Tuesday, November 30, 2010

What I Saw In College Football

Out of all the craziness in college football that happened over the weekend, I'll start with the obvious. Auburn. The Tigers staged the comeback of comebacks this season against Alabama. They took Bama's hardest shot, withstood it and pulled out a great win over the Tide. This game reminded me of Drago/Balboa, how Bama started out and rode the home crowd to a 21-0 lead. Then the Tigers came back and stunned all of Tuscaloosa by stealing the win. I don't care what the circumstances are, just give Cam Newton the Heisman already. I'm telling you, this is what Terrelle Pryor should've been. My only concern is that Auburn does show signs of a suspect defense, but somehow gets it together long enough to get some key stops and let the offense takeover.

It'll be strange to not see the Texas longhorns going to a bowl game. Texas A&M was more than happy to drive home that point on Thanksgiving. The Aggies were somehow were relegated to the Cotton Bowl even though they did thump Oklahoma.

Speaking of the Big 12, it'll seem like old times when Nebraska faces Oklahoma in the championship game. The Sooners topped Oklahoma State 47-41 to win the South, which ended in a three way tie. Nebraska drilled Colorado to claim the North. This rivalry has been on the back burner since the Big 12's inception and now we get to see both go into it highly ranked like those great games in the 80's.

Oregon once again overcame early defensive trouble to beat Arizona 48-29. All the Ducks have to do is win the Civil War game against Oregon State to roll into the national championship game undefeated.

UConn, yes UConn is in position to claim the Big East's BCS bid. Thsi is bad business. If they had a rule that a team with more than 3 losses can't participate in a BCS game or rotated the automatic bid to someone with the best record or highest ranking, we wouldn't have this bulljive like TCU going to kick around the Big East for the next five years. No disrespect to UConn, but they got beat by Michigan. Does this mean Michigan is BCS quality? Insert laughs.

Virginia Tech will face Florida State in the ACC title game. All will be right in this conference when Florida State and Miami start kicking everyone around. Viriginia Tech isn't bad, but if you lose to James Madison, you shouldn't be in a BCS game either.

The Big Ten ended in a three way tie only to see Michigan State, get pimped by the system. Under the old rules they'd be going to Pasadena. Under the current set up they get the Texas A&M treatment. Hello Florida. I can understand why Mark Dantonio is upset.     

Michigan get two more weeks of practice. They need all they can get. That game against Ohio State was an embarrasment. In the last three games under Rich Rod's watch they've been outscored 100-24. I believe Rodriguez could've turned this around,but he's too stubborn to realize his own mistakes. If Lloyd Carr left the cupboard bare, he's gonna leave the whole damn house empty.

Nevada picked off Boise State 34-31. I said this would be a difficult game for Boise and I was proven right. I just didn't think their defense would collapse or that kicker Kyle Brotzman would channel his inner Neil O'Donoghue and shank two field goals that would eventually cost the Broncos the game. I guess they'll get an extra home game on the smurf turf.

Notre Dame beat USC for it's first win in 8 tries after Trojans' receiver Ron Johnson dropped a sure touchdown that would've  won the game. Oh well.

A loss to South Florida earned Randy Shannon the axe in Miami. The Canes finished a disappointing 7-5 after starting the season with championship aspirations.  

Quote Of The Week: Phil Jackson

You know Phil Jackson is known for a lot of slick talk. Here's what he said about the team's rookies. And you know he never plays rookies.

"We like them as people, it's just that they're inexperienced...and have no purpose on earth".

Nice way to build confidence in your young players Phil.

Monday, November 29, 2010

The Big East, Where Geography Doesn't Matter

TCU, welcome to the Big East. The conference of crappy football and lousy geography. The Horned Frogs will be joining the conference in all sports in 2012-2013. The league also invited Villanova to move up from the Football Championship Subdivision (FCS) and be their 10th team in football.

Ok, I'm not Columbus, but geographically this is a bad fit. Last time i looked Texas was in the southwest. I understand the Big Ten has twelve teams and the Big 12 has ten, but this is ridiculous. This might start a trend where conferences will extend invites location be damned. Football wise it works since TCU was looking to join an AQ conference and the Big East was looking to get some credibility from a football standpoint. Credibility has been lacking since Miami, Virginia Tech, and Boston College hauled ass with it to the ACC. Don't forget that when Bobby Petrino and Rich Rodriguez (yes, that guy) left their teams, they also hit the skids.Pittsburgh don't start asking for credit, because anytime someone gives you a little you guys blow. TCU should come in and be kings of a conference that is so bad they'll be putting a four or five loss team into a BCS game. I just can't buy a UConn team that was belted by Michigan as the representing as the conference champ. That's akin to Marty Jannetty being the Intercontinental Champion. This is the most fraudulent conference in college football and the ACC isn't far behind. Think about what will ahppen when Gary Patterson leaves for greener pastures. The move won't look so great then.

Looking at how weak the Big East is, the Horned Frogs are primed to be title contenders in the near future. They've knocked on the door and are now primed to kick it in. I can't wait for the Frogs to go all hopping mad on Big East football.          

Saturday, November 27, 2010

How's This For Some Pre-Fight Hype

Boxing doesn't get as much hype as it used to due to a lack of megafights, great American fighters, and seemingly every champion being based overseas. In the Showtime sponsored Super Six tournament Carl Froch will be taking on Arthur Abraham in Helsinki. Two European fighters having a championship fight in Europe. Something long time boxing fans aren't used to.

At least we get a bit of hype from Froch's girlfriend, British model Rachael Cordingley. Cordingley must have a strong dislike for Abraham based on what she said.

"Carl's always confident and he knows he can bring the WBA championship belt back to its rightful place," Cordingley said. "Abraham is only a midget — Carl's going to dethrone the Midget King!"

Well she probably hasn't seen Abraham's resume. The man can do damage in the ring. It's pretty clear Froch knows that and he acknowledged it.

"Abraham and I are fighting for a world title and we both believe we're going to win," Froch said. "Nothing will be left outside the ring and everything will be thrown inside it. I've got to stick and move — keep out of his way and out-box him. But you know what I'm like, there will come a stage when I decide to have a good old scrap on the cobbles instead!"

It should make for an entertaining fight, but there are very few that know this fight is happening. These fights should be happening over here in the States, but since MMA seems to be taking over and the best fighters are ducking certain opponents (Floyd Mayweather), we don't get the championship fights of the past.


Friday, November 26, 2010

Maybe This Michigan Team Can Be Better

In a year in which  the Michigan basketball team relied on two players to get by, the loss of Manny Harris and DeShawn Sims may be addition by subtraction. This year's edition of young Wolverines could be better than last year's.

Don't get these words twisted. I still don't know what to make of them right now. After seeing them in three blowout wins and a hard fought loss to Syracuse, they look more like a team than they did last year. With Harris and Sims, they looked disjointed and waited around for something to happen. Now it looks like anyone can be looked to as a go to guy. As the season goes on I suspect that guy might be Tim Hardaway Jr. The jury is still out, but I like how Jordan Morgan is playing right now. He gives the Wolverines a rugged inside presence they've been missing the past few seasons. I think he could've been a help last year. Point guard Darius Morris looks a lot more comfortable after struggling in his freshman year. If the shooters can come through (this means you Douglass, Novak, and Vogrich), Michigan could be a dangerous opponent to go against this year. The only problem I have is when they keep jacking up threes when they could go for a higher percentage shot (layups). I know Beilein doesn't mind his players taking the shots, I just see that this team passes on a lot of layups to take a three.

