet, since he's been wearing those dancing shoes that can't be all that comfy.

"I'm not going to be jumping up or sliding all over the floor, but at the same time the knee is fine," Ward told Scott Brown of the Pittsburgh Tribune-Review. "I wouldn't jeopardize the football season over Dancing With the Stars. The doctors wouldn't have cleared me to do this. I don't think coach (Mike) Tomlin would have given me the OK if I wasn't ready."

If I were Tomlin I would've told him to stay off the show, but that's just me.  

The Bengals Insist They Won't Trade Palmer

The Cincinnati Bengals are standing their ground in the Carson Palme drama. They insist that Palmer will play in Cincy or retire. Knowing Palmer he'll think he's better off retiring than going back to Cincinnati. And knowing stubborn Mike Brown he'll keep him there, which I consider stupid.

Joe Reedy of he Cincinnati Enquirer asked a team official about Palmer being on the market and got this response. “When asked if Palmer was indeed on the market, a team official said that the organization’s stance toward the ninth-year quarterback has not changed — he will be playing here or retire.”

Considering all the quarterback starved teams in the NFL, the Bengals would be wise to move Palmer while they can still get some value for him. I'm sure the Arizona Cardinals would pay half a king's ransom to land a quarterback after the struggles they faced without Kurt Warner last season. It would set the Bengals back, but they've been set back for a while so I really don't think it matters if they trade him or not. He's regressed since the knee injury he suffered in the playoff game against Pittsburgh a few years back and hasn't been the same player. He could benefit from a change of scenery and become the player he once was. Also if the Bengals receive a good haul for Palmer it could make more for retooling than rebuilding.

If Palmer wants out, ship him out of town. I'm sure they'll get a good deal for a proven quarterback that still has a lot left. With te dysfunctional Bengals franchise, I'm sure he wants to go to where the grass is greener. Mike Brown needs to see the light and stop trying to be a hardliner and just trade the guy instead of flushing his career down the toilet.

Friday, March 4, 2011

Murder Was The Case

Former Los Angeles/Oakland Raider Anthony Smith has been charged with murder according to a report by Ann Simmons of the Los Angeles Times. Smith and two other men were charged with killing a 31 year old Lancaster man, Maurillio Ponce,  in October 2008.

Reports say the victim was beaten and shot several times before he was dumped near the Antelope Valley poppy fields. Charles Eric Honest and Dewann Wesley White were also charged.

Smith was a former first round draft pick of the Raiders back in 1990 out of the University of Arizona and played with the Raiders from 1991-1998.

This also wasn't his first brush with the law. Smith waas charged with arson of a Simply Sofas furniture store in Santa Monica, when he thought it would be wise to firebomb the store after a dispute over a few hundred dollars and a statue on consignment.

There's no truth to the rumor the Cincinnati Bengals are trying to lure Smith out of retirement.

Loose Ends

When was the last time you heard of a hockey player being tossed for a loose jersey? Same here. It hardly happens if it happens at all. Kris Letang of the Pittsburgh Penguins had it happen to him.

Letang received a game misconduct for not having his jersey tied down. He didn't loop the belt through the tab on the back of his jersey which was caught while he was duking it out with Travis Zajac of the New Jersey Devils.

How about that? Getting kicked out for not tying up some loose ends and not for fighting. Well as they say rules are rules. But rules are made to be broken and this is one the NHL should've let go. At least let him go to the locker room and have the equipment manager hook him up.

Rule 46.13 states that jerseys not  “tied-down on”  on player who egnages in fisticuffs and that jersey become dislodged, a game misconduct must be called. A player doesn't receive the sanction if his jersey comes off even when its tied down due to equipment failure, although it does have to be reported to the NHL.  

I think this is a rule that sould be modified. 

Thursday, March 3, 2011

Western Michigan Player Gets One Game Suspension For Fight

Western Michigan forward Flenard Whitfield has been suspended one game for his part in a fight with Ball State's Matt Kamieniecki. Unsportsmanlike conduct is what they called it.

Both Whitfield and Kamieniecki received technical fouls. Whitfield earned the suspension for violating a Mid American Conference rule that prohibits a player from striking or physical abuse of a player, coach, or referee.

Check out the video to see if the punishment fits the crime.

Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Dick Vitale, Stan Van Gundy Rip The Pistons

The Detroit Pistons have been getting ripped from coast to to coast over the practice boycott last Friday. It is for good reason, because no team in recent memory has pulled a stunt like this. At least Latrell Sprewell had the guts to choke P.J. Carlesimo.

Dick Vitale and Orlando Magic head coach Stan Van Gundy had their say about practicegate and the players involved. Phil Jackson has already thrown his two cents so why not pile on.

Vitale appeared on Mike and Mike in the morning on ESPN radio and blasted the players for what they did.

“What happened in Detroit was absolutely absurd," Vitale said. "When those players did what they did in that mutiny, unbelievable. It is absolutely sad and a black eye and absolutely hurts the image of the NBA big time. When guys like, for example, (Austin) Daye and (Chris) Wilcox and (Rodney) Stuckey, they all apologize for being late because they overslept, they couldn't come to the shootaround, give me a break! You're making hundreds and hundreds of thousands of dollars, you're making millions playing a kids' game, and you're going to oversleep! And then there's the scenario where (Tayshaun) Prince and (Tracy) McGrady, they were sick, they couldn't go to the shootaround. Are you serious? That's absolutely a tragedy. And you know what? It breaks my heart. For someone who, for over 50 years, loves the game, loves people, loves being with people, when you hear that, man, I'd rather go watch some sixth-, seventh-graders play in some Little League game than spend thousands of dollars to watch a bunch of guys who don't give a damn.”

Sounds like vintage Vitale to me, but I do have to agree with what he's saying. Van Gundy appeared on the Dan LeBatard Show to pile on the Pistons. I'm suprised LeBatard didn't chime in considering he gets in any dig about anything Detroit.

Van Gundy said, "If there are players who truly were healthy and 'boycotted' practice — I don't care what the problem they have with the head coach is — why would you want those guys on your team in any situation? All of us have problems with our bosses at times, but you don't choose to just not show up for work. That's about as childish and unprofessional as you can get. And clearly, that illuminates some of the Pistons' problems right there. When you've got that many guys with that little toughness and professionalism on your team, it wouldn't matter who is coaching them — you're not going to be very successful. They've obviously got the wrong guys in that locker room. That's about the weakest group of players I've seen in the NBA — people that would do that. Patrick Ewing and I were talking about it and we were saying that if any of those guys become free agents, why in God's name would you want any of them on your basketball team? I know this much about John Kuester. John Kuester is one of the nicest people in our profession, so he didn't get out of line and treat anyone like a sub-human or anything else. They might not have liked his coaching decisions — playing time, how he's handling rotations, whatever. You don't simply not show up for (work) when you're getting paid well and you're supposed to be a professional and a competitor. That's a very weak group of people."

Some harsh words from someone whose franchise player might be leaving town.