Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Iverson and Grizzlies part ways.Could the Knicks be next?

Allen Iverson was not the answer for the Memphis Grizzlies.The two parties have agreed to mutually parts ways,ending a three game stint that didn't do either one of them any good. It rids the Grizzlies of a headache and allows them to move on without any significant distractions. 
  There are rumblings that the New York Knicks are showing some possible interest in signing Iverson.The Knicks do not need to explore that option.Iverson does not want to come off the bench and will say it till he's blue in the face.At some point Knicks coach Mike D'Antoni will want Iverson to come off the bench,Iverson will say no leaving the Knicks no choice but to let him go.The only way Iverson gets a deal in the NBA is if he accepts a role as sixth man,something he clearly doesn't want to do.He can help a contender,but i doubt he'll ever get a chance to compete for a ring because of his stubborness.

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