Sunday, December 27, 2009

Chan Ho Park sues ex-teammate

A somewhat humorous story to the baseball offseason.Chan Ho Park has is suing his ex-teammate Chad Kreuter.Krueter hasn't paid off a $460,000 loan while the two were teammates with the Los Angeles Dodgers.This was a loan given to Kreuter in October of 2005 that was to be repaid within a year's time with interest.I know Kreuter has been out of baseball for awhile,but he shouldn't have to take out six figure loans from teammates.I know he's made a few million in his career.Also,he's had enough time to repay Park.Park is far from broke,but just pay the man his money.To this day Krueter has paid back $290,000 of the loan.Also Kreuter should know not to mess with another man's money.

Meyer does a double take.Just a leave of absence will do

The head Gator,Urban Meyer has decided that all he needs is a leave of absence to recharge his batteries and spend aome time with his family.I'm not gonna rant on him,but in some ways it was too good to be true.Meyer had a great job,in a good locale,with a team expected to contend for championships for years.Sometimes,someone just needs to take a time out and assess what's important in the short term to be able to last for the long haul.Since it was more because of health reasons,I wouldn't want to see him possibly lose his life and leave behind a grieving family because of football.Good for you Urban,and I'm also glad you chose to stick around so we don't have to hear the numerous Urban Meyer to fill in the blank school.

Saturday, December 26, 2009

Urban Meyer leaving Florida?

As I'm sitting here watching the Meineke Car Care Bowl,a report comes out that Urban Meyer is stepping down from the head gig at Florida.Supposedly,it's for health reasons he says he's been neglecting.I would hope it's nothing serious or life threatning.Sometimes it's better to leave and step back than to risk your health.Although it's puzzling to me,I understand.
  Meyer burst onto the coaching scene and made a name for himself at Bowling Green.He then went to Utah and led them to a BCS win over Pittsburgh in the Fiesta Bowl.He then went to Florida and racked up two championships in five seasons and had them in contention for another this season.The man has been a winner everywhere he's been.If this is indeed true,I wish him the best.Live a full life and live it well Urban.Your name will be mentioned with every coaching job that opens up.   

Thursday, December 24, 2009

Derrick Roland

Texas A&M senior leader and point guard Derrick Roland suffered a hideous broken leg against Washington.I feel for the kid,as he was enjoying his best season for the Aggies.Let's hope he can make the best out of a horrible situation and gets his degree.Take care,the people in Aggieland will still be cheering for you.


One Man's Opinion

It seems that we've all heard about Tiger Woods' infidelity.Personally,I've had enough of it.I'm tired of women saying he's getting whatever comes to him.Tired of it being called racist since he's married to a white woman, although I do have a take on that.I'm tired of everyone coming out the damn woodworks claiming to have had some hot sexual action with Tiger.
   What he did was wrong from all sides.But you can't blame Tiger for it all.Everyone knows it takes two to tango.And there was some naked twister going on with that tango.I have no explanation for the call girls and women of that ilk he partied and sexed up.But for the "girlfriends",I got something to say.Tiger knew he was married and so did they.It still doesn't make it right and I'm not condoning his behavior.They could've told Tiger no,but they didn't.Know why?Because they fell in love with Tiger's money,not Tiger.They fell in love with his celebrity status and they wanted a piece of that world.Now if it's Willie the clubhopper asking for some action,they'll turn him down,because in they're mind he's a nobody,no matter how much money he has.That's because no one really cares about Willie Clubhopper and no one knows much about him.No celebrity status or anything of that nature.If they cab say no to Willie,they can say no to Tiger when he approaches them that way.But Tiger had status and they weren't gonna tell him no.See,if Tiger is at fault so are the women that let him charm his way into their life.To me they saw dollar signs an are gravy trainers.I know lots of people won't agree with me,but OH WELL!I don't expect anyone to comply to what I say about this topic anyway.
   Now there seems to be a so-called race angle in this.Some say it's similar to what O.J. Simpson went through.White America loved O.J. until he murdered one of theirs.Yes,I said he did it and still think so to this day.They loved Tiger Woods.He was similar to a modern day O.J. without the baggage and pre murder.I'm not saying any of this is racist,but you could see where it could be that way.Remember way back when ,when O.J. used to hawk all kinds of products on television.Now fast forward to now where Tiger was the best golfer in the world.Thought of as pure and wholesome.A major pitchman for many products on television.Now it seems they're dropping him like a hot car.Now here's the race angle.You can be king of the golf course,but not anything else.Stick to entertaining us on the golf course and go back in your hole.It's like how they wanted Muhammad Ali to be but couldn't silence him.Once again,I don't expect anyone to agree with me,but oh well.At least Nike head honcho Phil Knight hasn't abandoned Tiger Woods like the rest of corporate America. 

Boxing needs Pacquiao vs. Mayweather to happen

Boxing is desperate for a major shot in the arm.It looked like the fight between Floyd Mayweather and Manny Pacquiao would give the boxing game a much needed jolt.Now it looks like it might not happen due to Mayweather requesting Olympic style drug testing 48 hours before the fight.There have been plenty of good fights this year,but none that have the magnitude of Mayweather/Pacquiao.
   On the surface this seems like one of Mayweather's stunts to get inside the head of his opponent.I think it is,which is all part of boxing.Its a damn good one too.I don't agree with the testing being right before the fight,but whatever works.The ball is in Manny's court now.If he walks,it puts him under suspicion of using PEDs(performance enhancing drugs for those that don't know).That would be a career killer,something that he could never recover from.Then his promoter,Bob Arum says that Pacquiao is afraid of needles.C'MON!You gotta know this is a classic Mayweather ploy and it seems to be spooking the hell out of Pacquiao.Go ahead and agree to the testing.Boxing is already suffering because the lack of megafights.Arum wants a different doping agency than USADA since he claims they aren't flexible.Pacquiao needs the fight more than Mayweather and should take it unless he has something to hide and will be fighting under the cloud of suspicion from here on out.True,Mayweather is being an ass in all of this and maybe he's trying to dodge Manny.We might not ever know,because Paulie Malignaggi could take Floyd's spot on March 13 and that would be the proverbial nail in the coffin for the proposed superfight.The power's that be in boxing need to make this happen.

Saturday, December 19, 2009

A retrospective moment

I was watching the ESPN 30 for 30 special on the University of Miami football team.It was entertaining and insightful and it was good to see former Hurricanes coaches and players talk about their experience at "THE U".Going from the Schellenberger era to now it was good to get an inside look at what made them what they are.To me they were unfairly branded as thugs,convicts,outlaws or whatever.Even though they embraced that image,they also didn't like being called that by outsiders.Overall it definitely was a must see.There was one moment that stuck with me though.I forgot who said it pissed them off and called Florida State a Miami wannabe,but it was this seminole rap video,that even i didn't know existed.I thought it was pretty funny.


I can't believe Bobby Bowden let them make this.I remember the first game of that season,the Canes whipped them 31-0.Guess that's where Deion Sanders got his rap career started.

Friday, December 18, 2009

The Hot Seat Vol.3

Once again its the hot seat topic.There was another coach joining the ranks of the unemployed last week,as Penn fired Glen Miller after an 0-7 start.I would hope to see more schools hang on to their coaches as some are in situations that are difficult to start any kind of winning culture.

Jeff Bzdelik,Colorado-Bzdelik seems to always have one eye on the NBA.That could be a good thing considering he's coaching at Colorado and someone else wants you to coach their team.What he did at Air Force hasn't translated to success in Boulder.He inherited a lousy situation and doesn't seem to get any better anytime soon.His NBA pedigree hasn't helped in recruiting and he only had one conference win last season.You don't want to see a coach out after three seasons,but it might happen if he comes close to duplicating what happened last season.

