Thursday, November 18, 2010

What I Saw In College Football

Another week, another Boise beatdown. The Broncos caught a slight break when TCU had more trouble than most expected against San Diego St., pulling out a 40-35 win. Let it be known that San Diego St. isn't that bad. Better than some of the WAC opponents that have trotted out against the Broncos. The BCS race is shaping up to be very interesting.

Big Cam Newton overcame all the distractions with the pay for play scandal and Auburn blazed Georgia 49-31. The Tigers looked lost early, falling behind 21-7. Then the Cam Newton takeover began. I gotta give credit to Tigers defensive tackle Nick Fairley and the Bulldogs' A.J. Green, they helped make this game worth watching. Savor these moments Tiger fans, because this Newton mess promises to get ugly.

Why in the hell was Wisconsin coach Bret Bielema referring to his play cards up 56 on Indiana. I can understand one team has to stop the other, but calling for bombs is ridiculous. If the Hoosiers were any good I'd say there would be hell to pay, but hell will freeze over before Indiana exacts that kind of revenge on the Badgers.

Top ranked Oregon survived a scare from Cal. That surprised me, since every other game they seem to be down 35 every time I see their score. I do hear that Cal players were faking injuries to slow down the game. Bad move Cal. I'm sure next season the Ducks will go no huddle all game. The Golden Bears put up a game effort in losing.

The Big Ten is looking like its gonna be a three way tie. Ohio State, Wisconsin, and Michigan State will be hoping for each other to stumble in the next two weeks. Ohio State has the edge to go to the Rose Bowl since they do have the highest BCS ranking. Iowa was right there, but got caught napping at Northwestern. The Buckeyes better be wary of an angry group of Hawkeyes. The Badgers have the easiest road going against Michigan and Minnesota.

Props to the Fighting Irish. A struggling Notre Dame squad shocked Utah 28-3. Even though most view this as a major upset (it is), the upset was that they held the Utes to 3 points. Personally I hate giving Notre Dame any credit, but no one saw this coming. And I won't buy that Utah had the TCU hangover effect.

The real upset of the week. Washington St. getting over on Oregon St.

Just when I prop up Baylor they fall for the last two weeks. The new darkhorse Big 12 contender...Texas A&M. They went on the road and beat Baylor and convincingly took care of Oklahoma. The Aggies still have an outside shot at the Big 12 title game.

Steve Spurrier proved that you can go home again. South Carolina went into the swamp and pimped the Florida Gators 36-14. Freshman running back Marcus Lattimore went for 212 yards and 3 touchdowns to clinch the SEC East. Before saying they don't have a shot against Auburn, remember they had the Tigers on the ropes before succumbing in the final minutes.    

Peace out to Iowa State quarterback Austen Arnaud who suffered a season ending knee injury. Behind Arnaud and running back Alexander Johnson the Cyclones became halfway respectable.

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