Sunday, April 24, 2011

Keith McCants Arrested On Drug Charge

Keith McCants was one of the more notable busts in NFL draft history. Now he has a different kind of problem.

McCants was booked into the Pinellas County Jail on Saturday afternoon, charged with felony possession of cocaine and resisting an officer.  His bail was set at $4,000, but he was still being held for having a warrant in Alabama. Boy, did he take a mighty fall.

The former number four pick for the Tampa Bay Buccaneers in the 1990 NFL draft washed out after three years and has had numerous run ins with the law. According to reports most of them have been drug related.

What's With The Orioles Luke Scott Throwing Banana Chips

The Baltimore Orioles Luke Scott should really be careful about his choice of words. His opinions are his opinions, like Barack Obama not being born in the United States. But when you start throwing banana chips at a Dominican teammate (Felix Pie) and saying he acts like a savage, you're treading into dangerous waters.

“Felix is my friend,” he says. “I give him a hard time. The reason why I give him a hard time is because there are certain people you deal with and you go up and talk to them, and it doesn’t work. They don’t understand. … I tell him about some of the ways he’s acted: ‘Look, you’re acting like an animal, you’re acting like a savage.’”

He also explained why he throws banana chips into the helmet of his Dominican teammate.

“Here are my banana chips to remind him that whenever he acts like an animal, ‘Hey, that’s what other people are thinking. They’re just not telling you, but that’s what they’re thinking about. And I’m telling you so that you’re aware of that so you can make a cognitive decision to not behave like that.’”

I don't know how friendly they are but someone should explain to Pie that those particular actions might be borderline. I'll stop short of calling Scott a racist, because I believe he isn't. He just needs a better choice of words and actions. Maybe it's one of those locker rooms where everything goes, who knows. Remember John Rocker thought the same thing and wasn't well received in his after what he said. 

Robbie Gould Shoots On Greedy Owners And Broke Players

Kickers aren't the highest paid players in the NFL. They get ridiculed a lot and pretty much speak when spoken to. The last kicker that spoke out was called an idiot (Mike Vanderjagt) by his star quarterback (Peyton Manning).

Chicago Bears kicker and player rep Robbie Gould had some interesting things to say when he was at the Chicago Cubs game. Before he went to sing "Take Me Out To The Ballgame" during Wednesday's Cubs-Padres game, Gould let a few writers from the Chicago Tribune know how he felt about the NFL lockout and players not saving their money.   

"Look fans don't buy tickets to see Virginia or Brian McCaskey. They pay to watch Brian Urlacher, Drew Brees and all the great players. This lockout is all because of the owners' greed. I'm sorry if that sounds cold, but it is the truth."

"I have been saving my money for this lockout for three years," he said. "We have known it was probably coming and we were advised to save our money. I know a lot of guys who prepared for this and are fine. The guys who didn't plan for it, that is their fault."

No matter what line of work your in you gotta put some money away. With the lavish lifestyles some of these players have it's gonna be tough once the well runs dry.

Quote Of The Week: Brian Billick

Former Ravens coach Brian Billick on why it’s so hard to get that first-round quarterback pick right. Money line: “I am living proof that if you miss on a first-round quarterback, as I did with Kyle Boller, you end up broadcasting games and writing about the NFL instead of coaching.”