Jeff Lebo,Auburn-Lebo got a repreive after last season's 20+ wins and NIT appearance.True,Lebo hasn't had much to work with,but the administration upgraded the basketball facilities and they'll want a postseason appearance of any form to justify the money spent.

Fred Hill,Rutgers-Hill is getting talent to Rutgers.Will he be around to coach it?The Big East was loaded last season so he got a pass.It won't be as brutal this year so they'll expect to see improvement and if Seton Hall makes a splash,the powers at Rutgers will be quick to pull the trigger on Hill.

Paul Hewitt,Georgia Tech-To me,this seems to be a bit unfair.I know,he's only reached the NCAA's twice after the 2004 title game appearance.Also,two wins in conference doesn't help his cause.He's put together two good recruiting classes so he should have a big year.Another thing,powerhouse teams like the one in Chapel Hill don't make you look good either.They need to cut Hewitt some slack.

Todd Lickliter,Iowa-See Bzdelik above.The only thing is that previous coaches have won at Iowa.Players transferring out of Iowa City hasn't helped him build the team he would like to have.Its tough to recruit to Iowa these days.What can they sell a recruit on,a picture of B.J. Armstrong?He's a good coach who should be given more time to get the train rolling.

Stan Heath,South Florida-Even though its only been three years,which is too quick to cut someone loose,Heath has to be feeling the heat.Heath is known as a good recruiter,but his coaching acumen is being questioned.

Norm Roberts,St.John's-This should be the year the Red Storm get it turned around.Roberts has had some bad luck(injuries),but the supposed New York City recruiting connection hasn't turned into gold as some had hoped.He needs this to be an NCAA squad or he could be taking the next subway train out of Jamaica,Queens.They did have a respectable showing at Duke,so that may be a good sign.        

Screw Notre Dame!

What I say here probably won't matter much.It might ruffle a few feathers and it might not make much sense.But screw Notre Dame.Notre Lame is more like it.
  Everyone that knows anything about college sports knows that Notre Dame joining the Big Ten makes perfect sense.Geographically,academically,and also from a sports standpoint.Especially football.They already play conference teams such as Purdue,Michigan,Michigan State and throw in a various fourth team.It just doesn't make sense to Notre Dame.Notre Dame athletic director,Jack Swarbrick,says that the Fighting Irish will remain an independent.Sure Jack,take all your NBC money and stay in your corner.In my opinion that's what it all comes down to is money.They have no confernce tie-in,and when bowl season rolls around,they  don't have to share any revenue amongst 11 other parties.Sure they're in the Big East for basketball reasons and in the CCHA for hockey.To me,that seems transparent,because if they werent affiliated in other sports there might be some rough times in South Bend.Who remembers what Notre Dame was like in college hoops before joining the Big East.Who even knew they had a hockey program.Only a diehard would know that.They clearly think they're better than everyone else.Why?I have no answer to that.Ask the people in Cincinnati if they echo that sentiment.Personally,I can't stand their arrogance.True,the college sports atmosphere is better when Notre Dame's good,but I love the fact that their football team isn't very good right now.I hate to be biased,but there are more people than me who feel this way.I wish they would get off their high horse and join a conference.It makes no sense.There are no more high major independents in college sports outside of Army and Navy and I wish someone would pick them up.The last of the mohicans needs to join the party.If I were a school president or one of the head honchos in one of the Big Six conferences,I would not schedule Notre Dame.I know it won't happen.But if enough did they would have to play a crappy Independent schedule.Directional schools,1-AA,and Confernce USA opponents would be on that schedule until they joined a conference.I know they have the name,but if the Big Ten expands and there is major realignment,I would hope that takes place and eventually the not so Fighting Irish would get squeezed.That hollow,undefeated record wouldn't mean jack to the BCS.I know there are some know it alls that and Notre Dame fans have an argument that would blow me out of the water,I would hope that happens to the high and mighty Notre Dame.They have the name,they just don't have the game.Irish honks can't fight that one.       

Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Chris Dudley.Governer?

One of the worse foul shooters in NBA history,Chris Dudley,is running for governor in the state of Oregon.I don't really consider it a surprise since Dudley is a graduate of Yale.Dudley played 16 years in the NBA,which included two stints with the Portland Trail Blazers as well as the New York Knicks and New Jersey Nets.Dudley also at one point in his career had the distinction of being the worse foul shooter in the NBA.Good luck Chris on the run for office.;_ylt=Am21rpIc4AwG.xADsvCf5lK8vLYF?slug=ap-governorsrace-dudley&prov=ap&type=lgns

Ochocinco issues challenge to Chargers' Merriman

Outspoken Cincinnati Bengals receiver,Chad Ochocinco has said he wants to fight San Diego Chargers lineman Shawne Merriman.This is before the two teams face off Sunday in San Diego. Ochocinco says he has a personal beef with Merriman which has something to do with an exchange the two had on Twitter earlier this year.I just hope that this is just one of Ochocinco's put-ons,because its downright silly to have a beef over something said on Twitter.Cooler heads should prevail considering there's a playoff berth at stake.

Saturday, December 12, 2009

Mark Ingram wins Heisman

Mark Ingram became the first Heisman Trophy winner in tradition rich Alabama football history.The sophmore running back will now concentrate on trying to lead the Crimson Tide to a national championship.
  Ingram finished 28 votes ahead of Stanford's Toby Gerhart.Texas quarterback Colt McCoy finished third,Nebrasksa defensive tackle Ndamukong Suh finished fourth,and Florida quarterback Tim Tebow finished fifth.The finishes of Tebow and McCoy once again dispelled the notion the the Heisman should be a lifetime acheivement award.Ingram was well deserving of the award,as he was one of the most consistent performers this season.His tough running style epitomized Alabama football this season as they went through the season undefeated.I don't disagree with the finalists in New York or with the selection of Ingram.I'm just upset that Houston quarterback Case Keenum wasn't invited to New York.I'm not here to dim Ingram's achievement,but even though Keenum played in a pass happy system,he also performed at a consistent level and won twice against BCS conference bowl teams.Anyways,Ingram was a deserving winner and should keep the Tide rolling as long as he's still on campus in Tuscaloosa.    

Friday, December 11, 2009

Notre Dame better get it right with Kelly

Brian Kelly is leaving Cincinnati to become the head football coach at Notre Dame.The not so Fighting Irish better hope they actually get it right this time.Since I've been paying attention to college football,Notre Dame has been atrocious at hiring coaches.There have been a few times they had it right.Such as Dan Devine and Lou Holtz.Let me run this down.After Devine retired they decided to go against the grain and hire a high school coach.Not just any high school coach,but Gerry Faust from the mighty Cincinnati Moeller.Surely a huge step up for anyone let alone a high school coach.Faust lasted for 5 uninspiring seasons before being dumped for Lou Holtz.That turned out to be a good hire as he kept the Irish in national championship contention,winning it all in 1988.Also Holtz who had a habit of staying one step ahead of the NCAA just about everywhere he coached,stepped down in 1996,making way for assistant Bob Davie.Now,Davie wasn't that bad,but he wasn't that good either.He brought in talent,but didn't seem to coach it up.After Davie,it was Tyrone Willingham's turn at the helm of this sinking ship.Willingham came in with a bang with a 10-3 season beating higher ranked opponents Michigan and Florida State along the way.After that was a disaster, as he went 11-12 over the next two seasons,and wasn't bringing in highly rated recruiting classes.His class of 2004 recruits was judged to be the worst in 20 years at Notre Dame.He subsequently was let go and bought out of his contract.That gave us the Charlie Weis era or should I say error.Weis came riding in with his Super Bowl rings and NFL championship pedigree.That didn't seem to matter to the rest of the college football world.Weis go off to a fast start,going 9-3 and going to the Fiesta Bowl against Ohio State.He helped improve the offense, Brady Quinn especially,as Quinn wnet on to break numerous school passing records.Wesi went 10-2 in his second season,but was walloped in the Sugar Bowl against LSU.After that the bottom dropped on the program as he went 3-9,7-6,and 6-6 in the following seasons that sealed his fate.Thing was Weis wasn't their first,second ,or third  choice for the job.The man they wanted most,Urban Meyer packed his bags and went to Florida.Now that brings us to the next "hot" name in the coaching community,Mr.Brian Kelly.After winning two national championships in his 13 years at  Division II Grand Valley State,Kelly took his show to Central Michigan and made them relevant in the Mid American Conference after the tumultuous Mike Debord reign.He coached the Chippewas to the 2006 MAC championship before taking the job at Cincinnati.He coached the Bearcats to a winning effort in the International Bowl.He then turned the Bearcats into a major player in the Big East with 3 10 win seasons and back to back Big East titles and BCS bowl berths.Now he has the task of building Notre Dame into a national contender once again.He has won everywhere he's been,so he's more than able for the job.But will the academic guidelines and someimes tough schedule derail his efforts.We'll see.He's gonna hit the ground running because he won't be coaching Cincinnati in their Sugar Bowl game versus Florida.The players will get to South Bend,the only question that remains is will it all translate on the field.Bottom line, this hire will have to be a grand slam or he too could be gone within five years.

