Friday, April 15, 2011

Roddy White Rips Alex Smith

A player from another team doesn't rip an organization's personnel decisions. They keep to themselves (not literally) and often wonder about management making their team better.

So why did Atlanta Falcons wideout Roddy White take it upon himself to rip San Francisco 49ers quarterback Alex Smith. I guess that's something we'll never know. White decided that he should be involved in the discussion of keeping Alex Smith around. White sounded off on the defacto athlete website, Twitter.

Why is the 49ers wasting their time with alex smith they need to move on better yet try to get luck next year would be good for them

There's more where that came from.

2 coaches have been fired for tht mans performance
Those are thoughts you keep to yourself or to teammates.

When someone responded to him on twitter saying that Smith will outplay Matt Ryan next season and called White an "ignorant prick", White responded with  "lol son your praying for a miracle."

After all that he apologized for his remarks and trouble he caused.

Ok 49ers fans I’m sorry I take tht back alex smith is a great players and the 49ers should sign him to a 5 year deal btw I don’t have anything against alex smith wht so ever he is a great guy

Sounds like that apology was forced. Maybe someone in the Falcons organization made him do it and told him to keep his mouth shut. The problem in all this is that it's pretty much true.


Oswalt Hurts Back Running The Bases

One of the Philadelphia Phillies "Four Aces" has folded.

Roy Oswalt had to leave tonight's game against the Florida Marlins after six innings with a lower back strain. Oswalt was hurt running to first after he laid down a bunt in the bottom of the sixth. He stayed in and ran the bases but left the game after attempting some warm up pitches.

This could affect the Phillies if Oswalt has to miss any significant amount of time. I don't think he'll miss anything beyond his next start, but with sports injuries you never know.

Rangers' Lewis Goes On Paternity Leave

You don't hear of too many men going on paternity leave but Texas Rangers pitcher Colby Lewis bucked that trend.

Lewis took advantage of the new MLB paternity leave rule. A player can be on there for 24 to 72 hours. His wife Jenny gave birth to daughter Elizabeth Grace on Wednesday in Bakersfield, Calif.

Pitching coach Mike Maddux sounds like he's been waiting for this day to come.

"I don't know why we didn't have it before. I've longed for the day we would," Maddux said. "We have the bereavement list and to some, this is for something that's even more sacred."

Lewis is expected to rejoin the team and take his turn in the rotation Tuesday against the Los Angeles Angels.