Hill Says Patriots Are Dirty

Detroit Lions quarterback Shaun Hill said that the New Engalnd Patriots are a dirty team. Not a stretch since they once employed the services of Rodney Harrison.

Hill said that when the Lions were on New England's 2 yard line and called for a sneak play. As he extended his arms toward the goal line, Hill said he felt Patriot defenders trying to break his arm. The same arm Hill had broken against the New York Giants.

"That's why I eventually gave up the ball," Hill said. "Somebody was down there [in the pile] literally trying to break my arm, which is already broken. Literally, trying. And, uh, y'know, I guess [it] wasn't seen [by officials]."

I know lots of things go on in a pile up. Trying to break one's arm isn't one of them. I won't call the Pats a dirty team, but I wouldn't put them in the clear when trying to keep someone from scoring or to cause a fumble. So far the Patriots have no comment on the accusations levied against them.

Maybe that's what contributed to the late game scrums.


Tigers Still Need to Round Out Their Team

The Detroit Tigers have made the first major free agent signing of the year by bagging Boston Red sox free agent catcher Victor Martinez. This does help their team as he can catch or DH. They also need a few more signings or trades that can round out their roster. They signed Tampa Bay reliever Joaquin Benoit to a 3 year $16 mil contract and they're not sure that they will offer Joel Zumaya arbitration. The Benoit and Martinez signings are solid, but the Tigers need to do more if they are to be thought of as serious contenders for next season.

First, I'd try to find a starting pitcher. Someone that may be a reclamation project or a solid number five that can eat some innings. I'd even look at the number four spot in the rotation since I'm not sold on Phil Coke as a starter. Maybe a Chris Young, Erik Bedard, Jon Garland, Jeff Francis, Jorge De La Rosa, or Vincente Padilla could help. Maybe it's just wishful thinking, but who else do you have. Andy Oliver and Jacob Turner aren't ready and you never know what you're gonna get from Armando Galarraga, Alfredo Figaro,etc. I say look for someone on the cheap that could actually help.

Maybe try to get another reliever. Right now I call it a long shot since they signed Benoit and they will see what they can get out of Zumaya. Throw a bone to Octavio Dotel, J.J. Putz, or Kerry Wood and see what happens.

Last but not least, try to get an affordable position player or two on the cheap. They won't get Adam Dunn. I'd be shocked if they do. But how about Xavier Nady, who can play the outfield and give Miguel Cabrera a day off every once in a while. They do have a need at second base and Orlando Hudson is available. Maybe David Eckstein could work out. If they fall out of the Carl Crawford and Jayson Werth sweepstakes, which i suspect will happen, Pat Burrell, Bill Hall, or Austin Kearns could go platoon in left. In right try to bring back Magglio Ordonez at a reduced price or throw an incentive laden deal at Andruw Jones or Jeff Francouer.

It's not my money so I can't spend it. I'm just saying that if you can catch the big fish, look at possible lower cost alternatives. If they suck, cut bait with them and move on. If they can get the job done it buys time for a pretty bad minor league system to grow. It may not be the most practical solution, but it can't be any worse than what they did in 2008.

Lions Frustrations Boil Over

Anyone hoping for some past Thanksgiving magic the Detroit Lions provided were greatly disappointed once again. The Lions dropped their seventh Thanksgiving game in a row, 45-24 to the New England Patriots. I hate to sound like a cliche' but the game was closer than the score indicated. That was until Tom Brady carved the Lions up with precision in the fourth quarter. Later on their frustration came out on the field and the locker room.

As it always seems the Lions can go toe to toe with some of the NFL's better teams. I happen to think their problem is more mental than it is physical. They've shown that they game after game. It always comes down to some critical errors, namely penalties, that derail them on a crucial third down. Offensively and defensively, there have been more dead ball penalties than I've ever seen from a Lions team, even in the past they weren't this bad before the snap. False starts, encroachment, offsides. You name it they've done it. After that, it seems like they just wait for the walls to cave in on them, and that's exactly what happens. It looks like they have no confidence in themselves when things start to go wrong. Here are a few quotes from yesterday's game.

Corey Williams: "Man, there's a bunch of guys that need to be called out," said Williams, a Lions defensive tackle. "A bunch of guys need to look in the mirror, realize that there's more to it than just playing in the NFL. There's more to it than getting paid. You got guys, everybody out here got their career on the line, you know what I mean? You can easily take your last snap at any moment, so I think guys need to take it more serious. I don't think guys take it serious enough."

I believe Williams means well and maybe a few guys do need to call themselves out. But he has to do the same because I've seen him guilty of more encroachment or offsides penalties than anyone on the defensive line.

Here's more from Chris Houston: "Yeah, lack of heart," Houston said. "When adversity hits, everybody can't hold their head down. Leaders got to step up and lead. When adversity hits on the team, you kind of see it in some guys' body language, here we go again. You can just tell. So we just got to have heart and know that when adversity hits we got to keep on fighting."

Whatever Houston. It's not like you've been a major playmaker since you've stepped into the league.

It just seem like this team right now looks like it's been Lionized. I've been saying this for years, it's like a bad horror movie. Once you go there you become one of them. No matter how much current Lions claim they're not part of the past or they're not the same old Lions, they keep proving themselves wrong. It's hard to change the culture of losing when the players haven't gotten rid of the bad habits that contribute to it. They are indeed a frustrated team and it shows. Players and coaches. Jim Schwartz benched cornerback Alphonso Smith for the lack of tackling and being beat on some big plays. To Smith's credit he did man up and said that if he were the coach he would've pulled him too. He didn't blame anyone but himself because he knew he had a clunker of a game. He admitted he gave the Patriots the game.

Later that frustration spilled out onto the field after the Patriots last score and extra point. There were some squabbles on the field because the Lions were being trucked once again and they were frustrated. They knew they were right there with of one the NFL's best teams and let the game get away. Its been built up throughout this year. The Chicago game, the Eagles game, the Giants game, Green Bay, and it goes on and on. They were right there in a lot of their games and couldn't finish, couldn't make a crucial stop, get a first down, or just let things get away from them. This game was a culmination of everything that has gone wrong this year. It seems like the Jets choked whatever life this team had left. In my opinion, they haven't gotten over that loss. They need to overcome some things to try to salvage something positive out of this year. Or else it will be the same old Lions.

Thursday, November 25, 2010

Happy Thanksgiving

Thanksgiving greetings to the readers that come across here. Have a great time with family, friends, and football. Just don't eat too much. God bless

Wednesday, November 24, 2010

What I Saw In College Football

To the detractors of Boise State. Play them. Stop the ducking and dodging and play them on even terms. Home and home series, not some three for one crap you guys throw at them. Until then stop saying the Broncos or TCU aren't title contenders. You can only play who's in front of you.