Tuesday, December 8, 2009

The BCS is a fraud and Texas got over

This BCS mess is getting out of hand.They got the championship game right,but the rest of the matchups could've been better.Texas vs. Alabama is a college blueblood matchup.These are two traditional titans in the sport and the game could be a classic.Key word there is could.Ohio State vs. Oregon pits the usual Big Ten/Pac-10 teams against one another and I see nothing wrong with that.My problem is I think they could've shuffled the deck and excluded Iowa,but I guess someone has to play in these games.The TCU/Boise State game is something of a cop out.The honchos at BCS headquarters will spin this about two undefeated teams going head up and will pitch it as kind of a second national championship game.WRONG!TCU could whip Boise 100-0 and everyone will say,they didn't play against one of the big boys.Why couldn't TCU or Boise State have gotten the nod to go against the fighting Tebows.If not for the fact that the BCS had to take Iowa  the games could be more interesting.It almost sounds like a conspiracy as much as I hate to say it.
  All that leads me to the Texas Longhorns.As of now it seems the experts are picking the Tide to roll over Texas.That could be proven correct but we won't know until they play the game.All I know is that Texas better play a helluva game.The way they played against Nebraska in the Big 12 title game raises doubts if they should be on the same field as Alabama.Also they were very lucky to escape against the Huskers.That pass Colt McCoy nonchalantly tossed out of bounds came dangerously close to running the clock out.Yes,they won the game fair and square,but think about it,if they were ahead by 20 do you think the refs would've put that 1 second back on the clock.I don't think so.Mack Brown needs to brush up on his time management in case the same scenario plays itself out again.As a fan, I hope for an entertaining and competitive bowl season.

Sunday, December 6, 2009

Another option if you don't go to college

Former Memphis recruit Latavious Williams has begun his pro career.In Tulsa,Oklahoma.Williams was the first high schooler to be drafted by the NBA developmental league.Williams was rated the 17th best recruit in the nation,choosing Memphis over the likes of Georgetown,Kansas State,and Florida International.He didn't qualify and was set to embark on starting his pro career in China.In stepped the Tulsa 66ers who drafted him with the final selection in the first round of the D-League draft.Williams admits this is a better move for him than going to China even though he would've been paid more.I personally think this is what the developmental league should be for.It gives preps who want to go pro another option other than going overseas.That's not bad because from a financial standpoint it works out better for them.But in some cases it doesn't work out too well.Ask Jeremy Tyler about his fine Israeli experience.I think it would be better because they would play for an NBA run franchise,but they're rights aren't owned by any team.It would give them more of an oppurtunity to get better under an NBA eye.It won't work out well for everyone but I think it could get the ball rolling on talented players that don't want to go to college and play but also needs to work on their game and maturity.The d-league should be a skill buliding apprentice program,because over the years it's been known that some had the game,but not the maturity to excel in the NBA.;_ylt=AlCeTbHE6Odk3o8XvvoIsLM5nYcB?slug=mc-williamsdleague120509&prov=yhoo&type=lgns

Ringside Thoughts

After watching a great fight between Paul Williams and Sergio Martinez,if I didn't feel this already,something needs to be done about the judging system in boxing.Both Williams and Martinez,who are respected but can't seem to get a good fight put on a show.They're kinda like boxing vagabonds taking any fight from welterweight to super middleweight.
  The travesty to the fight was the scoring.Both fighters scored early knockdowns,although Martinez's was more impressive and landed heavy shots.Williams pulled out a majority decision,a decision that I thought should have been a draw.One judge scored it 114-114,another 115-113 and the other 119-110.I don't know what fight that judge was watching,but it should have been a whole lot closer than that.Martinez was gracious in defeat,but he acknowledged he felt he got a bad decision.There should be a rematch made for this fight,but there probably won't as I feel Williams knows he went through an escape hatch to win this one.Williams was his usual agressive self,throwing punches at a high volume.Martinez is more slick and quick,but landed plenty of crunching blows to Williams.Overall it was a great fight and would love to see them do it again.Both fighters should be in line for a big money fight,but with the well known politics of boxing I think both will keep being avoided.;_ylt=AiK3_vBHDrdeStx7Zr51IxqUxLYF?slug=ap-williams-martinez&prov=ap&type=lgns

Saturday, December 5, 2009

Detroit Tigers offseason plans

The Detroit Tigers finished the 2009 season losing to the Minnesota Twins in a one game playoff heartbreaker.What they do from here on out is anyone's guess.The Tigers really weren't that good last season and more than likely would've suffered the same fate as the Twins in the playoffs.The extra game or two would've brought more money to the organization but also served as false hope to Tigers fans.With the team losing money,being in what is termed a small market,and having to cut costs in a tough economy(especially in this region),this shapes up to be a critical offseason for the Tigers.
   Just this past week they had to let go of one of the better players,Placido Polanco,who signed with the Phillies.That move costs them in a number of ways.First he was a Gold Glove second baseman who clearly had his best years in Detroit.He signed a two year deal for about $6 million a year.Affordable yes,but not for the Tigers.If it wasn't for the ridiculous incentive laden,back loaded contract given to Magglio Ordonez they might not be in this position.Secondly,they have to give his position to rookie Scott Sizemore,who I may be wrong,suffered a broken leg.He should be back for spring training.Finally,since they did not offer arbitration to Polanco,they will receive no compensatory draft picks that they could definitely use.The Ordonez factor clearly hamstrings this team.They won't be a player in the free agent market and will be looking to remain competitive while going low budget.There have been rumblings about trading Curtis Granderson or Edwin Jackson.I would trade them only if the price is right or if they took on one of the pricey contracts of Nate Robertson or Dontrelle Willis.Highly unlikely,but its worth a try.They should try to find a few low cost free agents such as outfielder Austin Kearns,shortstop Khalil Greene,utilityman Bobby Crosby,pitchers Mark Mulder,Guillermo Mota and Jason Jennings among others.I really don't think the young guys in the farm system are ready to help,if they were they would be here right now.We'll have to see how everything unfolds and what kind of team they field for 2010.Either way it goes it might be a long season for Tigers fans. 

Kobe Bryant adds to his legend

This is why Kobe is widely regarded as the best in the league.


