Sunday, February 3, 2013

Barry Sanders thinks Calvin Johnson can reach a Super Bowl

Former Detroit Lions great, Barry Sanders will possibly go down as the greatest player to never appear in a Super Bowl. Toiling for the Lions ruined Sanders chances at any kind of postseason success. Even though the team never had much success, Sanders thinks Lions receiver, Calvin Johnson won't endure a similar fate. Sanders thinks that Johnson has a good chance to reach a Super Bowl.

 "I think for him, he has the advantage because it's a passing game. It's much more difficult to stop a passing game than it is to stop a running game, especially with the way defenses play today. So I think his chances will be better of getting to a Super Bowl."

What has Sanders been smoking? Has he really watched these Lions? The way it's looking they could be headed nowhere fast. The only way Johnson gets to a Super Bowl is if he gets traded to a contender.

I'm a Lions fan through and through but barring a reversal of fortune, I see Sanders blowing smoke up everyone's backside and providing false hope for Lions fans once again.