It may seem like a personal crusade, but the Big East and to a lesser extent the ACC should be forced to give up their BCS bids. I'm going to hate seeing someone emerge out of the mish mash called the Big East to take on an undefeated or one loss team in January. ESPN's Mark May asked does that mean South Carolina wouldn't be worthy of a BCS bid if they had five losses. At least if they went to a BCS game with five losses, it wouldn't be against inferior competition. And that means they would've beaten an undefeated or one loss Auburn team for the SEC championship.

If you know what a team is going to do on so many consecutive plays, you would think a defense would be able to stop it. You should, unless you're the Michigan Wolverines defense. The Badgers throw one second half pass and literally ran over Michigan's defense. Spare me about how Greg Robinson has to go. He has two Super Bowl rings and a national championship to his credit. It's the 3-3-5 and not Robinson that's screwing up the defense.

Illinois won the one way game to become bowl eligible. Congrats to Ron Zook for surviving to see another day on the sidelines in Champaign.

Iowa was an unwilling victim in its own horror movie once again. You know, Iowa holds the lead until late in the game only to see their opponent go the other way to score late in the game. Arizona, Wisconsin, Northwestern, and now Ohio State have pulled the same cruel trick on the Hawkeyes this year. Talk about being snakebit.

LSU got by Ole Miss in a wild one. A classic whoever has the ball last wins kind of game. The Tigers keep their BCS hopes alive.

Nevada steamrolled New Mexico State 52-6, setting up a Saturday showdown against Boise State. I know the WAC doesn't have the most elite teams but they will have three teams with 10 or more wins and they've quietly had a pretty good season as a whole.

Michigan State sleepwalked against Purdue, but came through when it needed to, to claim a 35-31 victory. Once again the Spartans came up with a big special teams play to help their cause. Denicos Allen blocked a punt to set up the winning score. They still have an outside shot at the Rose Bowl or BCS game.

USC was blown out by Oregon State, 36-7. Trojan fans should get used to this because there will be a talent drain and the losses will start mounting.

Nebraska coach Bo Pelini was put in timeout after his behavior in the Texas A&M game. Nebaraska chancellor Harvey Perlman and atheletic director Tom Osborne weren't too happy with the display. Pelini issued an apology to quarterback Taylor Martinez and apologized about the way he acted toward the referees. I can't blame him, the Huskers were flagged for 16 penalties.

Game of the week-Oklahoma vs. Oklahoma St.

Most intriguing game of the week-Nevada vs. Boise St.: Everyone wants to see if Boise can stop Colin Kaepernick and the pistol offense.  


The NBA's D.A.T.: Delicate And Tender

After sitting here and thinking I came up with a list of NBA players that always have to miss time due to injury or some other ailment. Some call them injury prone, I call them D.A.T., delicate and tender. So here goes with the list. A few might be missing from this list, but I just got home from my day job so forgive me.

Vince Carter- The king of being delicate and tender. Any time he gets hurt, he has the look of a European soccer player or someone that just was shot. Right now he's a gametime decision for a knee injury that has no significant damage.

Jermaine O'Neal-Out right now with hamstring, back, and knee problems. A smorgasbord of injuries early in the season. Everyone knew about the but this? He hasn't been the same since the "Malice at the Palace" and when he donned the ski mask for his big contract.

Greg Oden- I kinda feel sorry for the big lug. Even when he started college ball he was behind because of a hand injury. That balky knee isn't doing him any problems. The Sam Bowie comparisions will always be there. Fortunately he's only 22 and has time to salvage his career.

Brandon Roy- Another player I feel sorry for. His knees are taking the same path as Oden's. The Trailblazers' medical staff has been under some scrutiny lately for the plethora of injuries on their roster.

Baron Davis or any L.A. Clipper- Go ahead, pick a Clipper, any Clipper. Most would pick Davis because of his poor conditioning, that leads to back and knee problems for him. He's out until at least Thanksgiving, unless the turkey puts him down for the count.

Luol Deng- He just seems to come down with something every year.

Andrew Bynum- When healthy you can see why he's one of the top centers in the league. Problem is he can never last a full season or a deep playoff run.

Grant Hill- He's just about worked himself off the list, due to most of his problems being in the past. Still going strong in his later years.

Leon Powe- He's a hard worker so I won't rip him too bad. He's just had bad luck with knees throughout his career. This problem goes back to his freshman year in college. More bad luck than being a wuss.

Tracy McGrady-Obviously not the same since microfracture surgery. Every time it seems like he's ready to come back, he does more hard time on the injured list. Everyone knows he's not explosive anymore and he must reinvent his game to extend his career.

T.J Ford- I thought he could've been a solid point guard. He now finds himself chained to the Indiana Pacers' bench. He was diagnosed with spinal stenosis in high school and it has followed him to the NBA. Every time I see him take a hard foul, I hope we don't have to see him go out on a stretcher.

Yao Ming- That bum foot has cost him and the Rockets a lot of games. I don't mean to down him but you simply can't count on him. He's talking retirement if the foot doesn't improve. If I'm in the front office, I say goodbye if his contract comes off the books and start over.

Kenyon Martin- Sometimes you think of what if with this guy. Jason Kidd made him an All-Star and got him his big money deal. It seems like he's spent more time on the sidelines than on the court since he came out of college. Somehow he retains a sliver of explosiveness that will forever keep him in the league. Also he is one of the legitimate tough guys in the NBA. Just ask Tim Thomas and Tracy McGrady.

Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Defensively, Robinson Isn't The Problem

As much as it may pain Michigan fans to fathom this opinion, I'm going to say it anyway. For all the problems there are on defense, defensive coordinator Greg Robinson isn't the problem. I know a lot of Michigan fans will disagree with me and say get rid of him. If you ask me what the problem is, I'll tell you it's the ridiculous 3-3-5 scheme that Rich Rodriguez has bestowed upon him.

Robinson, a successful coordinator in the NFL and Texas, I bet has never run a 3-3-5 until he came to Ann Arbor. It hasn't been successful before he got here and it won't be if he is shown the door after this year. I believe talent may be some of the problem, but they still have some highly recruited players on that side of the ball, no matter what Chris Spielman says. They did have a lot of defensive players transfer. Either they didn't want to be there or couldn't play. No depth anywhere is gonna kill you no matter if the kid is a player or not. If you watched the game against Wisconsin, Spielman constantly questioned the scheme, saying that the 3-3-5 isn't the defense for the Big Ten. Furthermore, in a 3-3-5, you put more of the weakest links on the field. Whom do I speak of? The DBs. I wouldn't run a 3-3-5 in a video game, no less college football. I don't like the idea of 5 DBs in a base defesne. The only time you trot out 5 DBs are in a nickel or dime package (don't get excited smokers). Rodriguez needs to go ahead and ride out with what he has. Take the extra practices for the bowl game and tweak the scheme. I'm sure he won't unless he's forced to switch coordinators again. I just don't think this scheme is tailored to what Robinson likes to do. Look at what Syracuse has done this year with Robinson's players. Sure it's Syracuse and the Big East but it's a conventional defense. Something Michigan needs to switch to. I'm sure they might be better off with it, because this 3-3-5 West Virginia bull just doesn't cut it.