Friday, December 4, 2009

You too can be a champion

College basketball is getting a lot like college football.You ask how.I'll tell you.The College Basketball Invitational and the tournament.Those are for the tournaments for teams that didn't make the NCAA or NIT.Its almost like an oversaturation of the college basketball postseason.The organizers of both tournaments say they do it more for the mid majors that were shut out of the NCAA or NIT.I personally think it's a bunch of bull.Hardly anyone knows either of these tournaments exist.Also if you have a losing record you can get a postseason experience via the CBI or CIT.So teams are now rewarded for finishing with a 15-16 record and possibly end it with a championship.I can understand trying to get some of the lesser knowns more exposure,but it seems more of a sham trying to squeeze more dollars out of college basketball fans.I love college basketball,but i won't be checking for that New Orleans/Idaho St. matchup come March.

The Hot Seat Vol.2

The college basketball season is barely two weeks old and one hot seat candidate has been given his walking papers.Dereck Whittenburg,formerly head coach of the Fordham Rams was fired yesterday after a 1-4 start.Fordham is not exactly a basketball factory and whoever gets the unenviable task of taking over this job will have a helluva time getting this program on the winning track.

Of course there are more coaches that need to make progress or face being unemployed.

Sidney Lowe,North Carolina State-Lowe's lifetime pass from 1983 is close to expiring.Being in a conference with traditonal heayweights like Duke and North Carolina makes it tougher for him to temper expectations in Raleigh.The best team he had on paper two years ago,failed to live up to the hype and the 15-33 record in ACC play doesn't help his cause.I think he needs at least an NIT appearance to keep his job.

Matt Doherty,SMU-SMU isn't a place where basketball is the number one option around there.I think it would be unwise to fire Doherty,but losing is making it easier for administrators to state their case against him.Being in Dallas I would think he would be able to get some decent talent there.I don't watch very much SMU basketball,so maybe they do have some talent that has yet to come around.If that's true will Doherty be around to coach it.

Tom Penders,Houston-He's not on any hot seat lists and this may be a surprise to many.Penders has had a few teams that should have made the Big Dance,but somehow managed to blow winnable late season games.This once proud program hasn't been there since the 1990's(can't remember which year it was) and I can imagine the big wigs in Cougar country are itching to get back there.I know all the better recruits in the state aren't going there,but he should be able to land a few of them.The juco's and lesser knowns just aren't getting it done.In my opinion they should be on par with with Memphis,well not exactly,but a least a notch below with all the talent coming out of the state of Texas.I don't know if he's not recruiting them or turned off the area coaches or what,but he needs a tournament appearance this year or he could be out.   

Sunday, November 29, 2009

Frank reportedly out as Nets coach

New Jersey Nets head coach will reportedly coach his lats game tonight against the Los Angeles Lakers.The Nets have lost their first 16 games to open the season.Management wanted to give Frank more time since some of the team's key players such as Devin Harris and Courtney Lee were out.After seeing the Nets lose their most winnable game of their western road trip to the Sacramento Kings,management came to a decision that it would be best to let Frank go.
  I haven't watched much basketball so far this season,but perhaps it was time.Reports were that the team was playing uninspired basketball and that several players had tuned him out.At least management realized it wasn't all Frank's fault as they stood by him when most would have fired him a long time ago.Frank led the Nets to the playoffs three time,winning the Atlantic Division title twice.Some executives believe he could still land another head coaching job.Frank is a highly credible coach and did a good job keeping the Nets competitive in the ever improving Eastern Conference.The Nets probably needed a breath of fresh air,as the roster had changed from a primary veteran core to a young team with a lot of players that haven't been in longer than 5 years.

Friday, November 27, 2009

Here's to Fred McGriff

Fred McGriff is up for election to the baseball Hall of Fame.I know a lot will disagree with me but he should get in.His numbers weren't eye popping,but his production was always consistent.The "Crime Dog",was always among the league leaders in homers and rbi's but he could also hit for average.I know the Hall of Fame isn't for very good players.but I truly believe he belongs there.He quietly went about doing his damage and was a class act on and off the field.Just because he didn't join the 500 homer club,doesn't mean he wasn't an elite player.This man was a feared hitter and it would be ridiculous to exclude him from the Hall.He may not be first ballot,but he should get the call.

WTF? What kind of father is this?

A father in Indianapolis was charged with child neglect for leaving his son in a tractor trailer while he went inside a strip club to go drink.There's no father of the year trophies sitting on my mantel,but I can guarantee I have this guy beat.

The Hot Seat

The college basketball season has started anew and there are fresh faces in new places,on the court and most importantly the sidelines.This will be one of many posts about coaches on the hot seat.

Ernie Kent,Oregon-It's true Kent has led the Ducks to two Elite Eight appearances during his time in Eugene.It hasn't been enough to satisfy the masses.They have enjoyed success,and I'm not trying to bash the guy,but what has he done in between the deep tournament runs.Not a whole lot.This is a critical year for him after an 8 win campaign last season.Right now they're at 3-2 with losses to Portland and Montana.Keep piling on those type of losses won't help his cause.

Jerry Wainwright,DePaul-I for one would like to see DePaul basketball back on the map.I just think Wainwright isn't the on to get it done.He was hired to tap into the talent rich Chicago area and he hasn't been pulling in the top players in the city.Last season's winless Big East record was brutal.With this being a "down" year for the conference the Blue Demons will have to show marked improvement.They've been repectable so far with a victory over Northern Iowa and a close loss to Tennessee.Let's see if they can keep their early momentum going.I personally think this would be a good landing spot for Pete Gillen.

Green Bay's Woodson makes donation

Green Bay Packers cornerback Charles Woodson made a generous donation of $2 million dollars to the new University of Michigan Mott Children's Hospital and Women's Hospital.It's always good to hear of an athlete doing something positive.As i posted in a previous blog,I'm wondering how much coverage it will get.For some reason no athlete or entertainer will get noted for doing anything positive,but let this guy get caught with a DUI and see how much that gets put on the news.I can understand controversy sells ,but balance it out with some of the positive they bring to the table.

Thursday, November 26, 2009

Happy Thanksgiving

To all the readers and followers and everyone else,have a safe and happy Thanksgiving.Enjoy the time with family and friends.

Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Straight Hooliganism

University of Arizona football fans reacted like English soccer hooligans after losing to Oregon in overtime.Thier actions also went on during the game as they threw objects at the Oregon cheerleaders after the Ducks scored and raced around with their flag.Some people can't conduct themselves and shouldn't be able to go the games if this is how they react to losses.Its like Michigan State fans after they lost to duke in the Final Four,as they rioted and burned couches after the loss.An Oregon cheerleader was injured during this display of childish behavior and classlessness.They should be ashamed and embarrased.


Sunday, November 22, 2009

If Warner can't go the Cardinals are in trouble

Arizona Cardinals quarterback Kurt Warner left today's game against the St.Louis Rams with a head injury.It could possibly be a concussion,we'll have to stay tuned for that.If Warner can't come back the Cardinals,are in trouble.The offense, behind Matt Leinart has stagnated and i think Arizona should be rethinking their plans for a quarterback of the future.I won't sell Leinart short yet,but what has he really done since coming into the NFL.The starting job was handed to him and he couldn't seize the oppurtunity. To make a deep playoff run,they need Warner to shake the cobwebs and comeback.If he doesn't I can see their season going down the toilet.The only thing that saves them is being in a weak division(NFC West) that they almost can get into the playoffs by default.