So before you run Robinson out of town, think about his track record and what scheme he's been forced to work with. These strange bedfellows just aren't made for each other.

Monday, November 22, 2010

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Sunday, November 21, 2010

Quote Of The Week: Matt Millen, Roy Williams

Drinking Partners
Matt Millen and Dallas Cowboys receiver Roy Williams must've benn doing some heavy smokin' together this week.

For starters Matt Millen,the former GM and president of the Lions, sung the praises of former Lions head coach and current Chicago Bears defensive coordinator, Rod Marinelli.

Here's part of what Millen said: "That guy right there is one of the best coaches I've ever been around."

Keep in mind that Millen played for Tom Flores, Bill Walsh, and Joe Gibbs, all Super Bowl winners. What the hell was he thinking when he said that. Marinelli may be a fine assistant coach or position coach, but "one of the best I've been around". Come on. He owns 0-16. Somewhere Tom Flores just headed for his liquor cabinet.

Roy Williams piggybacked on that by saying that Millen assembled good players at the skill positions in Detroit. Is that why most of the players he drafted are out of the league. If I had what they were smoking I'd be less stressed right now. 

Coaches That Probably Saved Their Job

There were a few coaches that entered the college football season on the hot seat. Here are some that will survive the ax wielding AD's after this season is over.

Ron Zook, Illinois- Zook came into this season needing to go to a bowl game and by getting his sixth win yesterday will be in Champaign for at least one more season. I know Illini fans have seen this before. The team makes some strides only to fall on their behind the season after. Illinois has shown some progress this year. They need to take another step up the ladder next year.

Tom O'Brien, NC State- O'Brien has done a great job this season. This is what everyone in Raleigh expected when he arrived from Boston College. Now, what does O'Brien do after Russell Wilson leaves town.

Ralph Friedgen, Maryland- After years of going backwards the Terrapins are going bowling again. Even after blowing a shot at ACC Atlantic, Friedgen got his contract extension. If they can build on this season they can stay relevant,when you think how anyone fails to claim ACC supremacy. I just don't see anyone doing what he has done at Maryland.

Mike Gundy, Oklahoma State-Perhaps the biggest winner on this list. At the start of the year, I heard rumblings that if Gundy couldn't succeed, Mike Leach might've been there to poach his job. Well, the Cowboys have exceeded expectations with a 10-1 record and having a chance to got to the Big 12 title game. Beat Oklahoma next week and he'll be there for at least another three years.

Mike Sherman, Texas A&M-Sherman had a big win against Nebraska last night. If the Aggies can get some help, they will have a chance at the Big 12 title and a BCS game. Something A&M hasn't seen in a while. The Aggie seem to be finally breaking through.

Saturday, November 20, 2010

Pistons Need To Let 2004 Go

Just by body language and actions alone, Tayshaun Prince and Richard Hamilton need to be shipped out of town. It's time to let go of 2004. Get them out and if you can get anything for Ben Wallace take it and get him out of here too. Get rid of the past and start anew. It's the only way to go.

Hamilton has been brooding and pouting since Chauncey Billups was shipped out of town. Everyone knows that trade changed the dynamic of this team, and Hamilton, or anyone else on the roster for that matter, was the same. They had their doors blown off in the playoffs and missed them altogether last year. I know Joe Dumars might have his hands tied since the team is up for sale, but he has to make these deals to get them younger and maybe net a future star. Especially since it seems that Prince and Hamilton have grown tired of being in Detroit. For proof, don't look any further than the events that happened in the past two weeks. Prince blew up at coach John Kuester and Hamilton was kicked out of the Lakers game for essentially muttering a few choice words and it seemed like he really didn't care about leaving the game.

Prince has an expiring contract, which in the NBA is like gold, so Dumars may be able to get something for him. I personally think Hamilton still has value, but he needs the right team and sidekick (like he had in Chauncey). Problem is he has an unforgiving contract since Dumars signed him to that ridiculous extension.

It's time to stop living in the past and let go of 2004. Start playing the young guys (Greg Monroe) specifically and see what you have. Stop paying Ben Gordon and Charlie Villanueva obscene amounts of money to come off the bench. Also, move Rodney Stuckey to the 2 guard, he's not a point man and never will be. And you might also need another coach to get it done. This is no indictment of Kuester, I just don't think he's the right fit for this team. Officially blow this thing up instead of simply trying to retool. It's just not working. 

Friday, November 19, 2010

Why I Remain A Lions Fan

Growing up in the Metro Detroit area, the Detroit Lions weren't the first NFL team I identified with. That was the Pittsburgh Steelers. At that point I didn't really know about the Lions' run of futility. When I really started to understand the game of football the Lions had drafted Billy Sims, whom I had known from watching him in his Oklahoma days. So I've seen the mediocre, ugly, and a little good of Lions football. I know that throughout my years the Lions haven't been all bad. That's part of the reason I remain a Lions fan.

I'll never proclaim to be Lions free. I still like the Lions and hold out hope that one of these years will be their year. Or they'll put together a nice run of good football that will culminate in a Super Bowl trip. I just remain cynical. I'm a die hard, but I'm not crazy. To me the Lions are pure entertainment. I watch them every Sunday, unless their blacked out. I know they probably won't win most of the time, but I'll still watch. When they're up in a game i wait for the other shoe to drop. Most times it will, sometimes it won't, which is rare.

I'm cynical in the fact that I feel they are who they are until they prove me otherwise. I won't be jumping off a ledge if they lose. I don't get too high when they win or too low when they lose. The Lions haven't captured my heart like most people in this region. This is our team, but some take it too seriously. I've heard some callers on radio shows calling for Jim Schwartz's head already. They see some teams that have went from one or two seasons go to the playoffs the next. I look at it this way, he had to start from ground zero,literally. And that wasn't a one year thing. That was a buildup over a number of lousy years and setbacks to a team that couldn't afford any. The teams that pulled it off had recent success and the Lions came off a number of double digit loss seasons. It was always perpetual rebuilding before 0-16 came along. I understand the fans, myself included are hungry for a winner. Sometimes when you see things go in a positive direction, you have to be a little patient. Success doesn't come overnight. The sooner some of you realize that, the better off you will be. I realize that and I'll always be a Lions fan no matter what. Laugh if you want, but I know there are some people in Cleveland that can't catch a break.   


Thursday, November 18, 2010

What I Saw In College Football

Another week, another Boise beatdown. The Broncos caught a slight break when TCU had more trouble than most expected against San Diego St., pulling out a 40-35 win. Let it be known that San Diego St. isn't that bad. Better than some of the WAC opponents that have trotted out against the Broncos. The BCS race is shaping up to be very interesting.

Big Cam Newton overcame all the distractions with the pay for play scandal and Auburn blazed Georgia 49-31. The Tigers looked lost early, falling behind 21-7. Then the Cam Newton takeover began. I gotta give credit to Tigers defensive tackle Nick Fairley and the Bulldogs' A.J. Green, they helped make this game worth watching. Savor these moments Tiger fans, because this Newton mess promises to get ugly.