Ward takes down Kessler in Super Six tournament

American boxer Andre Ward defeated Mikkel Kessler in a first round match,claiming the WBA super middleweight title in the process.Ward won by a technical decision after the fight was stopped in the 11th round because of a clash of heads the prodeuced a cut over Kessler's eye.Ward was ahead on all three scorecards and was seemingly headed toward a win before the stoppage.The win was the first by an American in the Super Six tournament.Kessler,the favorite, was baffled by Ward's speed and defense
proved to be too much for the Denmark native.
  This now gives it a the U.S. vs. Europe storyline in the tournament that i noted in a previous blog.There was a lot of chirping out of Kessler's camp after the loss.Mostly about the referee,Jack Reiss showing preferential treatment to Ward,who was fighting close to his hometown of Oakland. Kessler's promoter,Wilfried Sauerland,says Reiss allowed Ward to get away with head butts and elbows without any warning.Sauerland further stated that he would not bring any of his other fighters,which includes Germany's Arthur Abraham,who also participates in the Super Six,to fight in California.
  Ward is scheduled to take on former champion Jermain Taylor,if Taylor chooses to continue.the last I heard from him was about a possible retirement.As far as Kessler and Sauerland,it sounds like sour grapes.If anyone had a right to feel jobbed after a fight in this tournament it was Andre Dirrell,who lost a close decision to Carl Froch.The first two fights were fought in Europe,which I feel gave the European fighters an advantage over their American counterparts.I'm not waving the American flag,but I'm just calling it as I see it.That's why you don't hear of a lot of the European champions because of their reluctance to take a fight outside of their home continent.Meanwhile,hats off to Ward,who put together a great performance over the favored Kessler.Hope he has more success in the Super Six.     

Saturday, November 21, 2009

Case Keenum for Heisman

I know its highly unlikely to happen,but I want Case Keenum to win the Heisman Trophy.Call me crazy,but he has been the most consistent player all season.I know he hasn't played against the highest level of competition but the two games he had against so called superior teams (Oklahoma State and Texas Tech) he put up some fantastic numbers,both of them wins.Others will make a case for Florida's Tim Tebow or Alabama's Mark Ingram.Both deserve to be in New York but in my opinion neither has really stood out.Another player getting Heisman buzz is Clemson's C.J. Spiller.Just because Keenum plays in Conference USA doesn't mean he shouldn't be considered a serious Heisman Candidate.Others will point out the offensive "system" he plays in.Tebow plays in a system and you don't hear anyone criticizing him.Keenum's numbers compare well to any quarterback in the nation.If I had a vote it would go to Case Keenum.

I'm on the Brandon Jennings train

After another impressive early season performance,I'm officially on the Brandon Jennings train.The flashy,playmaking rookie point guard has made me a believer.The kid can flat out play as evidenced by his 55 point outburst against the Golden State Warriors last weekend.Last night he lit up the Charlotte Bobcats for 29.Those teams are far from the elite in the NBA,but it is against the best the world has to offer and he wasn't expected to do this.He won't make the Milwaukee Bucks contenders,but he makes them watchable.
   When he snubbed college for Italy,many were skeptical.It was a trailblazing decision,which had never been done.It seemed everyone predicted failure for Jennings for the fact he was far from home,playing with pros and not getting much playing time.I'll admit I was also skeptical.Instead its looking like it worked to his advantage.Jennings got a lot more practice time in Italy than he would've under the guidelines at Arizona. He didn't play much,but he used the time as a learning experience.He listened to the coaches instead of pouting and now its all paying off.I don't advocate this move for all high schoolers.I'm a fan of the college game and would love to se the top players there.But if college isn't your thing then maybe going overseas might be the best option.Jennings used this to become more acclimated to the pro game and lifestyle,and I'm glad to see he's doing well.Let's hope he keeps this up as I see him being one of the more entertaining players in the years to come.

Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Pontiac Silverdome sold.For $583,000?!

The Pontiac Silverdome was sold for the mere price of $583,000.A very small sum compared to how much it was built for($55.7M).There was a previous offer for $20 million that was turned down.The unknown investors from Toronto want to turn it into a stadium that would house a MLS soccer team.Me for one doesn't think it would work.
  Now me being a local,it doesn't have too much sentimental value to me.Well it was where I saw my first Detroit Pistons game and the Michigan Panthers of the defunct USFL had a great playoff run there in 1983.It was the home of the Detroit Lions, which during that time blessed us with Billy Sims, Barry Sanders and one playoff win.Oh, i almost forgot some sorry and mediocre but exciting Lions teams.Well I don't know how this venture will turn out,but for the lousy Michigan economy I hope it turns out well.


Just say no

Shannon Brown was emphatically denied by Jason Maxiell.

NBA is fantastic

This move is Jordan-nesque,but its straight out of a video game.


Larry Johnson gets a second chance

The Cincinnati Bengals are becoming a modern day Oakland Raiders.They seem to like giving players second chances.The Bengals have signed recently released running back Larry Johnson.Johnson was released by the Kansas City Chiefs for some inflammatory comments he made about the team last week and being suspended for the second time in 12 months.This is an insurance policy for the Bengals since Cedric Benson left last week's game with a strained hip against Pittsburgh.In my opinion,this could be good for the Bengals,especially if Benson can come back healthy.It would allow them to have two hammers in the backfield to wear down defenses. Johnson could possibly play this week against Oakland.This is the third player to get a second or in some cases third chance with the Bengals.Benson signed last year and has revitalized his career and owner Mike Brown brought back Chris Henry after numerous off field run ins with the law.   

In other news

Kansas City Chiefs receiver Dwayne Bowe was suspended by the NFL for violating the league's policy on performance enhancers.Bowe took a diuretic to lose weight during training camp.I don't see how that gives you an edge on an opponent.

The New Orleans Saints bolstered their depleted secondary by signing ex Baltimore Raven Chris McAlister.Injuries to Tracy Porter and Jabari Greer prompted the signing.This could be a good one for the Saints if McAlister can perform up to the pro bowl level he displayed in the past.


Royals' Zack Greinke wins AL Cy Young

Even though the Kansas City Royals had a bad season,they are now home to the newest Cy Young winner,Zack Greinke. Greinke,who went 16-8 and had a major league low 2.16 ERA. Greinke compiled 25 first place votes and a total of 134,to beat out second place finisher Felix Hernandez of the Seattle Mariners and the Detroit Tigers Justin Verlander.
  It's good to see someone rewarded for having a great season despite the way the team finishes.Greinke was Atruly deserving of the Cy Young for his near dominant performance all season.Much like Andre Dawson when he won the MVP award back in 1987 when he played for a last place Chicago Cubs team.Baseball is a team sport,but superior individual performances should be recognized,no matter where your team finishes.Its not a poularity contest and the best teams don't always have the players with the best performances.I just hope Greinke can stick around in Kansas City for a while,so maybe the once proud franchise can turn their fortunes around.

Preseason rankings don't mean jack

Last night the Kansas Jayhawks survived an upset bid by the Memphis Tigers,57-55.The Jayhawks are ranked number 1. Also the second ranked Michigan State Spartans had to come from behind to defeat the Gonzaga Bulldogs,75-71.Last week the 18th ranked Mississippi State Bulldogs weren't so lucky and were picked off by the Rider Broncs on their homecourt.And everyone has heard about Kentucky holding off Miami(OH).
  My point is,the preseason college rankings In basketball and football mean absolutely nothing.Its nice to see your name in the top 25 at the beginning of the year and gives the school and the students a sense of pride.It also means you get everyone's best shot.It can also bring out immaturity in teams, having them believe they can coast through games against lesser opponents.I've seen this happen many times,where a team is highly regarded,living off high school press clippings and believing they can out talent teams.Instead they get outplayed and outhustled.It may not be the best solution,but don't put out rankings until conference season.I know some may feel differently,but it would sort out the real contenders from the frauds of the world. 

Tuesday, November 17, 2009

WTF?This obituary is cold

This is just wrong.Its bad to go out,but like this? Damn!

Iverson and Grizzlies part ways.Could the Knicks be next?

Allen Iverson was not the answer for the Memphis Grizzlies.The two parties have agreed to mutually parts ways,ending a three game stint that didn't do either one of them any good. It rids the Grizzlies of a headache and allows them to move on without any significant distractions. 
  There are rumblings that the New York Knicks are showing some possible interest in signing Iverson.The Knicks do not need to explore that option.Iverson does not want to come off the bench and will say it till he's blue in the face.At some point Knicks coach Mike D'Antoni will want Iverson to come off the bench,Iverson will say no leaving the Knicks no choice but to let him go.The only way Iverson gets a deal in the NBA is if he accepts a role as sixth man,something he clearly doesn't want to do.He can help a contender,but i doubt he'll ever get a chance to compete for a ring because of his stubborness.

Dick Jauron gets canned

Dick Jauron was fired today as head coach of the Buffalo Bills.I can understand why they fired him.The bottom line in sports is wins and losses.Always has been, always will.Thing is,was it really his fault.I really don't think so.He was saddled with a mediocre team that wasn't that close to making the playoffs.For crying ou loud,he inherited the great J.P. Losman as quarterback.Please don't take me calling Losman great seriously.Losman has since been beaten out by Trent Edwards and is now quarterbacking in the UFL.Edwards hasn't lit the world on fire either.He's shown flashes but he's not a difference maker.They signed Terrell Owens to take heat off of Lee Evans and that has blown up in their face.See,Jauron was only responsible for replacing Losman.He didn't sign this roster or Owens.I'm sure he had some input in the draft room but how much? Also,who was responsible for the firing of former offensive coordinator Turk Schonert? Jauron or management? The offense has been lousy all season long and that's being generous.I'm not saying he didn't have input on some of this,but i'm sure he didn't have a whole lot of veto power with the Bills brass.My point being,he should have been given more time,at least until next year to fix some holes on the roster.I know its all about wins and losses but the Bills are on their fifth coach since 2000.You can't have high turnover on the sidelines all the time.Defensive coordinator Perry Fewell will take over in the interim.

Sunday, November 15, 2009

Why do people only report the negative on athletes?

Sitting here on a football Sunday,I read a story on Cleveland Browns receiver Josh Cribbs.It was how Cribbs walked out with a senior football player in Berea,Ohio ,on senior night,who had lost his father to lymphoma.I thought to myself how great of a gesture it was for Cribbs to do that,but it was underreported.I know there are lots of professional athletes that do these kind of things.Not for publicity,but out of the kindness of their heart.Yes,I know there are some bad one's out there.I know some do something terribly wrong that counteracts what good they've done.I don't condone the bad,but why is that the negative only gets reported.It's always how they feel they're above the law and things of that nature.
  I read a story of how Marquis Daniels of the Boston Celtics gives back to his neighborhood and helps underpriviliged children in Orlando,Florida.He also helps out with the Q6 foundation in Boston for kids with sickle cell anemia.No one would know this because its underreported.Let him get caught drunk driving and its everywhere.Like I said before,I don't condone their reckless behavior,but balance it out a little.Like Allen Iverson said before,its easier to report the negative,but ignore the positive things I've done in my life.,202608

24 hours of hoops takes on a new meaning

ESPN kicks off its college basketball coverage by with a "24 hours of college basketball" event. Two New Jersey schools, St. Peter's and Monmouth are kicking it off with a 6 am tipoff. St.Peter's head coach John Dunne says he campaigned for this game since Niagara was in the 8 am slot and thought it would be a good time slot.Monmouth coach Dave Calloway agreed with the idea.Although i agree with the notion of getting any kind of exposure you can get I think this is a bit much.That's just the world of college athletics where the have-nots have to get any kind of attention they can get their hands on.  

Pacquiao batters Cotto

If there was any doubt Manny Pacquiao could bang with the big boys in the welterweight division,he erased it last night with a 12th round stoppage of Miguel Cotto.The win gave Pacquiao the WBO welterweight title,his seventh in seven different weight classes.Regarded as the pound for pound king,Pacquiao showed why as he turned Cotto's face into a bloody mess.He put down Cotto in the third and fourth round the second which slowed Cotto the most.It was a dazzling display of power and speed as Cotto stated "he didn't know where the punches were coming from".Cotto's trainer,Joe Santiago,wanted to throw in the towel in the 11th round,but Cotto came out for the 12th and final round for more punishment.Santiago said that Pacquiao "Hit harder than we expected and was stronger than we expected".
   Now the waiting begins.Floyd Mayweather,who is still regarded in some circles as the pound for pound king is the fight everyone wants to see.Pacquiao's trainer Freddie Roach says he would like to to see Manny fight Floyd.The crowd in Vegas also would like that to happen as they chanted "we want Floyd".The thing is,does Floyd want Manny.Mayweather is a great fighter but seems to duck that topic whenever someone brings it up.It would be a true classic if Mayweathther takes the fight.But I think money will be a sticking point as Floyd would rather fight against a more winnable opponent.I hope it happens,because no one seems to want to take the megafight,like fighters did in the past.        

Saturday, November 14, 2009

Where's the fun in the NFL?

NFL commissioner Paul Goodell is not messing around.This comes in reference to his $20,000 fine on Chad Ochocinco for his playful bribe to an NFL referee.Some of the rules Goodell puts down I agree with.But this is borderline ridiculous.He should know how Ochocinco likes to "goof" around alot during the course of games.There would be no reason to think that he would try to influence the outcome of a game.But should we be surprised considering the league fines players for exhibiting any amount of excitement after scoring touchdowns or making a big play.Maybe Bengals fans should send in donations of 1 dollar to help pay his fine and he could send the league 20,000 one dollar bills.

Tyson lands in jail after altercation.

Mike Tyson's scuffle with a photographer has landed him in jail.Tyson was going through the Los Angeles International airport with his family and others after arriving from London. Reports say that Tyson and the photographer,Tony Echeverria were both arrested for suspicion of battery. Echeverria acting on a tip that Tyson was to arrive,followed him in the airport and reportedly struck Tyson to try to provoke him when he was asked to stop. Tyson then punched Echeverria in the face. Tyson says he was just trying to protect his family. People need to leave Mike alone and let him live in peace,he seems a lot better that way.

Nasty Dunk

This was absolutely NASTY. I know it rattled Varejao.

Friday, November 13, 2009

LeBron wants league to retire Jordan's #23

LeBron James wants the league to retire the number 23 ala Major League Baseball did with Jackie Robinson's number.James also says he will switch his number to 6 to pay homage to Jordan.He thinks that no one should be able to wear 23 again.
  Although I think this is a noble idea, I just don't agree with it. Jordan was the greatest player of the modern era and arguably the greatest of all time. I just don't think there should be a leaguewide retirement of his number.He did make the game more globally known,but unlike Robinson,he wasn't a trailblazer and had the stage set for him to succeed upon his entry into the NBA. I'm not a Jordan hater. Even living here in the Detroit area where he isn't well liked by a lot of the locals,i'm not a Jordan hater. He was great,but wasn't exactly my favorite.I do give him an enormous amount of credit for bring the game into international consciousness.I just don't think his number should have a leaguewide retirement.
  James on the other hand says one of the reasons for choosing the number 6 is because Julius Erving was his second favorite player.Sorry LeBron,I just can't buy that one unless you watched lots of video.By my calculations, Erving was at the end of the line by the time you started watching basketball.

Thursday, November 12, 2009

Dunk of the night

5-10 Detroit Piston guard Will Bynum had the dunk of the night against Charlotte.

Hornets fire Byron Scott

The New Orleans Hornets fired head coach Byron Scott today.General manager Jeff Bower will take over in the interim.In my opinion Scott is getting a raw deal.After losing to the San Antonio Spurs in the 2008 Western Conference semifinals in seven games the Hornets have kinda hit the skids.They were a playoff team last season,but inflated expectations,injuries,and payroll slashing all things that were beyond Scott's control did in the Hornets. They traded Tyson Chandler for Emeka Okafor,and last season they traded him for basically a bag of basketballs. I knew this would happen because every time i came across a Hornets game on tv they were down by 20. New Orleans isn't a bad team,they're just playing bad.Scott deserves to coach to at least the All Star break to see if he is the man to lead them. I foresee some payroll dumping and some major pouting by Chris Paul to get out of town.This team is going nowhere fast,but i could be wrong. 