Why in the hell was Wisconsin coach Bret Bielema referring to his play cards up 56 on Indiana. I can understand one team has to stop the other, but calling for bombs is ridiculous. If the Hoosiers were any good I'd say there would be hell to pay, but hell will freeze over before Indiana exacts that kind of revenge on the Badgers.

Top ranked Oregon survived a scare from Cal. That surprised me, since every other game they seem to be down 35 every time I see their score. I do hear that Cal players were faking injuries to slow down the game. Bad move Cal. I'm sure next season the Ducks will go no huddle all game. The Golden Bears put up a game effort in losing.

The Big Ten is looking like its gonna be a three way tie. Ohio State, Wisconsin, and Michigan State will be hoping for each other to stumble in the next two weeks. Ohio State has the edge to go to the Rose Bowl since they do have the highest BCS ranking. Iowa was right there, but got caught napping at Northwestern. The Buckeyes better be wary of an angry group of Hawkeyes. The Badgers have the easiest road going against Michigan and Minnesota.

Props to the Fighting Irish. A struggling Notre Dame squad shocked Utah 28-3. Even though most view this as a major upset (it is), the upset was that they held the Utes to 3 points. Personally I hate giving Notre Dame any credit, but no one saw this coming. And I won't buy that Utah had the TCU hangover effect.

The real upset of the week. Washington St. getting over on Oregon St.

Just when I prop up Baylor they fall for the last two weeks. The new darkhorse Big 12 contender...Texas A&M. They went on the road and beat Baylor and convincingly took care of Oklahoma. The Aggies still have an outside shot at the Big 12 title game.

Steve Spurrier proved that you can go home again. South Carolina went into the swamp and pimped the Florida Gators 36-14. Freshman running back Marcus Lattimore went for 212 yards and 3 touchdowns to clinch the SEC East. Before saying they don't have a shot against Auburn, remember they had the Tigers on the ropes before succumbing in the final minutes.    

Peace out to Iowa State quarterback Austen Arnaud who suffered a season ending knee injury. Behind Arnaud and running back Alexander Johnson the Cyclones became halfway respectable.

Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Wallace Plans To Defend After Career

If Ben Wallace has his way, he'll be conducting a different kind of defense when his playing days are over. The Detroit Pistons big man plans to become a defense attorney when he retires. He just doesn't know when that day will come. The more Wallace thinks about retirement, the harder it is to walk away.

He has been discussing plans with his lawyers at his Virginia home. He's also been looking at prospective law schools to pursue a law degree. He does have a bachelor's degree in criminal justice from his college days at Virginia Union. So he has a head start on his post playing career.

I, for one would like to see how this turns out. You never hear about players making plans for their future or talk about furthering their education. Ben is a proud man and a hard worker so I think he can carve out a solid career in the law field. If he's as committed in the courtroom as he is on the basketball court, this mountain of a man will be tough to beat.  

NFL At The Half: AFC Version

A breakdown of the AFC

New England Patriots- Right now I have to give them the nod in the AFC due to their impressive win in Pittsburgh.

New York Jets- Two escapes against less than competition doesn't look good for a team with Super Bowl thoughts.

Pittsburgh Steelers- Even though they were blazed by New England, they are poised to make a strong run and reclaim their status among the AFC elite.

Baltimore Ravens- The "formidable" defense is having trouble stopping the pass. This could be a problem.

Indianapolis Colts- No matter who gets hurt, they just keep clicking. Next man up.

Tennessee Titans- They better hope this Randy Moss situation works out for them. So far no immediate dividends.

Jacksonville Jaguars- To be a true contender, Jags need good David more than bad David.

San Diego Chargers- May be peaking at the right time. Looks like they're ready to go on a streak.

Kansas City Chiefs- Does the glass slipper still fit. They better hope the thumping by the Broncos isn't a harbinger of things to come.

Oakland Raiders- Look like the most improved team in the league right now.

Miami Dolphins- If they get the Kansas City Thigpen, the Fish might still have a chance.

Houston Texans- Looks like S.O.S. (same old story) for Texans. Just can't seem to break through.

Cleveland Browns- Colt might be the real McCoy. They've been playing a lot better in recent weeks.

Cincinnati Bengals- Their season is done. Just waiting for the in fighting to start.

Denver Broncos- Orton has done his part. Good and bad. Which team are they?  Raiders game or Chiefs game.

Buffalo Bills- They've played tough, but really have no hope in a rugged AFC.

Monday, November 15, 2010

Stoudemire Not Loving New York Right Now

It's gonna be a long year Amare
After the Minnesota meltdown and being kicked around by the Rockets on Sunday, Amare Stoudemire isn't liking what he sees in New York right now. Especially after fans rained boos on the Knicks in the fourth quarter.

Stoudemire says his teammates are accustomed to losing and they need to play with a sense of urgency. "It's definitely something that I'm not accustomed to. It's not fun. "We're a young team and we make mistakes but we can't keep doing the exact same thing every night. We just gotta find a way to grow up."

Well Amare, this is what you signed up for and you should've known what you were getting yourself into. A Knicks team that's going nowhere. Hey, you're the one who took the money and ran.

Stoudemire also added this.  "I don't understand why we're not playing with the urgency. I'm not used to that. "We're not playing like we're on a four-game losing streak, now five. We don't have that sense of urgency. It's almost as if it doesn't matter and it's not something I'm used to."

You're not used to it, but you better get used to it. You were the lone big time free agent that signed with the Knicks with no help on the way. You, my man, are not a one man calvary. But you're so used to winning, you should've went to Chicago. Here's more from the $100 million dollar man.

"We just can't have guys complacent and comfortable with losing. "I can't stand that. It's more attitude. It's more heart. We have to show more heart and go after it. We're still not having that sense of urgency to dig for loose balls, get down on the floor. We're not showing that we really want it. Maybe the winning mentality has never been here. "I'm used to winning."

That's right their not used to winning, but you were blinded by dollar signs. You should've checked the record and did your due diligence. I just think Stoudemire was focused on getting his money and his stats. Since he was winning in Phoenix and was going to play for a coach he was familiar with (Mike D'Antoni) he threw conventional wisdom out the window. My conventional wisdom says, take a little less and sign with a team that has a real chance of winning.

Stoudemire better mind trick himself and do it fast, because there is no immediate help on the horizon.    



NFL At The Half: NFC Version

I know it's a little past the halfway point of the NFL season, but I'll break it down the best way I know how.


New York Giants- Just when it looks like they've righted the ship, they come out and get whacked by Dallas. Still look like the class of the NFC East, but look out for Philly. The Giants are prone to slumping at the wrong time.

Philadelphia Eagles- This team is more of a threat with Michael Vick at the helm. They have two big ones against the Giants in the second half of the season.

Green Bay Packers- The team that's supposed to be the NFC's finest. You just keep waiting for them to start kicking around the NFC North.

Atlanta Falcons- A surprise contender to get to the Super Bowl. Definitely a team to watch.

New Orleans Saints- Maybe the rest of the league caught up to their high powered offense. Maybe it's the Super Bowl hangover. Maybe they miss Reggie Bush more than we thought.

Tampa Bay Buccaneers- The young Bucs are playing well. Josh Freeman is making everyone better and LaGarrette Blount is making everyone forget about "the punch". Should be playing meaningful games once again in December.

Chicago Bears- They're like the roach that won't go away. You just keep waiting for the Bears to collapse and Jay Cutler to implode.

Seattle Seahawks- Right now the best of a bad bunch in the NFC West.

St. Louis Rams- One of the season's biggest surprises. Sam Bradford is looking like the real deal.     

Minnesota Vikings- Easily the most disappointing team on the list. They have a mutiny and a lame duck quarterback. Dangerously close to playing out the string. 

Washington Redskins- Two weeks after being benched, they sign Donovan McNabb to a five year extension. This franchise has puzzled me ever since Snyder took over.

Arizona Cardinals- It hasn't been the same ever since Kurt Warner skipped town and put on his dancing shoes.

Dallas Cowboys- After Sunday's win over the Giants, maybe Jason Garrett can make Roy Williams look prophetic.

San Francisco 49ers- Mike Singletary still cannot win with them.

Detroit Lions- The train looked to be on the right track. It looks to be derailed right about now.

Carolina Panthers- Say goodbye to John Fox?

Sunday, November 14, 2010

Worse Than Sager

Morehead State women's baketball coach Tom Hodges definitely lets his clothes do the talking. This suit is loud, damn loud. Even John Daly, Jasper Parnevik, and Craig Sager think this outfit is bad.

Considering he coaches at Morehead State, any exposure is good exposure for the school and itself. I know in my circle of friends, Morehead State is known more for the dirty pun the school name is. Think about that one.

Quote Of The Week: Charles Barkley

Charles Barkley to an Alabama radio station about the Cam Newton situation.

"First of all -this is a joke now- first of all I don't know what happened about that, but if that guy only asked for $200,000 for Cam Newton, they should fire him anyway."

Even when he's chipping in about his alma mater, the Chuckster is always good for a laugh. 

Saturday, November 13, 2010

Quick NBA Thought

The Utah Jazz have been awfully impressive on this recent road trip. Three come from behind wins, from double digit deficits against Miami, Orlando, and Atlanta. Three teams in the East's top six. Deron Williams has kicked it into overdrive fairly early. 

Friday, November 12, 2010

Morneau Wants Some Home Cooking

Being a Detroit Tigers fan I've seen how your home field can be a detriment to some of your big bats. That's whta happened when Comerica Park first opened. Eventually they shortened the fences, but it's still regarded as a pitcher's park. Minnesota Twins first baseman Justin Morneau isn't taking a liking to Target Field.

 “Right-center to left-center is ridiculous,” Morneau said in an e-mail to the Minneapolis Star Tribune. “(It’s) almost impossible for a right-handed hitter to (homer to the) opposite field and very difficult for lefties. It affects the hitters a lot, and you start to develop bad habits as a hitter when you feel like you can only pull the ball to hit it over the fence. You take those habits on the road.”

Be careful what you wish for. If you move the fences in, it could give visiting teams the same advantage that your looking for.

There are discussions about moving the fences in, but it's not imminent. 

Thursday, November 11, 2010

A Few Key Moments That Caused Michigan Basketball To Slip

It slipped by me that college basketball has actually started. With the NBA starting and the NFL in full swing it's been kind of hard to keep up. Not to mention family obligations.

I have been thinking of the rut that Michigan basketball has been in since the Ed Martin scandal exploded. The program obviously hasn't been the same since. It just wasn't the Martin scandal that kept it down. There's been the ascension of Michigan State as the top dog here in Michigan and state players going elsewhere. 

I hate to make a story of this, but I will anyway. It all began in February of 1996 when thr infamous rollover accident happened. That opened Pandora's box. Nothing initially came of it, until Robert Traylor was spotted rolling in a tricked out Suburban. That's when the NCAA started sniffing around, which eventually led a trail to Ed Martin. A figure that had been around the program since the 80s. They tied him to coach Steve Fisher and Fisher was canned by Athletic Director Tom Goss shortly after.

In my eyes, as far as basketball waas concerned Goss was the worse thing that happened to the basketball program. Brian Ellerbe was named interim coach and won the first Big Ten Tournament title. With Fisher's players. That earned him the head coaching gig and to me he was in over his head. I hate to be blunt or put anyone down, but Ellerbe had no business being there. Right around that same time Goss came out and said he wanted Michigan to "be the Duke of the north". That was a stretch. That also meant he was turning his back on the lifeblood of Michigan hoops. Detroit and inner city players that the Wolverines were always in on. Two points right there that set the program back. Meanwhile, a lot of those same players that used to consider Michigan headed to East Lansing to play for Michigan State and other schools around the nation.

Right when it seemed everything was about to get back on track it went south again. Ellerbe did bring in a solid recruiting class that featured guards Kevin Gaines and Jamal Crawford and Michigan Mr. Basketball runner-up LaVell Blanchard. This was supposed to get the train rolling again. I remember a game where they gave a Duke team that featured Jay Williams, and I believe Shane Battier among others, all they could handle before falling 102-97. Crawford put on a show for about 27 points and the Wolverines looked to be in good hands. They started 12-3, then the walls caved in on them. Crawford's past with a close family friend was scrutinized and he was essentially suspended for the rest of the season. Fresh off the Martin scandal, Michigan felt they had to do it to avoid the NCAA's mighty hammer. After Ellerbe brought in supposedly talented players (Josh Moore, Avery Queen) and the losses mounted. Soon enough Ellerbe was shown the door.

The Tommy Amaker era started much like the Ellerbe era ended. In year two there was some promise and they finished 17-13. They might have made the NCAA's or the NIT, but they were on probation. Amaker was a good recruiter and brought in some quality players. But it was two recruiting misses that pretty much doomed him. Joe Crawford and Al Horford. These two would've joined Ron Coleman, instead it turned out to be a one man class (Coleman). A lot of people forget this. Horford and Crawford both verbally committed to Michigan. Coleman and Crawford played AAU together and talked about playing college ball together. Crawford and Horford would've greatly helped this team. Instead they both bailed on the Wolverines and joined Kentucky and Florida instead. Considering how Horford's career turned out, you have to think what might have been. About three years later and more NIT appearances than they would've liked Amaker was shown the door.

I have hope for John Beilein, but last year was a major disappointment. Recruiting will be key in the next few years if Michigan ever wants to regain their status as a player on the basketball scene. If he can't get things rolling in Ann Arbor, he might be gone sooner than anyone expects.

Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Francoeur Could Be A Low Cost Option For Tigers

I'm not gonna sit here and act like a scout or GM. I just think that since Jeff Francoeur cleared waivers and is now a free agent, he could be a low cost option for the Detroit Tigers. It wasn't that long long ago that he was highly thought of. They don't have a lot of outfield options, at least none that are gonna cost less than $15 million. I say take a chance since they don't have nothing to lose by signing him for a few mill. It could turn out to be a bargain signing that works out. Hey, its just a thought.  