Another Clipper goes down

Los Angeles Clipper guard Eric Gordon has went down with a groin injury.Once again another Clipper bites the dust with an injury.Like I mentioned in another post, the Clippers are a historically bad  franchise.They're also snakebit by having key players injured then leave when their contracts are done.
He won't be flying this high for the time being.

His Air-rogance? Rapper Chamillionaire dissed by Michael Jordan

I know Michael Jordan probably doesn't care who Chamillionaire is. Still doesn't give him a license to act like an ass. According to Cham, who saw Jordan posing with a few female fans, he asked to take a picture with him. Jordan replied "I ain't taking no pictures with no n-----(Fill in the blanks).Chamillionaire being shocked,told Jordan he just bought a jersey of his at a Reggie Bush auction for $7,000. Jordan's reply to that was "You know what,you pay $15,000 right now for a jersey from me and I'll take a picture with you.This further infuriated Chamillionaire, who has since made videos on Youtube saying he wants to punch Jordan.

Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Jordan's son suspended for two games

Jeffery Jordan didn't think much of the 3 on 3 tournament he played in prior to returning to the Illinois basketball team.But the almighty NCAA did. Jordan was suspended for two games for participating in a 3 on 3 tournament,which is a non-sanctioned event. The NCAA really needs to back off.Its not like he or the school was gaining a competitive advantage.Secondly, its pointless. He left the Fighting Illini after last season.He was a walk on and he played in the tournament while he was not a member of the team. I guess you can't get anything by the NCAA no matter how minor it may seem.

Shout out to the veterans

To the men and women of the armed forces, happy Veterans Day.Your services are greatly appreciated here in this great country.Keep up the good work and hope to get all of you back safely.  

Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Iverson's chumping out if he retires

I like Allen Iverson.I really do.I just think he's a chump if he retire's and bails on the Memphis Grizzlies.At this point in his career he should be chasing after a championship and not pouting about coming off the bench. Ivereson started the self sabotaging last season when he pouted about his role with the Pistons. Granted, Memphis isn't close to championship material, but that doesn't mean he has to cry his way out of town.Now he's on a leave of absence to take care of "personal affairs". If this is it for him,its a terrible way to go out.He can still help a team out and could be a missing piece to a championship team.He would have to do it off the bench,but it appears that he's resigned to starting, therefore making him unsignable.It was a stellar career,but it looks like the end of the line.  

Sosa:It was the cream

Sammy Sosa finally came clean.It was the cream.Not the cream for steroids, but a skin lightning cream he says he uses before he goes to bed. It was a recent appearance that had people buzzing about what was going on. He says its no aftereffect of alleged steroid use,he's not a racist,and he's not trying to look like Michael Jackson.At least he's not sick either.  Look at the before and after pics.

Vick doesn't have to pay bonus money

A day after saying he wasn't happy with how he was being used in Philadelphia, Michael Vick has a reason to smile.A federal appeals court judge upheld the ruling that he doesn't have to pay back $16 million in roster bonuses from the Atlanta Falcons.
  Judge David Doty's ruling was affirmed by the 8th U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals saying Vick earned the bonuses before the dogfighting conviction.Considering everything that has went wrong in his life lately, this should put a big smile on his face and make him very happy.

Sunday, November 8, 2009

BCS winners & losers

After another wild week in college football there's been another shakeup with the number 2 and 3 spot in the BCS rankings. Among the winners in this were Alabama,TCU,Ohio State, and Cincinnati. The losers:Notre Dame, Iowa and Oregon and possibly Texas.

Winners: Alabama-After a hard fought win over LSU which clinched the SEC West, the Tide is now looking forward to a showdown with SEC East leader Florida. Only a rivalry game with Auburn remains Alabama's only road block to an undefeated season.

TCU-With Iowa going down to the hands of Northwestern,the Horned Frogs moved up to number four in the newest BCS rankings.If they can get past Utah they're the party crashers this year.

Ohio State-The Buckeyes control their own destiny in the Big Ten after the win over Penn State and the Iowa loss.The Hawkeyes lost their starting quarterback which makes next week's game a little easier for the Bucks.

Cincinnati-The Bearcats put up some style points but let Connecticut make a run at them late in the game.Not a good thing with Big East heavies Pittsburgh and West Virginia left on the schedule.

Losers:Notre Dame-A loss to Navy shut the door on their slight chance at a BCS bowl.The Irish will be on the outside looking in and relegated to a second tier bowl.

Iowa-If losing to Northwestern wasn't enough,they also lost their starting quarterback,Ricky Stanzi.The loss knocked them out of the national championship conversation.It's not looking good for the Hawkeyes going into their showdown with Ohio State.

Oregon-Even though they still control their own destiny in the Pac-10,the Ducks, with a lot of help had an outside shot at the title game.  That chance is gone thanks to the whipping by Stanford. Still can go to the Rose Bowl,but its not a given in the Pac-10.

Texas-They have to play the games on the schedule,but its like they have nothing to gain and everything to lose.The Longhorns need to put up the style points(run up the score) to sway the computers.With no real tough games on the schedule,including the Big 12 championship, they will need Alabama or Florida to slip.Of course the thing that helps them is that they play each other.Texas should hope for a blowout in that game if both remain undefeated. 

Saturday, November 7, 2009

Ringside Thoughts II

I didn't get a chance to view the fight between heavyweights David Haye and Nikolai Valuev. Haye won a majority decision and from what I read pretty much dominated the fight,nearly flooring the Russian giant in the final round. Haye,now the WBA titleholder will probably have a mandatory defense against John Ruiz,who stopped Adnan Serin in the seventh round.A lot of fans want to see him fight Evander Holyfield,who others feel should've been fighting Haye in the first place after losing a controversial decision to Valuev.
  Such is the sad state of the heavyweight division.Once the glamour division in boxing has continually gotten worse.It has been filled with retreads,journeymen,and a lot of Russian or European fighters lots of American fight fans have never heard of.It reminds me of the 80s when the alphabet divisions came along and gave us multiple champions.Outside of Larry Holmes,who knew them.I do like the Klitscho brothers,but we already know they want to monopolize the division and never will fight each other. We now have Haye,who talks a big game,but has backed out of fights with both Klitscho's. There's Holyfield,but he's old,thought of as washed up.and has trouble being licensed in the United States. There are really no interesting fights out there in the division, but the show must go on.Hopefully,somewhere out there,there is some heavyweight out there that can change the way the division is looked at and is a bonafide challenger that can give us a good fight.

Ducks Clipped

The Oregon Ducks came into Stanford Stadium flying high and were cut down by the Stanford Cardinal 51-42.Oregon, fresh off a four touchdown shellacking of USC,and looking like a team no one wanted a piece of, were outplayed and dominated from the start. Once looking like a team that with a little luck,had an outside shot to play for a national championship now has to settle for a possible Rose Bowl berth. Thing is, they have to win out.Considering the wacky nature of the Pac-10 conference it's not a given.

Middle schooler towers over the competition

Brenden Adams of Morgan Middle School in Ellensburg,Washington is a giant of a man. Not quite a man,but at 7-4 at age 14 you might think otherwise at first glance. And get this,he plays football. His mom wasn't quite sure, because football is not a game for tall men. He says he's always loved the game and wanted to play. Makes for a big target in the red zone.