What I Saw In College Football

I'll make the first part of this quick. Bad Big East and ACC football. As much as a fan that I am, I don't even know the leaders in any of these conferences.

Michigan and Illinois tipped off the Big Ten basketball, oh, sorry, played a football game that mirrored a game on the PS3. Michigan survived a triple overtime game 67-65. Ironically it was a defensive play that won it for the Wolverines. Only the rules that prevented teams from kicking extra points after two overtimes, they'd still be playing. Michigan seriously needs to get a clue defensively.

Iowa escaped Indiana because DeMario Belcher couldn't hang on to the ball. They better be careful with Northwestern on the horizon. The Hawkeyes need to stop looking ahead to Ohio State.

Gotta pimp my alma mater Navy. Ricky Dobbs and company hung 76 on East Carolina. All in regulation. Go Middies!

In what was supposed to be the game of the week, TCU trounced Utah 47-7. Nice parting gift huh? The Horned Frogs are legit and might get a crack at the BCS title game if they catch a few breaks.

Les Miles resorts to trickery to beat Alabama. Here's a good question. What if all this bullshit doesn't work? Then he would surely be out of a job.

In the Big 12 Oklahoma turned to Choke-lahoma and the Longhorns were thumped by K-State. Looks like the power is in the North this year.

The only thing that's gonna stop Cam Newton is a scandal and he has a few on his plate. Ther's the pay for play deal where they say his dad said "the money is too much to turn down" and "it's gonna take more than a scholarship". Then there's the alledged cheating at Florida. In the latter I think Urban Meyer may be a little bitter since Newton's not at Florida, where they've floundered for most of the year. As far as the pay for play deal, I hope it's not true. Newton seems to be a fine young man.

Monday, November 8, 2010

Let The Suffering Begin

After being jail sexed by the Green Bay Packers on a nationally televised Sunday night game 45-7, Dallas Cowboys owner Jerry Jones said that "people will suffer and suffer consequences". Players and coaches. Well, Jones has started wielding his mighty hammer by firing head coach Wade Phillips and naming Associate head coach and offensive coordinator Jason Garrett coach for the remainder of the year.

Wise choice, Jerry. Too bad you can't get fire the whole roster. I know you wish you could take back the trade in which the normally inept Detroit Lions front office fleeced you for a first round pick for receiver Roy Williams. Not that it could make a difference, especially how they've performed this year.

As far as naming Garrett coach, this was something that eventually was going to happen. It had to happen now since you're paying the guy millions to be an overpaid assistant. You might as well see what you have and get a feel if you want him around or not. If not I think he'll throw a ton of money at Bill Cowher to lure him out of retirement. Truth is, I don't think Jones can handle a will and personality as strong as his

I expect some more heads to roll once this nightmare of a season is over. He is the defacto GM, so I expect some players to be gone and some new ones coming in. In a way I feel sorry for Wade. It seemed that he was always in over his head. I'm not trying to be funny or rip on the guy, but it was like a country bumpkin sherriff going to takeover a police force in the city. He was a puppet and everyone knew it.

Goodbye Wade aka Bum's son. I'm sure you'll land on your feet somewhere.

Sunday, November 7, 2010

Is He Nuts?

With two recent Detroit Lions castoffs (insert laugh here) on their team, it seems that being delusional or saying something farfetched still hasn't gotten out of their system.

This team it wasn't Jon Kitna with a 10 win or playoff boast. It was Roy Williams saying that the Cowboys could rally and run off nine straight and get to the playoffs. Here's Roy to the Dallas Morning News:"You know me. I think we can go nine in a row, if you ask me. People can call me stupid or whatever, but this football team has the corps of players and the supporting cast of players to win nine in a row. We just got to get it started."

Roy, the eternal optimist hasn't been thinking of the bad football Dallas has been playing this year. Also, with Tony Romo out they might as well start playing out the string. If last week's game against Jacksonville was any indicator they'll be picking in the top five of the NFL draft.

With that kind of confidence, I'll take whatever Roy is smoking.   

Saturday, November 6, 2010

Quote Of The Week: Kevin Iole

This comes from Yahoo! boxing analyst/writer Kevin Iole, when talking about WBA heavyweight champion David Haye and his upcoming fight against fellow Brit Audley Harrison.

Haye says he's going to "close the door on the joke known as the Audley Harrison show.

Iole wrote,   "Big deal if he does. Haye’s reign has about as much legitimacy as those Rolex knockoffs you can buy for $20 on a New York street corner. I’d say he’s disgracing the belt, but given how despicable the WBA is, that’s not possible to do. Still, Haye is deluding himself if he believes anyone regards him as a champion."

Haye does need to crap or get off the pot regarding the Klitschko brothers. He's been popping off a whole lot since moving to heavyweight and hasn't backed it up.


Thursday, November 4, 2010

Rest In Peace George "Sparky" Anderson

I had to pay my respects to former Cincinnati Reds and Detroit Tigers manager Sparky Anderson. He made baseball matter in Detroit again. He will bw missed.

Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Sports And Politics

There were a number of former athletes and sports personalities running for public office last night. Here's a quick rundown of the results.

Former New Jersey Nets and Portland Trailblazers center Chris Dudley was locked in a tight race for the position of governor of Oregon. The resuluts are still unknown.

Former Philadelhia 76er Shawn Bradley was defeated in his bid for a spot in the Utah Legislature by Rep. Tim Cosgrove, a Democrat.

Former WWE CEO Linda McMahon lost her bid for a seat in the U.S. Senate.

Heath Shuler, formerly of the NFL's Saints and Redskins won his re-election bid for his seat in Congress,representing North Carolina.

Jon Runyan, who has University of Michigan ties won his election to the U.S. House in the State of New Jersey.

Former BYU kicker Jason Chaffetz was re-elected to Congress in Utah.

Hall of Famer and ex-Minnesota Viking Alan Page kept his seat in the Minnesota Supreme Court.

Senator Jim Bunning of Kentucky retired and Milwaukee Bucks owner Herb Kohl wasn't up for election.

The great grandson of the legendary Connie Mack, Connie Mack was re-elected to Congress in Florida. Also in Florida, Kendrick Meek, formerly a Florida A&M Rattler was defeated in a Senate race. Miami Dolphins rookie Nolan Carroll has some bragging to do about his mother Jennifer, who along with Rick Scott won the governorship of Florida.

Former Furman basketball player lost a spot in the Senate in Indiana. Ex Washington Huskie Norm Dicks won a spot in the U.S. House in the State of Washington.

Last but not least, was the race in the Tennessee Legislature which former MLB umpire Dale Ford won. He ran unopposed.

Buffalo Claims Merriman

The Buffalo Bills claimed former San Diego Chargers linebacker Shawne Merriman off waivers. Merriman has five days to report and says he plans to. He's not expected to play in Sunday's game against the Chicago Bears.

Even though the Bills are 0-7, this could be good pickup. Especially since they haven't gotten anything from former first round pick Aaron Maybin. I just wouldn't expect Merriman to stick around past the rest of this season.  