Friday, November 6, 2009

Damn Yankees

As much as i can't stand the New York Yankees, i must give them credit. They spent their money wisely, had the right spare parts and now have captured their 27th world championship. The talent on the team isn't all homegrown, but the management cares a lot about winning. Although i do believe age will catch up to this current edition of Yankees, their bottomless pit of money will ensure they won't have a dip in the standings like they had most of the 80s. I hate to say it, the Yankees are here to stay. They'll continue to outspend everyone, pick off the best talent from the bottom feeders that aren't able to keep up, and fleece others in trades by overvaluing the talent in the farm system. I would hope that baseball would institute some kind of salary cap to make baseball more competitive. I guess that's just wishful thinking.

Rappin Redick:Baller or Balla

I'm a little late on this one. Word has it that JJ redick of the Orlando Magic is part of a rap group. Once again another athlete that wants to rap. Stick to the skill your best at JJ.

Wednesday, November 4, 2009

What if?...

As the college hoops season descends upon us I had a moment to read a preview mag and think about some of the past in the college basketball world. I decided to play the what if game and went back to the 1989-1990 season. The thoughts instantly went to Hank Gathers. For those too young too remember, Gathers was a star forward for Loyola Marymount University. It was he and high school teammate Bo Kimble, along with the frenetic breakneck pace favored by coach Paul Westhead that put this school on the map. In a game in December 1989 Gathers collapsed in a game while shooting a free throw. It was revealed that he had a heart ailment and had to be put on medication. He came back and was a force on the court averaging around 30 points and 12 rebounds. It was one game that season that made me think he was the real deal. It was a  148-141 overtime loss to LSU, that boasted future pros Chris Jackson, Stanley Roberts, and Shaquille O'Neal. He and Kimble held their own, but it was Gathers' performance the stole the show. Gathers, listed at 6-8, went for 47 points on the 7 foot 300 pound maneaters, Stanley and Shaq. I couldn't wait to see how he would do in the NBA. I've always said that if Hank were healthy and had the heart ailment under control, he would've went number one in the draft and not Derrick Coleman. I know I get plenty of arguments about that one until i point out the LSU game. It was an untimely death and a sad moment for the sports world as a whole. The Lions went on to the NCAA tournament and made an inspired run to the elite eight where they fell to the eventual champion UNLV, 131-101. I always thought Gathers would have made a good pro and a great investment as the top pick.

Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Iverson and Memphis. They're meant for each other.

We're barely two weeks into the NBA season and once again Allen Iverson has committed career suicide. Unable to make it with the Detroit Pistons because  he didn't want to come off the bench,  the same thing is happening with the Memphis Grizzlies. I'm not gonna excuse the Grizzlies from any of this mess because they were foolish for signing him. It's was clearly a bad move for a young team and they should have known this was coming.Management saw dollar signs and tickets sales. Now the Grizzlies are dangerously headed toward team knucklehead with Iverson leading the charge. He's now chirping about having to come off the bench. I understand he's had a great career and all but he needs to step aside and let the youngsters play and go to the mentor role, if that's possible for him. Iverson doesn't realize it's a "what have you done for me lately?" kind of business and for the last year he hasn't done too much except complain about his role on the teams he's been on. Everyone understands you are a great player, have an outstanding body of work, and still have something left to give. But at this point, he would be better served coming off the bench, more for a contender than a chronic rebuilder. As much as I hate to say it, OJ Mayo is better than him and Rudy Gay is better than him, even though he has that magician act going on every once in a while. He's not gonna lead this team anywhere except the bottom of the standings. What does it say about him if he's complaining already. He's selfish. I can understand when he says the negative about me sells more than the positive, but you keep putting yourself in a negative light. Last season he sabotaged his own career when he couldn't make it work in Detroit. I understand there were some behind the scenes action that didn't make the situation any better. Thing is, the Pistons had the ultimate team concept there, and he couldn't make it work there. That was the best situation he'll probably ever have and he blew it. I can understand when he was in Philadelphia he didn't have the best talent around him. In Detroit he played with a team that was a regular at the Eastern Confernce finals. He couldn't compromise. Now he goes to Memphis because no one wants him, because he can't compromise. He still has that characteristic about him. After this he'll be the Terrell Owens of the NBA. No one will want a piece of him. I hate to see him go out like this, but i'm afraid this is the final Answer.

Monday, November 2, 2009

Team owners need to insure a better product

A lot of the sports team owners treat their teams as a hobby or something that they can make money from, neglecting the product on the field or arena. There are some that do care, but they go about trying to build a winner the wrong way. Another blog that i follow, Explode In Sports, touched upon this subject last week.
  Some owners just don't care and some are too power hungry to stay out of their own way. Take a look at Al Davis of the Oakland  Raiders. Anyone he hires is a puppet. It's almost like a shadow government out there in Oakland. If you don't agree with big Al you're out. Ask Lane Kiffin about that. Donald Sterling of the Los Angeles Clippers really has no clue to what he's doing with his team. Dan Snyder treats his like a fantasy league team. They need to pay more attention to what's being done on the field or court to build a winner. In these tough economic times, true sports fans don't have money to throw around to attend a game, let alone watch a lousy team. My home team, the Detroit Lions were blacked out for the second time this season for that fact alone. In the past Lions fans have always supported the team, even though a majority of the time the team was plain bad. Nowdays, those same people can't go to the game and they won't go because the team is so bad. Everyone around the league says William Clay Ford is a great owner. I'm not privy to that, but the guy is too loyal to people that shouldn't be running the operation.That's how Matt Millen got eight long years in the Motor City. I believe he wants a winner, but he doesn't know how to go about building a winner. As much as i can't stand the Yankees, the ownership there does care about putting a winner on the field. They spend a lot of money on free agents and all but they also have a top notch scouting department. Same with Jerry Jones. He will do anything to make the Dallas Cowboys a winner. There are some owners that get criticized for spending a lot, but those are the ones that do it the right way. Owners like the aformentioned Snyder get it wrong. I know we're in a tough economic climate right now and you have to watch the bottom line but give us true sports fans something to cheer about. There are some that use sports as an outlet for the harsh realities of life and just want to be part of something positive.    

Michigan fans need to be patient

The Michigan Wolverines football team has hit a crater sized pothole this season. Once again fans are calling for a quick ouster of head coach Rich Rodriguez. To the Michigan fans still stuck in the past, they need to shut up and get out of the past. When Lloyd Carr was there all you heard was that he was too conservative and couldn't coach all the talent he recruited to Ann Arbor. I've always thought that when Carr was forced to play from behind was when he decided to loosen the reins.Check the Orange Bowl game against Alabama which would prove my point. Fans always talked about wanting a spread type offense at Michigan. Now they have it and they want to run the coach that's running it out of town. Right now they stand at 5-4, needing one win to become bowl eligible and Wolverine fans are howling for Rodriguez's head. It's not gonna happen. If it does it leaves you worse off than they already are. There's a lot of spread type athletes there now and more than likely they switch back to a pro set. Where does that leave you? Another 3-9 debacle similar to last year or worse because your putting square pegs in round holes. Some of the old time fans never wanted him there in the first place and have looked for anything to discredit him. Let him get some time to get things together. Two years is not enough. After the win over Notre Dame, a lot of the old the "old blues" thought Michigan football was "back". If anything that win alone, along with a 4-0 start, where they never left the confines of the Big House, unfairly inflated expectations. Fans, you conveniently forget there was a freshman quarterback at the helm of the team. As great as Tate Forcier looked earlier this season, he has shown his youth later on when navigating rougher seas in the Big Ten. Overall, this is a young team. They've made some strides this year, mostly on the offensive side of the ball, but they still have ways to go. The fans need to give this operation some time instead of breaking their legs jumping off the bandwagon. If the same problems are going on a year from now then you'll know that there's something wrong. I think next year is when it comes all together for Rodriguez. To the fans, please stop beating a dead horse and calling for Rodriguez to be fired. I'm tired of hearing it and others on the other side of the divided house in Ann Arbor are tired of hearing it. Patience is a virtue and some of you fans need to learn it.