Ugly Saturday

Both Michigan and Michigan State, to put it mildly, had a lousy Saturday. Let me start with the mighty Spartans. I can't really say too much negative about State since they are having an exceptional season. I won't let the loss to Iowa ruin what they've accomplished thus far. Unless they somehow blow any of the last three games.

You see, at the start of the year I didn't figure that State would be in this position. Iowa is a better team and proved it Saturday. They were coming off a loss to Wisconsin and were fighting for a BCS spot. I  just didn't expect a performance where they would be down 23-0 in the span of time it took me to make a sandwich. They couldn't stop the Hawkeyes if their life depended on it. Kirk Cousins picked the wrong time to go in the tank. Every time it seemed the Spartans would start moving and show some signs of life, there was an interception that cost them points on the board. I don't have much else to say. The Spartans need to regroup against Minnesota. This is a winnable game as are the games against Purdue and Penn State. If they can get a little help they can still land in the Rose Bowl.

Now i can get to Michigan. For the second straight year we get to see a fast start go down in flames. Two of the three losses are somewhat forgivable. Iowa and Michigan State are better and more physical teams. But Penn State?! That was shades of Purdue and Justin Siller. They let a walk on stater kick their tails. McLoin, McLovin, whatever the hell his name is. That's a game the Wolverines should've won. The Nittany Lions offense had been anemic for most of the year and they let them march up and down the field on them. They just had their heads handed to the by Illinois. And they couldn't beat them.

The defense just doesn't work. That Big East style 3-3-5 scheme just doesn't cut it in the Big Ten. They're too light in the ass and not physical enough. Hell, that scheme wasn't good enough to stop UMass. How do you think it would work in the Big Ten? The Wolverines couldn't come up with a stop if they took the field with baseball bats. The offense performs when they're behind. So spare me the fake comeback excuse. This team hasn't showed the kind of improvement that is needed to tough some games out. I just don't see it in them. Where's Mike freakin Barwis? He was the greatest strength and conditioning coach of all time and they look tired all the damn time. Greg Robinson's schemes don't work. And for all the offensive improvement, it's basically a one man game.

Rodriguez has to go and take Robinson with him. Hell, bring back Gary Moeller, since it's no guarantee they can't get anyone else at this point. Since that statement seems so true right now we might be stuck with the guy. In that case, get some bigger players and scrap that damn 3-3-5 and play some real football. Rich Rod can talk all he wants about being positive. What is there to be postive about. Being a home underdog? Yeah, real positive. How about the defense getting shredded week after week. That's also positive. Rich, whose eyes are you trying to pull the wool over? The offense looks good and all the problems are on defense and it doesn't get any better with JT Floyd going down for the rest of the year. Hey, that's also positive. It's looking real bad. Illinois quarterback Nathan Scheelhaase hasn't passed so good this year, but he'll look like Dan Fouts come Saturday.

Randy Moss Claimed By Titans

Reports are that the Tennessee Titans have claimed Randy Moss off waivers. This could be good since they recently lost Kenny Britt and now have a big play receiver to compliment running back Chris Johnson. Or this could go down in flames if Moss decides he doesn't want to play. If he doesn't it could ruin Vince Young. Just my personal opinion of the situation.

What I Saw In College Football

Auburn and Oregon kept the train rolling last week with a pair of impressive wins. Cam Newton and company took care of Ole Miss 51-31 and Oregon took USC's best punch and laughed it off and beat the Trojans 53-32. It looks like easy sledding for Auburn until the Iron Bowl game against Alabama. Oregon goes against another ranked foe in Arizona this Saturday.

The Big Least, I mean the Big East, and the ACC should give up their BCS bids at least for this year. Granted, Pittsburgh has picked it up since league play has started. But they were also embarrassed in their non-conference games. So their goes their credibility. West Virginia should be the class of this league, but they've underachieved since Rich Rodriguez left town. Imagine that. UConn was thought of as the favorite, and the Huskies haven't recovered from getting beatdown in Ann Arbor. The best story is Syracuse, who is 6-2 and 3-1 in league play. But do you really want to see any of these teams endure an ass kicking in a BCS game. NO!

The ACC has been just as bad. Miami and Florida State should win this conference on reputation alone, with Virginia Tech right there. It seems like every time one of these teams looks like it's gonna turn the corner, they get hit by a bus on the way to the corner. Virginia Tech suffered an embarassing loss to James Madison, Florida State was shamed by Oklahoma, and Miami shot itself in the foot against Ohio State. The NCAA killed North Carolina's season before it started. Butch Davis should get a medal for what he's done, but he might get shown the door. Add to that, they barely survived William & Mary.Clemson underperforms every year. NC State is a pleasant surprise and Virginia Tech has kicked it up a notch in league play. They might be worthy of a BCS showing, but there's also the memory of the James Madison Dukes that tells me they're not worthy.

Ron Zook is quietly putting together a solid season at Illinois. Being a Michigan fan this team has always been a thorn in my side. The Illini have a solid running game and play hard nosed defense. If they had any kind of explosiveness on offense they might be leading the Big Ten. They are favored over Michigan, on the road, this week.

I genuinely feel sorry for Turner Gill.

How did Navy lose to Duke after thrashing Notre Dame? Speaking of the domers, nice call at the end of the game. Keep losing games to the likes of Tulsa and NBC might terminate that tv contract.

Tommy Tuberville might be the right coach at the wrong place. It seems odd that he stayed with the Mike Leach based offense. It just doesn't seem right. He also should stay away from onside kicks.

How many more beatdowns before Cal tires of Jeff Tedford. I don't like to see anyone lose their job and believe Tedford can right the ship. Everytime I look at the ticker they're getting beat by 38.

Florida and Georgia put on a show despite both teams having a down year. A high five goes to both teams that could've packed it in for the year.

Baylor thoroughly surprised me by going in to Austin to best the Longhorns. Robert Griffin is the man. You can't stop RG III. Washington should be ashamed. There's no way they should be getting shut out at home with Jake Locker under center. His NFL stock is way down.

Game of the week: TCU vs. Utah for Mountain West supremacy. This is almost like Flair vs. Sting in a loser leaves town match, since the Utes will be gone after this year.

Under the radar game of the week: Hawaii vs. Boise State. You gotta give the Broncos the nod on the blue turf. Remember that Warriors quarterback Bryant Moniz has put up monster numbers and gave USC all they could handle in the opener. I doubt it'll happen, but there could be a surprise here.

Condolences to Mississippi State defensive end Nick Bell and Notre Dame videographer Declan Sullivan. You two young men are in a better place.

Moss On Auto Tune

Thanks to DJ Steve Porter we get to hear some of Randy Moss' finest quotes on auto tune.


Tuesday, November 2, 2010

The Pistons Sale Needs To Go Through Now

The sale of the Detroit Pistons needs to go down soon. I'm not gonna sit here and rant and rave as they try to hang with the Boston Celtics tonight.

I understand that they have to find a buyer, and have the NBA's board of governors approve thet sale. That process has to happen sooner than later, because this edition of the Pistons looks to be worse than last year's. It runs deeper than just having to sell the team. I just don't feel like spending half the night talking about it. In my personal opinion that would be the start of maybe having the Pistons on the track to being a contender in the NBA once again.